Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures - August 29

August 29, 2011

Heya Family, whats going on? So this is my official last letter to you guys as a teenager, you better enjoy it. Next week I will be 20 years old and sounding all mature and everything, talking about the stock market and what not. Nahh I don't think so, but it's pretty weird to think that I will be turning 20 next week. Time went by really quick but at the same time I feel like I have been a teenager for forever, I can't really remember much of anything before 12 years old. But I feel good about my teenage years for the most part, had lots of good times, learned a lot, and it ended with me being in the middle of desert of Mexico as a Missionary. Sure I was kind of a schmutz at different points over the past couple of years, but in ended with me being here so I like to think I did something right. Plus this Thursday a few people from the Ward are cooking Carne Asada for me, and making a piñata. So don't worry about ol' Tyler, even on the Mish I can still manage to eat delicious steak for my birthday.

So it's been a pretty crazy week here in La Rosa. We finally had some baptisms which we were due for. Hopefully you guys get all the pictures that I am sending, I baptized two of my favorite converts last weekend. The baptisimal service was awesome and tons of people actually came to support Monica and Brian, which like never happends. Baptisms are cooler when a member of the Ward does it and we found two good guys to do the ordenance. Plus afterwards one of the Hermanas brought donuts and soda for everybody! One funny thing though happened with the programs for the baptism. We made them on the computer in the church which doesn't have Internet and we only found pictures of the temple on the computer to put on the programs, so we put Brian and Monica's names on it and a picture of the Salt Lake City temple. We printed them out, handed them out to the members who were there, and somebody asks me, "is this a baptism, or are they getting married?" I looked at the program again and it looks exactly like a wedding invitation! Brian and Monica don't really know each other, but I think I accidently made their wedding invitations last weekend. But anyways, the baptisms were great and I am really excited for them both. Both of them told me they want to serve Missions too. Cool, right?

Today we actually had Zone Conference and it was a pretty educational experience. We had Elder La Hoya there who is from the quorum of the 70 which was pretty cool. He kinda chewed us out for the first couple of hours but towards the end he got a little more positive with the message and that was nice. The Church wants us to focus more on getting references from members and knocking doors less. He said that back in the day you knew a Missionary was a good Missionary when his shoes were all destroyed because he walked so much, but now you know a Missionary is a good Missionary when his "pants are ripped from getting up and down so much teaching lessons to investigators." It sounds better in Spanish, but the point is that we need to use our time more effectively with people who actually want to listen to us. You can find people knocking doors, but references is so much better and easier for everybody. So when the Missionaries come around the house, give them references, they will appreciate it.

So how is everyone doing at home? Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays from everybody, good to hear everybody remembers I still exist! Gregorious, make sure to live it up, this is the first time in 19 years that you don't have to share the birthday with me, go eat somewhere really good. That is if you don't fill up on green tea before, gosh I have such a weird brother. And Dad pretty sure I won't get a chance to talk to you until Sep 4 or something, so Happy Birthday! You are the best Dad ever, no question about it. I'll look for a "Dad you the Man" t-shirt in Spanish..."Papa, tu eres lo mejor." Something else funny real quick, know how all the Grandkids call Dad "Papa?" Well the way the grandkids say it, it means The Pope in Spanish. Happy Birthday Dad!

Okay Family better get going, but have an awesome week and watch Price Is Right in honor of my Birthday. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing we have in the world. Jesus Christ did everything for us and also taught us exacly how we can be happy for forever. Just have Faith in word and in action, repent when you gotta, get baptised and get the Holy Ghost, do your best to be keep the commandments = Happy in this life and even happier afterwards. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Take it easy family and I'll talk to you next week, love you guys!

