Monday, January 31, 2011

Letter from the Palmer's

Dear Brother & Sister Abbott,

This is a note to tell you what you already must know -- you have a wonderful young missionary son, Elder Tyler Abbott.
He is terrific! We just talked with him this evening, and we attended a Sacrament meeting this afternoon with he and two other missionaries, Elder Ryan Hughes and Elder Brian Noll. Elder Hughes is our district leader, and he and Elder Noll are also wonderful young missionaries. We love them all!

My wife and I are senior full-time missionaries. We live in Draper, a suburb of Salt Lake City that is about 20 miles from where Elder Abbott, Elder Hughes and Elder Noll live in Taylorsville. We pick them up for rides to district meetings, to meetings with stake presidencies and ward mission leaders, Sacrament meetings, etc.

I can't begin to tell you what a thrill it is to see your son dressed so nicely, so polite, respectful and loving missionary work. This is a third mission (full-time) for my wife and I together, and I served a mission as a young man. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last summer while on this mission. We work with less active or what the mission calls "focus" members and non-members on occasion. It is a wonderful work in which we are all engaged. We have a wonderful mission president and his sweet, wonderful wife. They, too, are from California. As we see missionaries like Elder Abbott our hearts are touched by how the Lord blesses and magnifies these young men and women. From the first day we met Elder Abbott we were thrilled by his wonderful smile, the way he greets people and his testimony of the gospel. May the Lord bless him and you and your family.

We hope you don't mind our writing to you. We just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed being in company with such a wonderful young man! Our oldest grandson, Elder Braden S. Allen of Layton, Utah, is also serving a mission -- in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission. We are thrilled for him, for Elder Abbott and other young men and women missionaries. We are certain that the Lord is so proud of them and the work they are doing.


Elder Douglas D. and Sister Joan B. Palmer

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011

Yo! Alright, so I was trying to think of some creative way to break this out, but whatever, I'm just going to say it. I got my VISA! I know! Can you guys believe it? We had interviews yesterday with the President, and then his wife came over to me, and was like, "hey, wanna know something cool?" and I said definitely yes. Then she told me I got my visa and would be going to the Mexican consalate in SLC on Wednesday, which is today! I actually just got back, and yes, Mexico finally wants me. They said this is the fastest they've ever had a Visa waiter get his Visa, so I'm thinking it's time for me to get to work down in Mehico. But I actually don't leave for another week on next Wednesday, which I actually like. I mean, I've had some really good times here out in the wonderful land of Salt Lake, and have made some really good friends, it'll be nice to kinda ease out of life here. It's kinda been like MTC Part 2 in a way. I'll do my best to relate this to Back to the Future. My Visa got delayed (Marty's son joined up with the gang) and so I had to go forward in time (SLC) to make sure that didn't happen (so I got my Visa). Alright, so that didn't make any sense, but once I saw the Part 2 I had to go for it. I've learned a lot out here, and am super pumped for the especially real deal in Torreon, land of the brave. Apparently that's where Pancho Villa is from? All of the Mehicano people I come across I always ask about Torreon, and they actually said it's beautiful. Maybe my Spanish is bad and they are hearing like Torronto or something, but I'm way excited.
