Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Family! I have way too much to tell you guys. But to begin, I finally got to use those white pants you bought me Mom. It's true, Tyler baptized somebody yesterday. Isn't that totally weird? But very cool at the same time. It was something different I have never experienced before, in a totally awesome way. It was like, who the heck am I to baptize somebody? One of those hit you kinda moments when you realize hey, I totally can baptize someone, I really have been comissioned by Christ to do what I am doing. Crazy cool. So let me tell you about it! I baptized Valeria Guadelupe Gabeldone Ramirez, I still remember the name because I repeated it a thousand times before the baptizm so I would remember it. She has about 13 years and the only member in her family is her Mom. The original game plan was for a cool youth in the WARD (I have a ward now! Not a branch!) to baptize her, but she called us up late Saturday night and asked me to do it. And so I did it. And it was great. We're really close with that family, and we're going to work with the Dad and the two brothers and commit them to baptizm. I am going to unite that family! That late sentence was probably the nerdiest missionary sentence ever, but it's really why we're here. Ok so I realize I am going super out of order with everything, but I am just going to write as things pop in my head, so stay with me.
My area, La Rosa, is pretty awesome. Like I said, we have a ward down here. With like 120 members! I totally forgot wards this big existed, but apparently they do, and I love it. I am getting to know the members better and all of them seem to really like me from what I can tell, especially the Hermana Olga. She is actually washing me and my companions clothes as we speak. I feel bad, but she offered to wash our clothes every Monday, and I just wasn't going to say no to that. It's like having another Mom in the mission field! She cuts up my food for me and everything. Just kidding. We have totally quality food every week, and I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me. As much of a bummer as it is for Jacky and Jacob, I haven't eaten anything weird this week! Which is fantastic for me. It's cool to eat weird food sometimes, but other times it's just plain awful. Our area is surrounded by this really cool mountains that remind me of St. George. If I had to choose one place I have traveled too the most in my life, the answer would be St. George. Never been to Hawaii, but man have I been to St. George! But I have only good memories of St. George, so it's a good reminer with all the mountains around. Also a lady member invited me and my companion over tonght for a family night (noche de hogar), and I am pumped for that, I am pretty sure she said something about ice cream, which is worth it's weight in gold in Mexico.
Also everyone has been complimenting me on my Spanish! Some lady was convinced that I was actually from Argentina, and thought I was joking when I said I was from California. I guess my Spanish has actually been improving quite a bit lately, I think I am finally making that jump to the point where Spanish is just nautal. I think in Spanish, I dream in Spanish, and I talk in Spanish. I remember having dreams in my first few months in Mexico that were in Spanish, but I couldn't understand them. Finally I can understand them! I really do like Spanish, now that I can understand it and speak it. It's the only language I know that says I don't get along with him by saying "me caya bien gordo" translated: He falls fat with me.

Our house is a huge improvement over the last place I had too! The only thing is we have more cockroaches than you could possibly imagine. Guess what happened this morning, I was pouring out my cereal and what came out of the box....a massive cockroach. I don't think I can look at Frosted Flakes the same ever again. But after a week I have gotten use to them, and regularly shower in a shower with 4-6 big cockraches crawling around. It's going to be so funny to look back at things like this, but for now, it's definitely an adventure. As for Elder Rivera my companion....I love the guy. He is 22 years old and from the straight up jungles of Veracruz. We are getting along great and just have fun all the time. We are working hard and he is teaching me a lot, he is a good example for me as a Missionary. He has been out for about 18 months and gets a little homesick sometimes, but we're both helping each other with that kinda thing. Everytime one of us starts thinking about home, we change the subject about something funny that happened earlier or an investigator we have or something. The last two companions I had really weren't that awesome to tell you the truth, but I am happy to say that my companion is great. He already requested another transfer with me to President, so things are working out well. He keeps saying I am going to be a leader after my time with him, but I don't know about that.
Bummer to hear about the Lakes, but if they had to lose, it's better they do it now. When you think about it, I did come in my mission at the perfect time for the NBA. A weird, unsuccesful Lakers season, and next season will be all about the lockout. Lakers will make some awesome off season moves, and I will home in time to be apart of the next great season for the Lakers. The Kobe Pau era has closed, and we made it to the championships three times in a row! That's nothing to gawk at. Is that a saying? I really don't know. I am hoping for a Dwight Howard or a Chris Paul trade, that would be pump me up so much. Dwight!
So how is everyone doing at home? Sounds like everyone had a great Mothers Day and the Mothers were sufficiently appreciated. Enjoy the Jaqueranda trees that Mom loves so much, and I also heard another Pirates is coming out. Is that true? Pirtates 3 was so weird...why another? Well hopefully it's cool and Johnny Depp will be in it.
Alright family I better go. I have lots of new pictures to send you guys, but I forgot my camera! Next week I'll give it a try. Have a good week, and check out Jacob 4:6 I think it is, and D and C 121 is amazing as well. Thanks for all the love and support I have from you guys. When it's crazy hot outside and we're knocking doors it's nice to know I have literally more than 30 people behind me from my family. Some are very small, but still. So have a good week, keep the emails and DearElders coming, and keep it real. Love you guys!
Elder Abbott

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