Elder Abbott

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pictures - August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Family! So I guess it's Monday again, which means I get to write you guys again! I feel weeks in general got shorter, is it still 7 days? Maybe it's different Mexico, who knows. If you can believe it we are already half way through this transfer, which I feel like just started. It's weird to think that I probably will just have only three more weeks in La Rosa, it feels like home. But I still got three weeks to take care of business down here, so as always a lot more work to do. Missionary work is actually way more complicated that it sounds, thats something I definitely learned this week. The thing with Missionary work is that it's all about people, and everybody is different and needs something different, and it's sometimes hard to figure out what it is that they need. It's been a good week though, a little stressful, but I like to think I got something out of it.
So back up to last Monday, we had 4 people who were ready to be baptized this Saturday. All we had to do was get Lupita and Rene married, teach a few of the commandments, and yeah, good to go. We actually took care of all of that, but when Sunday rolls around...half of them don't come to church! Lousy investigators, never want to wake up on Sunday. We went through a lot of stress to get Rene and Lupita married, and we finally did it (I had to pay for some of it), we wait for them Sunday morning, show. Wah, wah, waaah. Well whatcha gonna do, I did my part, and if they don't want to theirs, nuts to them, right? I'm still crossing my fingers things will work out with them, but who knows, it's not really up to me at this point. At least I can say I was an official witness to a wedding in Mexico, signed my name and everything. And on the bright side we still have two baptisms good to go for this Saturday. Monica and Brian. They're both awesome and excited for everything the church has to offer them, and Monica's family apparently is going to cook us Carne Asada after. If that's not evidence that Heavenly Father is happy, I don't know what is. Also one of the pictures I am sending is of Brian. He has my jacket on (he says he wants to go on a Mission too), and is holding one of the babies of one of the members, looks like a successful business man, no?
So thats the low down on whats going on with the investigators and what not. We're still always looking for more people to teach, but not a ton of luck so far. Me and Elder Chavez are enjoying it though, he is a pretty crazy guy (95% positive that he has ADD) and always manages to make things entertaining. Also almost everyday we work with one of my best buddies from Mexico. His name is Jose, he's just about ready to put in his Mission papers and he speaks perfect English. He's the huge guy in the photos I sent. He lived in Utah for like ten years and he literally works with us every single day. He has nothing going on until he goes on his Mission, so he just kicks it with us everyday. We're like his own version of the PetHotel, something to do until the Mission starts. In fact he is sitting next to me right now, playing with his iTouch. We have a lot of fun together enjoying all the really random and funny things that happen everyday out here. We were in Gomez the other day looking for the law office where Luis and Rene would get married, and Jose asked a man in the street if he knew where the building was. It went something like this:
Jose: Excuse me, do you know where...
Señor: Waaah
Jose: We just want to know where...
Señor: Rrrrr
Elder Chavez: Do you know where the water company is at (we knew it was close to that)
Señor: Oh of course, it's two blocks that way and it should be on your right, have a good one
Jose: Gracias.
People here are pretty hilarious I gotta say. So thats kinda where I am at these days, just trying my best to be a good Missionary and enjoying it as I go. I'll let you know how the baptisms went when I talk to you guys next week. So anyways, how is everyone doing back at home? I hope I am offically alowed to say this, but....three neices this year! I can barely believe it, I am going to have three new neices to meet after the Mission? Could this be the start of an Abbott girl-a-thon? If we want to even out our girl and boy neices and nephews we'll need to have like ten girls in a row. It's possible, who knows. Anything else interesting going on back at home these days? If there is, write me about it! Okay family, better get going, but just want to let you guys know how awesome you are. It's cool being in the position that I am having everybody (supposibly) read my emails every week. I am pretty much convinced I have the coolest family there is, I just feel really blessed and really lucky to have been born into such a great family. I am learning more about the Church everyday and realizing just how important everything is. I mean, it's true, and it's not really that hard. Alls you gotta do is be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, try your best to follow the commandments and be a cool dude, repent, and you'll be happy for forever. Pretty cool concept, right? My testimony really isn't that complicated and I can't pin point a single moment when my testimony came, but I know it's true. Keep rockin' back at home family and send me candy for my birthday? You guys are the best.
Elder Abbott