Let's see, what's been going on. I made a crucial discovery the other day on the telephone. Apparently we have permission to call this cool, free phone thing called "Tell Me" and it can tell me Sport scores! Every day! So I call it every day. Apparently the Lakes did a great job against the Nuggies and the Zombie Sonics (OKC). Those are two solid victories, brothers. I remember hearing about how Lakes couldn't beat any teams over 500, well bam. Those two are always in the playoff runs. We'll win this year, I was told before my mission the people I love would be blessed, that absolutely includes Pau Gasol.
So turns out I think I'll be officially baptismless by the end of my time in here. But that's ok, because we committed several people to have a baptismal date, just like a day or two after I leave. Wah waahh. But no worries, remember that interview I was telling you about? President Miller told me that I was actually a huge blessing to the mission, and especially my area. He told me that Taylorsville/West Valley was going through some really slow times, but now it's becomming one of the more successful areas in the entire mission! Cool stuff. I definitely don't want to take a lot of credit for that, but I like to think I did something. People definitely laugh at me a lot and love to tease me, so maybe that's what this place needed? Who knows, but still, good times. Some of those people who have dates in case your interested, which you've got to be, is Chance Johnson - partially deaf kid with a mother in jail, Jorge - I teach him with the Spanish elders, way cool dude that is excited about the gospel. Shery - Older smoker lady who we got to quit smoking, we actually gave her a blessing last week! And a few others I can't remember right now, but I love them all. Especially this Samoan family called the Maogoaz, they insist I come over everyday for food. I have gained 8 pounds because of them. Also in case your interested, I broke into the 170's! I am officially 173 pounds, suckas. I've gotten kinda into my workout in the mornings like Rando, and I'm kind of a fan I must admit. I want to look intimidating in Mexico, which is probably impossible!
So how is everyone else doing back at home? Sounds like life is still life back there and nothing too crazy has changed. Which I like, I want to come back to pretty much the same exact family I left. Except maybe a few more additions. Mark, have you considered naming your baby Etzio yet? Come on! And Gregelous and Devop, uno mas! Uno mas! Uno mas! In fact, everyone just have one more kid. I want more neices and nephews, 14 is simply not enough fools.
Well, life is good here. There are some definite perks of being a missionary in Utah. For example, I went to the supermarket the other day, and people just hand you money! Seriously! I have almost 100 bucks total since I've been here with just people handing things to me. I feel terrible taking it, but I always do ha ha. Our church rocks, and I'm trying to work hard enought to be worthy of the calling.
So, I'm actually outta time for the week family. But just so you's know, I love all of you and pray for you as much as I can. Don't send anything my way, you probably weren't going to, but since I'm going to Mexico soon don't worry about it. I'll make sure to get my address around as soon as I know what it is. In fact, isn't it that P.O. box thing? Which I think means that DearElder is free! I expect DearElders every week from everybody! Or at the very least, copy and paste a sports article. You have no idea how happy that makes us. So like I said, I love you guy's and hope all the best for everyday. Keep keepin' it real family, and I promise all of you the church is true and that each of us have a purpose here! How cool is that? Life isn't just sleep, work, sleep work, there's so much more to it because of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! They both live, alright? Keep on, keepin' on!
Elder Abbott

