Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 30, 2011

Heya family! So you guys probably aren't expecting this letter today, but here it is! I think last week I mentioned that here in the offices we have P-Days on Saturdays, which makes today that glorious day. So yes, I am still in the offices and still not entirely sure what is going to happen to me, but we have air conditioning and I really can't complain. I went from rags to riches overnight! For example, last night I ORDERED Carl's Jr! To be delivered to the offices! And it totally worked! I had my doubts, but Carl's Jr delivered in the clutch. Carl's Jr is pretty classy for Mexico's standards, so it's definitely not something I can do everyday, but man was it worth it. It tasted so much better than all that cow stomach I ate, no comparison. For a while there I kinda forgot what good food was like, but very happy to say I got reminded last night. Anyways, life is good here in the offices, different, but good. I don't have a ton of responsibilities right now, so I just try to be not annoying and look like I am doing things, and so far it seems to be working. I played some very quality pick-up Ball this morning at a huge park here in Torreon. I brought my Kobe shirt, and so instead of saying.."Elder Abooot, tiralo!" They just said "Kobe!" And naturally I loved it. Man, I love basketball when everyone is a foot smaller than I am, I finally know what Yao Ming felt like before his foot exploded.

The city life is growing on me, and I am liking it more and more. You just feel kinda cool when you walk down the street in your white shirt and tie, hear a few gun shots a few blocks over, and you just feel protected. So Relax Mom, I promise nothing is going to happen to me, I am invincible! Besides, missionaries are kinda known for being the only Gringos in Mexico that don't have a lot of money, so people give us a break. There's a crazy mix of situations out here, one street has some of the nicest houses I have ever seen, and the other has cardboard houses...the world is so weird. I prefer the cardboard people to tell you the truth, a lot easier to teach them. Also, Mexico is very hot. This has gotta be the sweatiest mission in the world, and home of the worst washer and driers in the world too, so I am thinking that my white shirts are never going to see American soil again. Definitely for the best, it's not so white anymore these days. Do you remember that part in The Mummy when that giant sand-storm face thing attacked the plane they were flying? Well that happened yesterday. We were walking by this Basketball court and suddenly we heard all of this yelling so we looked behind us, and bam! A wall of dust literally punched me in the face. It was actually really fun, we just ran through it and hid behind a trash can. Torreon is pretty fun, but can't say it's much of a vacation spot in case any of you out there were wondering. Unless you're a big fan of sweating and dust, then it is the place for you! Well to be honest, nothing too exciting is going on right now in this missionary limbo I am in right now. I work with different companionships everyday, so I can't really follow any progression on anybody. But still everyday, no matter where I am, there will be this guy that sees me walking by who thinks he knows English and he will say...Hey Man, how is your name? I am from Tejas, do you like the Mexican girls?" Every time. No matter what. I just smile and say that I am from France and don't understand, their faces afterwards are great.

So how is everyone else doing? I cannot believe that Tyler got married yesterday! That is the weirdest thing ever. My brother have gotten married, and now all of my friends are getting married! Geeze, am I really that old? No way, right? Tyler got married, Kati Jo from my seminary class already got married, I am pretty sure that Courtney Reynolds is engadged so somebody, and I am sure half the girls I knew are dating a returned missionary. Life moves fast man. I am definitely not ready for that kinda stuff, I mean, can you imagine me being married? No way! Only if my wife wouldn't mind cutting my waffles for me and never ever watching Chick Flicks. I realize I am going to have to change a lot to have a wife, but the beauty of the situation is that I don't have to worry about it for a long time, and I won't. So what has been going on lately Family? Hope everyone has a good Easter and got some delicious chocolate. But like every year, there will be one egg that will remain unfound in the house and someone will smell it 6 months from now. Ah, the magic of Easter. I totally didn't know it was Easter until the day after, is Easter on the same day every year? I feel like it's not, but who knows. Hopefully Kev and Rach are enjoying their Hawaiian vacation right now, man am I jealous. I think one of us in the family needs to live in Hawaii and I nominate myself, a different family in the family could visit me every year! Sounds good. As for the Lakers...we beat the Hornets! Lakers will build up more and more momentum every round and bring it in the finals. Pau will find his confidence, Kobe will get more and more intense, and Lamar will continue to not really know what's going on. I am a little worried about The Big Baby getting hurt, you never know when D Fish will randomly dive into his knee again and take him out for the year. But if he does stay healthy and continues to play like he has, no way we can lose. And after this season Bynum will be thought of as an All-Star, but we know he is still too big of an injury risk, and we will trade him for CP3 and Steve Blake. Chris Paul will start with D Fish off the bench, Kobe, Artest, Lamar, and Pau. That's another ring right there. Lakers are truly a blessed team, and we are blessed to watch them.

Okay, well sorry that I don't have too much to report on this week...things are still a little weird right now. Should have some more information this Monday as this transfer ends, and we'll see whats going on from there. But most importantly, I love all of you. People ask me what it's like to be the youngest of 7 boys, and I tell them that in the truth, I am just in the middle of a gigantic family. I've got 6 brothers, 6 sister-in-law, and like 14 neices and nephews ranging from age 11-0. I just feel like I am in the middle of all of it, and I love it. All of you keep me going when this work gets really, really hard. Thanks for everything you are and being so awesome. Have a great week, and somebody go eat at In-N-Out for me this week (PS-I found an In-N-Out Car wash this week? Exact same symbol and everything) and listen to 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale, I still whistle that begginning part probably everyday. Well I love all of you and hope everything is going great on the other side, take it easy.

Elder Abbott

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