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Geeze time is going by fast, I am totally running out of interesting things to tell you guys. I feel like it was Monday like two days ago, where the heck did this week go? I honestly have no idea, but needless to say time is going by pretty quick these days. The Mission is weird, it picks up speed as you go by, but I remember like the 2nd day of the MTC being super tired and my head hurting from Bible talk and things like.."man, my Mission is never ever going to end is it?" But time goes by faster than you think I guess, but I guess thats life, ya know? I don't mean to sound like I'm almost done with the Mish or anything, I still have a lot of unfinished business to take care of, but I can feel the pace picking up faster and faster each change. But anyways, whats going on in the life of ol' Elder Abbott? Lets see, let me think for a second and try to remember whats been going on. I don't know, we've just been trying our best to make things happen in La Rosa. It's lame to say that an area is hard, but this area is kinda known to have harder to teach people. They're all cool, it's just they like being Catholic, which basically means nothing. They never go to Mass or anything, but they'll have huge weird pictures of Virgin Maria and they think they are good to go. We knocked this one guys doors not too long ago, and this is literally what he said, "No man, I got nothing to worry about, in fact I just went drinking with the Father from the church last night." I really do got a special place in my heart for Mexico, but it's definitely got some serious problems. Whatever, I guess thats why we're here right? Just trying to do our best to do some good around here, the people here really need to start believing that there is good in the world still. I feel like that last sentence might or might or not be a quote from Batman, but either way it definitely applies. Speaking of Batman, when a missionary is knocking doors under the sun, usually the mind starts to wander a little bit, and I was thinking what someone like Batman could do here in Mexico. I mean, think about it, there are tons of gangsters and drug dealers and all that, and the people are all afraid of them and so the bad guys have all the power, but if one citizen would stand up for whats right, it could make all the difference right? So I guess what I am trying to say in my email home to my family is that Mexico needs a Batman. Mom, aren't you proud of how much your son is growing up? You gotta think about something when your knocking doors, right?

Anyways, it's been a pretty good week I think. We got some new people in church and are starting to see some good progress here in La Rosa. Our converts are coming to church and becoming solid members of the Ward which is a really cool thing to see. I feel really at home with this Ward and this area, I've been here for almost 4 months now! That's weird. It's really cool though, I know where everything is, I know what Hermanas cook the best food and will give us Ice Cream in the afternoon when it's super hot. I'm almost positive this will be my last change here, and I'm sure I'm going to really miss it when it's over. Except for the fact it's crazy hot, I'm definitely not going to miss that part. I can't tell you how excited I am for the weather to cool down, I forgot what nice weather feels like. As for you fools down in California, enjoy that air! There are few things more beautiful than California Pacific air, live it up family and friends. So the invesigadores we are rockin' it with these days are Monica, Sergio, Brian (those 3 are the best), and then the invesigator bench warmers - Gerrado and Lupita (not really progressing so much). Hey family, I acutally need your advice on something. I think I told you guys about Lupita before, but she is pregnant and 16 years old, her future husband is a member and he is 20. She is 7 months pregnant, and they want to get married officially before the baby comes because married couples have insurance here in Mexico. They basically want us to pay for the wedding (1000 pesos, like 100 bucks), and then Lupita will get baptized afterwards. Lupita isn't really progressing very much it seems like, and I feel like they just want money and won't ever be active in the church afterwards. So family, what do I do? I have no idea, but I think I have to think quick, that baby she is going to have is a ticking time bomb. Lupita is huge. So that's what goes through my mind these days, how can I get two Mexican teenagers married. Man the Mission is such a different life than the one I had before! But it's fun.

Anyways, how is everyone else doing at home? Are all the kids ready to get back to school? I remember seeing the back to school comercials at the end of Summer and being so incredibly bummed out. No kid wants to see new backpacks during Summer, that's just depressing. Thanks for everyone is keeping strong writing me every week, and those of you who aren't, step it up! Okay guys, don't have much more time, we are actually going to a mall today. Cool, right? But anyways, I love all of you guys and hope everything is going great back in the US of A. Keep doing the things the church says and you'll be happy, not much more simple than that. Have a good week, and talk to you guys next time!