January 19, 2011

Family! How excited are you guys right now to here about week number 2 in the great Salt Lake Valley? Man, I never thought I would end up here as a missionary, but here I am. So I get to write emails in a library, and this place has the weirdest people in the world. For example, right next to me is a guy with giant blind person glasses, but he definitely can't be blind. He's using the computer! Whatever, I love it here. I meet seriously the most interesting people, and believe it or not I'm starting to gain a little appreciation for the peeps of Utah. Even if they all hate Kobe and act as if he was a terroist, naturally I look for every opportunity to wear my Kobe shirt. And if anyone ever brings up his ol' trial days, I've looked up a few scriptures to snap back with. Needless to say, my personal study has been very effective.
So it's been another crazy week that will be really hard to fit everything in here, but I'll do my best. I'm going to start with last night. We tracted into this Native American lady named Juanita, ha ha this is kind of boring isn't it? Come on guys, don't you want to learn more about Juanita? She's been meeting with the missionaries for like 20 years, and she said that she thinks that we might be the one's to finally convince her that the church is true. Bam! I also got my first door slammed in my face yesterday by some guy in a towel. I kinda started laughing afterward, but I really do feel so bad for the people who don't have this Gospel in their lives. I just think it would be such a bummer to go through life without having any real depth or purpose, and I love having the opportunity to tell people that they definitely do have a purpose. Ok, so common misconception about Utah, like nobody is Mormon! Ok, so that's not really true, but there are tons of people who aren't. I'm not exactly sure why people would live her if they were normal dude's, but we definitely have a lot of people to teach. I commited my first baptism last night! We're teaching a mostly def kid who reads lips, and we just got used to speaking VERY slowly. Imagine someone teaching about Joseph Smith in slow motion, and that's we did. And it worked! Chance is getting baptised next week! We actually have like 4 baptisms lined up in the next couple of weeks, which we're excited for. My companions tell me something changed when I got to the area, things have been going a lot better. Which I don't really get, I haven't really done much of anything but it seems to be working. Hopefully I'm helping.
Also! We're riding bikes now! So how come like no one in our family ever really learned how to ride a bike? Or was that just me? Either way I am definitely riding bikes now, and eat it roughly every ten minutes. But this is where I actually like the snow, doesn't hurt nearly as bad! It's pretty funny actually, once you've just accepted the fact your going to fall down numerous times, it becomes a lot more fun. I also met Elder Bednar's niece yesterday, and she made me some hot chocolate. Gotta love Salt Lake. I definitely do eat like a King most nights, even though I'm in the poorer side of town, people go all out to feed the missionaries. And we're really grateful, especially after they bring out the best desserts ever. But the good news is, we do get a car every other week and I think our week starts tomorrow. You guys have no idea how happy I am for that. Bike seats stink. Perro, esta bien.
I try to go on exchanges as much as I can with the Spanish missionaries, and it's been super cool everytime I've been able to. But for now, my English is improving. We found this family the other day in the basement of somebody's home, and it was a little Latino family of 5 living in a fairly small room. My companions don't know Spanish, but they let us in and we couldn't blow a chance to help these people. So this was kind of my sink or float moment. Happy to say I think I mostly floated! The words just came, I was able to teach about Joseph Smith and how Jesus Christ's church needed to be restored just like it has been in the past, and we are meeting with them again tonight! Wish me luck family.
Thanks for all the emails from everyone! It was kind of a bummer last week, my head was still spinning from all the craziness going on and the only email I got was from my mission president. Wah wah wah wahhh. But not the case this week! Heather! How is your finger? You should really think about not using knives for a little while, make Marvelous do some cooking. He's always had the dream of becomming Jamie Oliver, and now is his chance. Just make sure he makes the funny faces when he cooks, and looks hilarious when you put him in slow-mo. Mark, how many orbs have you saved? Save more orbs, Mark! Kev, keep playing Monkey Island everyday, and just so you know, I sing the Woodtick song pretty much everyday of my mission. And Cameron has a puppy?! That rocks! Cam Cam, can you send me a picture you think? I like the name Sugar. Has she met Sambo yet? When they do, take as many pictures as you can, and send them to your uncle. And for all my neices and nephews information, I talk about you guys all the time! I always say how lucky I am to have all of you, and how much I love you. I want all 14 (?) of you to know that. Unco' Bert, your emails are always the best. I really look up to you man, and I hope all your kids are still crazy. And Miso, you know you want to go to the Dicken-palooza with Abby and Papa sometime, how could you miss out on that?
Well, life is pretty good out here in Salt Lake. I'm still figuring out the reason why I'm supposed to be here, but I know there's a reason. I really appreciate everyone praying for me, and being as awesome as all of you are. I do hope my Visa comes sometime soon, but until then, I'm plenty busy here. Aw man, just looked outside, totally snowing. I will eat it so many times today. But that's ok, because the church is true. Everytime I eat it, Heavenly Father will bless me that much more because he probably thinks it's hilarious. Hey listen family, I want to be with all of you forever. ALL of you. So do the things you know to be right, and be happy! Thanks for everything you do, and I love the all of you's.
Elder Abbott

January 12, 2011

Hey! Aw man, it has been seriously the craziest couple of days of my life. I'm not really sure where to start with everything, so how about the beginning. Who's ready for this awesome story? You guys are so excited right now. So because I can't think of everything, I'm just going to start from the morning we left from the MTC, at 7 in the morning. First of all, that was the weirdest thing ever. If you've been to the MTC, you know exactly what I'm talking about, it's just crazy. And you just go nuts when you get out of it, so we were all pretty pumped on the bus ride up to SLC. It seemed like the shortest drive ever, and then they dropped us off at a church building. Church buildings are kinda like in-n-outs, no matter where you are in the world, once your inside of it you feel like your at home. Our church really loves the ol' brick style, and so do I. So we got there, met our president, hung out in a room for a little while, and then we got taken to the chapel to get paired up with our companions. Naturally I'm the first one to get called up to meet my companion, and when I stand up, no one comes to lovingly greet me. Turns out, my companions had no idea I was coming and didn't come! So I just kinda slowly sat down after that, and everyone else got their companions. About two hours later, Elder Hughes and Elder Noll finally showed up. It felt really weird to have to say goodbye to the dudes at the MTC, I seriously spent every waking moment with those guy's, no kidding. Like Greg and Olmer back in the day, and actually, kinda like Greg and Olmer today. But on the bright side, we have a car! We walked out to the car, and we headed to our house, which is the basement of Uncle Clay and Uncle Ron Conn. Just kidding. I actually live in the basement of a direct descendent of Hyrum Smith, THE Hyrum Smith. No foolin'. The Smith's are both very cool, make us breakfast on P-Day, and actually folded my laundry today without me knowng about it. So bascially, they just kinda took over for you Mom! And I love it. Our basement is actually really small, and when I got there is was pretty gross. We didn't even time for me to unpack, and we took off to go do missionary things. I think we went tracting. Which by the way, I have officially tracted multiple times in single degree weather. Definitely telling my Grandkid's that.
So the place I'm at in South Salt Lake is kinda the poorer side of town, which I love. Hey Marvelous, remember the time we met "The Brush" at that Walmart in Hemet? Well Imagine an entire town of those dudes, and welcome to West Valley, where I'm at. Seriously the weirdest people, but there are so funny. But don't get me wrong, there are tons of really cool, normal people here too. Unfortunately I kinda came at a slow time in the field and there hasn't been too much going on. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but it's probably been some of the hardest days I've had, but also the most rewarding. Bed has never felt so good. Things have been picking up though! Just to name a few peeps I'm teaching: Ed Crane from Boston and professional dancer, a couple from Sudan, couple inactive members (that pump you up?), a family called the Becksteads (who I'm teaching in half an hour), a few Latino families, a it'll keep growing. I've never been more motivated to pick up investigators, because it is crazy cold outside! Kev & Rach, you have no idea how much in the clutch you came when you dropped of the jacket I am currently wearing. Without it, not kidding, would be a frozen icicle right now. Oh, by the way I almost bought electric socks today, but then I didn't. I just kinda said it outloud to myself..."Electric Socks.." and figured it probably wasn't a good idea. So I bought some nice thermal socks and am currently rockin' the long john's underneath my pants. I also just got back from playing ball at the church, and for the record, I am still playing the best ball of my life. I think how feel how Greg felt playing in church ball as a senior against Phill Wyatt and Carval Eliason.