Elder Abbott

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Heya Family, there goes another week of the Mission. I feel like I am in this computer place all the time, the weeks go by weirdly fast. Sometimes in the middle of the week, things can seem to be going a little slow, but once it's over it seem like it went incredibly fast. I think that's how the Mission is in general, at the time it can seem a little slow sometimes, but when you look back it all went way too fast. I'm sure I am going to feel like that when I finish up next year, so I am just trying to make the best of it while I am here. It's weird, after being out here for so long I kinda forget that I have a home and everything back at home in the US of A. I sometimes feel like Mexico is all I really know and I was born and raised here. Then it'll hit me, oh yeah, I have a house and a family back at the United States! Cool. But nobody feel bad, I think thats what I am supposed to be doing, losing myself in the work right? That's exactly what I have been doing ever since I started my time as Senior Comp...last week. It's pretty sweet actually, making the decisions, starting the lessons, and kinda being the go to guy. But it's also a lot of responsibility, you gotta deliver with your numbers (contacts, lessons, menos-activos), and get the results. I think everyone will understand easier if I just compare this to the NBA. Lebron has the best stats in the NBA right? He always gets his assists (lessons), his points (contacts), and rebounds (menos-activos), and what does that lead to? Wins! (baptisms). At least thats the way I see it, do my part and put the work in, and the Heavenly Father will provide the results. So that's what I am trying my best to do right now. It's a balance, but I think I am getting closer to striking it.
So my companion Elder Chavez is a pretty interesting dude. Like I said he doesn't have much time in the Mission, which means I do must of the teaching. But the thing with him is that he knows a ton! His dream is to become an Apostle. He's one of the guys who actually knows what a Kolob is. So he teaches me a lot about that kinda stuff, but to me it's really not super interesting. I love the simple things about the Church, and the fact I can be with the people I love forever. That's really the extent of my knowledge. Sure I know a thing or two about the scriptures, but I am all about the fundamentals, kinda like Timmy Duncan. But back to Elder Chavez, he is a good guy, and things are pretty good, tranquillo. He's from Mexico City, which means that he is "Chilango", which is a name for all the people who are from Mexico City. They are generally disliked actually up here in the North, but we usually just avoid saying where we are from. Elder Chavez does definitely make up stories sometimes though. He told me his Dad was offered a contract to play witht the Lakers, but he turned it down to spend time with his family. Yeah right! He will also look through the Ensign and every picture of a Mexican girl he says was his girlfriend at one point or another. Like I said, interesting dude, but we're both concentrating on the work, which means no problems in the companionship. Good times.
So what happened this week? We've been working really hard with our investigadores to get them to church and get them to progress, but nobody can wake up for church! We start at 9 every Sunday, and the majority of people here wake up at like 1 in the afternoon. Getting people to church is definitely the hardest part, but once we get them there, they usually like it alot. From the way things are lookin', we should have at least 2 baptisms this transfer, well, hopefully. I kinda feel a little bit of pressure as Senior Comp, that I gotta have success this transfer to show I am ready for the responsibility. But whatever, I am just going to try my best and see what happends. That's all I can really do anyways, right? But just so you know, our main investigadores are Monica (friend of a member, Dad does some shady business with the drug dealins, but genuienly good girl), Brian (cool kid from Las Vegas who speaks more English than Spanish, lived in Anaheim for a while too), Anjelica (not that interesting), and Lupita (16 year old, pregnant with 7 months, here future husband is a menos-activo). That is basically what we are working with these days, but always trying to find someone new. Actually, I think I am going to be a witness for Lupita's wedding this week. We raised some money to pay for their wedding, because she has to be married to get baptized, and we should be going down to sign the wedding papers later this week. I will be signing my name on that marriage paper as well, I am a witness! Cool, huh? So that's whatsup with the ol' invesigadores, mas o menos.
So how is everyone doing back at home? Hey Nieces and Nephews, you guys pumped for school? Nothing is more of a bummer than the last weeks of Summer, when you know you gotta get through a whole other year of school to get to next summer. That was the beauty of Me and Greg's Birthday, something to look forward to even with school starting up again. So everyone live it up for the last couple weeks of Summer, and play some pool basketball for your Uncle Ty. Alright better get going guys, but just know that ol' Tyler is doing good in Mexico and trying his best. I love all of you guys, and it'll be so incredibly awesome to see everyone again. Keep on truckin', eat some In-N-Out for me (double double with fries), and watch some Price is Right. The church is true, keep doing the little things, to you next week!
Elder Abbott