So you guys want to know about my companions, right? Okay, Elder Hughes is one of those total go getter missionaries. Very, very obedient, and doesn't want to waist a single second. He's super cool too and has been a really good example fo' me. But sence your the only people I can talk to about this, he's got a really weird laugh. If I were imagining a horse laughing, I think it would sound like that. Some serious volume. But no worries. Oh, and he's from Mesa, Arizona! And then there's Elder Noll who is pretty, actually completely opposite to him. He's from Gainesville, Florida and is a very laid back guy. He kinda prefers taking it a little easier, and probably isn't quite as motivated as Elder Hughes. There's sort of this unspoken rule that about describing your companions, you have to be nice. So I probably could say a little more about them, but all you need to know is that I like them and we're working really hard and being really obedient. Oh, I forget to mention. We're teaching a way cool Native American Family too. Which reminds me of a funny story really quick. So there wasn't a man at the Native American house, so we had to bring a member to come with us. We invited Bro. Smith our landlord to come along. At the end of the lesson, I asked the Native American Grandma if she'd be willing to say the closing prayer in her language. She did, and halfway through Bro Smith just says "Amen" thinking she's done, which she totally wasn't. Maybe you had to be there, so hard not to laugh in the prayer.
But anywho, how are all of you doing? I'm still not exactly sure what my address is, but you guys should be able to figure it out, I'm in the Salt Lake City South Mission! Pretty sure DearElder still works for this too, you might need to pay a nickel or something, which you definitely can do family. Oh! And you can email me too, I don't really have any time restrictions anymo', so keep them coming! I want to hear all about what everyone is doing, I really miss each and everyone of you's. It doesn't matter if you think it's boring or something! Miles, I want to hear about how baketball is going, Cam Cam - how is soccer going? Randy and Sandy's crew! Tell me about your new house! Do you like it? All the Brother's, tell me everything going on with the Lake show. One of the perks of being in this mission is that we get dinner at a member's house every single night! And everytime I make sure to somehow steer the conversation towards the NBA, even if they're Yazz fans. Stupid Jazz. And do you want to know my opinion of biggest Abbott rumor these days? When the heck are Mom and Dad going to go on a mission? It's been talked about for so long, and now what's holding you back? Zombie DPD? Emulon? No, that's not right, Emulex! Come on Mom & Dad, join me in beautiful West Valley, home of some great characters as Roy, who I met yesterday, who think he's a witch. Good times. But anyways, whatever you want to write me about I promise I will love, even if it's actually written by Bill Simmons or Plaschke or something.
Oh ya! Something else you guy's should know, remember Elder Noll I was telling you about? He's going something called PKU going on in his system. Which pretty much means he can't eat any protein. Which is terrible. I get pretty lucky if a member actually makes us something with meat or chicken or something delicious. But that's ok, I'm expanding my pallet of fruits and vegetables. Basically, my companion is a herbivor like a Bronchiasorious or something, occasionally eating straight up leaves. So that means I eat straight up leaves. No worries though, we have an In-N-Out in our area! And a Kneeders too, where I insist on going for lunch quite often. I'm still gaining weight to tell you the truth, don't worry Mom.
Okay! We gotta go get ready to teach those crazy Becksteads. I know I'm in West Valley, Utah for a reason and even though I'm still figuring that reason out, I'mhappy to be here. But if you could pray that my Visa comes soon, that'd really be appreciated too. I love all of you guys and hope to hear from you soon. Sorry this letter was so all over the place, so much has happened in such a little time. My life is so crazy these days, but it's exciting. Keep on truckin', and do the best you guy's know how to do. And love life, love your nice warm homes, curled up watchin Lakes. Be grateful for everything we have, we're very, very blessed people. Adios!
Elder Abbott

Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

Hey! So today is officially my last day at the MTC everybody, can you believe it? And somehow I got stuck with the worst computer, so crampt in the corner, right next to the vending machine that makes weird noises. No worries though, just gotta keep the elbows in, and typing shouldn't be too bad. So hopefully you heard the news by now, and I am headed to beautiful South Salt Lake City! Everyone's totally pumped for this right, Miles should have done at least a 5 minute dance to this news, and most of Brett's kids should have screamed like girls. As of matter of fact, the only one of Brett's kids that doesn't scream like a girl is Kaitlyn, how awesome is that. Aw man Unco' Bert, tell your kids they're the best, because they seriously are. Same goes for all your kids. Believe it or not, I'm not sure if I would have made it here without them. And all of them will serve missions just like their beloved Uncle, and the Abbott's will be one of the few families that have eternally blessed several other families! Take that Youngbergs! Just kidding, Lynnbarger spends as much time at the Temple as Brett did at But still, Mom & Dad, think about that, your posterity has helped out tons of other posterities live eternally with their families! You feel that Gregorious? Your totally pumped right now about that, like Settlers tournament on Barka Loungers pumped.
So how is everyone doing? Everyone have a magical new year? Mine was great, went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at yes, 6:30. I didn't realize it was 2011 until like 3 days after New Years! Still, it was pretty awesome when I realized it was 2011, which is going to be the coolest year of my life up to this point. I get to be in Salt Lake City South! Forget you Taiwan, or Phillipines, I'll be in the home of the Greg Ostertag's. And besides, missionaries are like celebrities in Utah, so I'm going to eat 8 course meals every single night, and blow up like Harry Potter's Aunt in Harry Potter 3. What ever happened to her by the way? So weird to think about where I'm going to be by the end of 2011, I'm supposed to be in SLC either a couple of weeks or max 2 months, so I'm definitely spending 95% of my mission in Mehico. Which is awesome. But by the end of 2011, I hope to be fluent in Espanol, and have a basic understanding of what in the world the Old Testament is about. Moses...? So as you can all tell, I'm definitely ready for the field with the knowledge I've got, so wish me luck. I've been here over 9 weeks at this point, and I'm almost scared to go out into the real world again. Remember that old elder I told you about who was here for like 12 weeks, and reminded me of Red on Shawshank? Well, that's me now. So scared. Actually no, I'm so incredibly excited to get to work and start making a difference. My teaching back up plan is just to break out what Mike told me he did on his mission,
Investigator: "But how do you know Jose Smith is a prophet?"
Mike: "Well, I have a picture of it, it's right here."
Investigator: "Oh ok, I'm in."
Ha ha i've told that story lots of times and people always get a kick out of it. Latino people rock, so teachable, and are willing to be baptised just because of a "picture." That's the kinda faith the rest of the world needs. So considering I have been here for 9 weeks, I'm running out of interesting stories. But expect greatness next week after my first week in the field. Oh! As for writting me, which I really appreciate everyone doing so much, my official mission is called the South Salt Lake City Mission. I'm not sure what my address is yet, but once I know I'll let ya's know. Last Monday was so great, I got so many letters from you guys!
Miles & Cam Cam - Fantastic letters guys, you rock. I have no idea what kinda dog that is Cam, but I love it already because of the name. I knew your Daddy would come through with the dog, and it's going to be awesome. Have you thought of any names yet? I suggest Vlade (after the man we traded in the 1997 draft! right, cameron?). And Miso, you are simply the man, my man. Sounds like it was a magical Christmas, and you lived it up. You pumped for Christmas 2012 when yo' uncle can be there? We'll sing so many Dingley Balls songs. Keep writing me you two! It really pumps me up.
Mark & Heather - So far the leading write Tyler party among the Abbott's. Oh, and by the way, here are the people who are currently beating Mike. Dave and Crista, Bishop Child, and Bro. Pargassingh. Way to be Mark, and Heather. I'm so glad your going to be there when I get back for C-Mas, hopefully with your future daughter, Melbow.
Well, I can't remember everyone else who wrote me this week, but you guys are all the best. Did Sandy right me this week? Wait no, Randy did! Thanks Rand, have you taken any dips in your Money Pit yet? Alright Family, so this time tomorrow I'll be in the field and workin' my magic. I do feel really ready to start being with real people and start making a difference. The MTC has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I know the best is definitely yet to come. I feel the same way about the Lakers. Don't be down brothers, because apparently we're stinking it up. Relax, we're built for the playoffs, and seriously how much does the regular season matter to back-to-back champs? Don't worry, we'll get it back together and be the powerhouse we are, just gotta have faith. You know I do. And how great is it, ever we ever meet Pauy Wowwy Doodle, I'll be able to speak Spanish with him. This is what motivates me when times get tough. Thank goodness for Pau.
So I love all of you, and feel extremely lucky to be an Abbott. We are definitely the coolest family I know, and I love being a part of it. Thanks for all the support everyone has given me, don't know if I could do it without you. Remember that you guys are awesome, and love your lives. The church is the most true thing in this entire world, and never, ever forget it. I want to be with ALL of you forever, not just some of you. So get your acts together, and be happier. You guys are all the best!
Elder Abbott