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Heya family, who's pumped up for another Elder Abbott letter? Don't you want to hear about how many doors I knocked this week? Well actually here we don't really knock doors, we bang fences (every house has one, no matter what) with keys to get peoples attention, then contact them. Good times, every time. Okay first things first, transfers. That's right, today is transfer today and it did not dissapoint. It was super cool to see all of my buddies from around the Mish and goof and gaff with them for a while. This was the first Transfer Meeting with Presidente Flores, little piece of Mision Mexico Torreon history. He gave a really, really long talk about whole bunch of different things, but you can't help but feel motivated everytime he talks to us. Right now he expects us to baptize the world, which is probably what he should expect from us, but he sometimes says it in kinda funny ways. The normal baptizamal goal for a month per zone would be like somewhere between 20-30. He wants 1000 baptisms. Every zone. We thought he was kidding, but he doesn't really look like he is kidding. I don't know, I am still trying to figure out this President, but he is for sure a really inspirational guy. To tell you the truth it's about time someone came to clean up this Mission, lots of improvements we need to make. Anyways, so here is what happened at transfers: I got a new companion! It was tough to say goodbye to Elder Rivera, but he left for Gomez with a pretty new Gringo who he can help a lot. As for ol' Elder Abbott, my new companion is named Elder Chavez and....I am Senior Companion! It's true. The dude has about 3 months in the Mission and I am his second companion. I'm pretty excited about all of it to tell you truth, I feel like I am ready to take on more responsibility. So right now I am keeper of the keys and the phone of the companionship and it feels pretty cool. After being with Elder Rivera 24/7 for 3 months it's kinda strange to be with somebody else, but change is always exciting. So Elder Chavez, he's from Mexico City and seems like a pretty clean-cut guy. It feels like the start of a good transfer and should be my last here in La Rosa. This is my chance to prove something with my responsibilty, hope I can do a good job. I'm feelin' pretty confident.

But before all the transfers, me and Elder Rivera had a pretty action-packed week. Everyone knew it was our last week together and so everyone wanted to give us really delicious food and cake, we definitely didn't mind. Before the transfers came in last night, a member who recently got baptized organized a little fiesta for yesterday on our last day. Not like the dancing and music kinda fiesta, but a very chill cake-eating kind of fiesta. I really enjoyed it. A few of our recent converts were there as well as a few other members know really well. It was a pretty awesome experience to see these people I didn't know 3 months ago, but now I feel so close to. It was weird, a lot we're crying and everything! Once we got the news that I would stay here and Elder Rivera would go, people were bummed to see Elder Rivera go, but happy to see me stay. I felt the same way, man was I nervous before those tranfers came in. I really do love with area and want to make the best with my last transfer here, I'm lucky to be here.

What else happened? Not too much I guess, a pretty normal Missionary kinda week. But expect more details in my next email home, this week is my first week as senior companion, so should be "pretty....educational." Name that movie...Back to the Future! Correct! Those movies are easily on my top 10 of all time, probably in the top 5 actually. So good. Thanks for all the awesome emails this week, Randy gets the award this week, quality large email from Randy. Good size. So Daniel Dekker got his Mission Call! No way! My good buddy is headed down to Ft. Something, Texas. There are tons of forts down there, and I don't remember what they are called. That is really, really cool that he is headed down there. Tons of the people I teach down here in Torreon either lived in Texas, or have plans to later live in Texas. Could be that me and Daniel teach the same people in the future? Anything can happen. Tell him congratulations for me and to pack extra insulin. He'll just be a year behind me, and it'll be great to see him Thanksgiving of 2013.

Anyways, think thats all I got for you guys this week family. I did have some cool pictures, but another niño erased all of them again. I gotta stop letting kids play with my camera, always delete my picutres. But sounds like everything is good on the home front and everyone is happy, which is great news. I really do feel energized to start this new transfer as senior comp, just hope I can live up to what Presidente thinks of me. Congrats to Kev for finishing the Symphony Bar exam finally, and finishing his 27 year career of schoolin'. That is just way too much school. Okay better get going, have a good family, the church is true, take it easy, you guys!

Elder Abbott