December 31, 2010

Hey Family! How is everyone doing? Most magical Christmas ever? It was really cool to be able to talk to some of you's yesterday, I'm not exactly sure who I was talking to, but it was great. When I first decided to make the call, I was just hoping Mom & Dad would be home, turns out like everyone was there! Talking to Mom & Dad is always good times, but I'm glad I got to talk to my brothers. So hopefully all the new tyler info spread around the family, and turns out I'm not going to Mexico so soon. I'm getting temporarily reassigned! Not exactly sure why Mexico doesn't want people in their Country, but whatever, it's cool. So basically right now I have my mission papers in all over again, and I find out where I'm going sometime next week. I would find out sooner, but the Presidency is on their Winter Break and don't get back tell Janurary 5ish. So us 4 going to Mexico get to wave goodbye to the rest of our buddies in the district going to their missions on monday, while we do some more companion ship study. Actually, I'm totally pumped. How cool is that I get two missions for the price of one? I mean, wherever I get reassigned, which could be any of the surrounding states around Utah (including California) will be like a miniature mission of mine. I'll get both sides of the story, a little state-side action and then a month or two later I'll be down in the heartland of Mexico. And everytime for the rest of my life I head through the place I'm going to, It'll be like another mission of mine. Plus, every missionary I heard going to Mexico who got temporarily reassigned loved it and had awesome experiences. So no worries. Might need to buy a jacket though, I planned for the dessert (or desert?) not "when a cold wind blows it chills you." And until we get our new assignment, I guess I'll just go to gym more with all the free time I have, and go to the temple. Our teachers move on to different districts after tomorrow, so the day is basically ours. Don't worry Mom & Dad, I'll stay on top of things, but basketball makes me more productive.
So how much Christmas magic was there this year? Mine was definitely different, but it was actually really good. Russel M. hung out with us the whole weekend, and we got to hear some pretty amazing talks from him. Doesn't that pump everyone up? Russel! It's weird how what gets you excited completely changed when you become a missionary. Marvelous was so right, I get so pumped for meals and sleeping. Like, basically just the core basics of life is what you get excited for. A good glass of water. A solid 7 and a half hours of sleep. You know, all the best life has to offer. But the even weirder part, is that you become totally happy with that. This is the happiest I think I've been in my entire life believe it or not, my goodness I'm happy to be out here. Can you believe it's already been 2 months? That's a 12th of my mission, fools. Not like I'm counting, but you know. Oh ya! Mom and everyone else, I can't thank you enough for all the Christmas presents. Me and my buddies play some serious hoops at night in our rooms, and I'm halfway through the Lakers puzzle. Lakers puzzle! Brett, I love you man. Sorry that came out so G-A-Y but there's no other way to put it. We as brothers are so lucky to have a brother like you. Your an example to all of us. Your the greatest man to ever life. So basically what I'm trying to say, is the cd's you sent me rock. And the sudoku puzzles. Seriously Uncle Bert, fantastic job! I couldn't possibly write down the level of excitement when track number 6 came on of "Classical" and I thought I recognized it...I was right, Monkey Island theme song. Plus the Rushmore songs at the beginning! Love it. And Mom and Dad, the CD player you gave me with the speakers was absolutely perfect. This is when the church is especially awesome. I get to be with you guys for forever! It'll be like a Christmas get together for all of eternity, and Kev can get an actual life-sized Black Sea Barricuda, just imagine the freak out that would come after. That's what makes following the commandments worth it me familia.
So what's going on with the Lakes these days? I mean geeze! What are we, as old as the 10th ward stake Basketball Team? From what I can tell, this reminds me a lot of the Celtics teams the past couple of years, we're built for the playoffs. It's no big deal the Heat beat, ok killed us, they have something they need to prove. We don't, Kobe has more rings that that entire franchise has. Don't worry, we'll turn it on for the playoffs. Bynum and Pau will be back in action, Kobe will be Kobe, and Fish will have his 42nd birthday. Is there any news of whether or not the lock out is going to happen? If it's going to happen, I want it to happen on the Mish.
So life is good at the ol' MTC. My spanish is really come along these days. It's crazy, I've gotten to the point where I get pretty much teach any lesson or church concept fine in Spanish. It's totally not me though, there is no way I could learn this much this fast unless I had the Gift of Tongues. It's seriously the way missionaries become fluent in a completely different language at 19. Plus, Spanish is totally fun to speak! Hopefully Rando and Bert remember Espanol too, I want to talk to some of my brothers in Spanish. Teaching is definitely my favorite part about the mission. I'm all about the people. Everytime I teach someone, I just get so pumped about missionary work. I'm just incredibly pumped to teach real people! I have 5 "baptism dates" right now, and 2 "baptisms" this week with my pretend investigators in the MTC. So eat my dust everybody, 5 baptisms in the MTC! Wait, what's today? Oh ya! Happy New Year! 2010 has been an awesome year, one of the best of my life actually. 2011 is definitely going to be a different year, but it's going to be a year I remember for the rest of forever, so I'm excited. What's everyone doing for New Year's tonight? Cam Cam, give Sammy a kiss for me. And Miles, kiss your Xbox. Meanwhile, I will be sound asleep at the stroke of midnight, and will have been asleep for an hour and a half. There's magic there.
Thanks for all the letters I got this week. Mark, sounds like you had a truly awesome Christmas. Any happily married man who still gets two games for Christmas is a man I admire. You rock, Marvelous. And Randy! Thanks for the letter as well, glad to hear the money pit is finally coming to an end. Reminded me of Scrooge McDuck so much when you said that, if anyone would have a money pit in this family, I'd want it to be you. And I think you guys are definitely do for a Christmas with the family, say..2012. That goes for all of you, Magical Christmas 2012! Plan your schedules, buy your airplane tickets. We'll take a family picutre with the Dingley Balls.
Well, I better go change my laundry. I love all of you and am so happy to have the knowledge we can be together forever and how to make it happen. The church is the most true thing on this planet, and if you love me, you'll believe me. Have an awesome week, and enjoy 2011! Your first year without ol' Tyler, don't blow it.
Elder Abbott