Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

Hey! So today is officially my last day at the MTC everybody, can you believe it? And somehow I got stuck with the worst computer, so crampt in the corner, right next to the vending machine that makes weird noises. No worries though, just gotta keep the elbows in, and typing shouldn't be too bad. So hopefully you heard the news by now, and I am headed to beautiful South Salt Lake City! Everyone's totally pumped for this right, Miles should have done at least a 5 minute dance to this news, and most of Brett's kids should have screamed like girls. As of matter of fact, the only one of Brett's kids that doesn't scream like a girl is Kaitlyn, how awesome is that. Aw man Unco' Bert, tell your kids they're the best, because they seriously are. Same goes for all your kids. Believe it or not, I'm not sure if I would have made it here without them. And all of them will serve missions just like their beloved Uncle, and the Abbott's will be one of the few families that have eternally blessed several other families! Take that Youngbergs! Just kidding, Lynnbarger spends as much time at the Temple as Brett did at But still, Mom & Dad, think about that, your posterity has helped out tons of other posterities live eternally with their families! You feel that Gregorious? Your totally pumped right now about that, like Settlers tournament on Barka Loungers pumped.
So how is everyone doing? Everyone have a magical new year? Mine was great, went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at yes, 6:30. I didn't realize it was 2011 until like 3 days after New Years! Still, it was pretty awesome when I realized it was 2011, which is going to be the coolest year of my life up to this point. I get to be in Salt Lake City South! Forget you Taiwan, or Phillipines, I'll be in the home of the Greg Ostertag's. And besides, missionaries are like celebrities in Utah, so I'm going to eat 8 course meals every single night, and blow up like Harry Potter's Aunt in Harry Potter 3. What ever happened to her by the way? So weird to think about where I'm going to be by the end of 2011, I'm supposed to be in SLC either a couple of weeks or max 2 months, so I'm definitely spending 95% of my mission in Mehico. Which is awesome. But by the end of 2011, I hope to be fluent in Espanol, and have a basic understanding of what in the world the Old Testament is about. Moses...? So as you can all tell, I'm definitely ready for the field with the knowledge I've got, so wish me luck. I've been here over 9 weeks at this point, and I'm almost scared to go out into the real world again. Remember that old elder I told you about who was here for like 12 weeks, and reminded me of Red on Shawshank? Well, that's me now. So scared. Actually no, I'm so incredibly excited to get to work and start making a difference. My teaching back up plan is just to break out what Mike told me he did on his mission,
Investigator: "But how do you know Jose Smith is a prophet?"
Mike: "Well, I have a picture of it, it's right here."
Investigator: "Oh ok, I'm in."
Ha ha i've told that story lots of times and people always get a kick out of it. Latino people rock, so teachable, and are willing to be baptised just because of a "picture." That's the kinda faith the rest of the world needs. So considering I have been here for 9 weeks, I'm running out of interesting stories. But expect greatness next week after my first week in the field. Oh! As for writting me, which I really appreciate everyone doing so much, my official mission is called the South Salt Lake City Mission. I'm not sure what my address is yet, but once I know I'll let ya's know. Last Monday was so great, I got so many letters from you guys!
Miles & Cam Cam - Fantastic letters guys, you rock. I have no idea what kinda dog that is Cam, but I love it already because of the name. I knew your Daddy would come through with the dog, and it's going to be awesome. Have you thought of any names yet? I suggest Vlade (after the man we traded in the 1997 draft! right, cameron?). And Miso, you are simply the man, my man. Sounds like it was a magical Christmas, and you lived it up. You pumped for Christmas 2012 when yo' uncle can be there? We'll sing so many Dingley Balls songs. Keep writing me you two! It really pumps me up.
Mark & Heather - So far the leading write Tyler party among the Abbott's. Oh, and by the way, here are the people who are currently beating Mike. Dave and Crista, Bishop Child, and Bro. Pargassingh. Way to be Mark, and Heather. I'm so glad your going to be there when I get back for C-Mas, hopefully with your future daughter, Melbow.
Well, I can't remember everyone else who wrote me this week, but you guys are all the best. Did Sandy right me this week? Wait no, Randy did! Thanks Rand, have you taken any dips in your Money Pit yet? Alright Family, so this time tomorrow I'll be in the field and workin' my magic. I do feel really ready to start being with real people and start making a difference. The MTC has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I know the best is definitely yet to come. I feel the same way about the Lakers. Don't be down brothers, because apparently we're stinking it up. Relax, we're built for the playoffs, and seriously how much does the regular season matter to back-to-back champs? Don't worry, we'll get it back together and be the powerhouse we are, just gotta have faith. You know I do. And how great is it, ever we ever meet Pauy Wowwy Doodle, I'll be able to speak Spanish with him. This is what motivates me when times get tough. Thank goodness for Pau.
So I love all of you, and feel extremely lucky to be an Abbott. We are definitely the coolest family I know, and I love being a part of it. Thanks for all the support everyone has given me, don't know if I could do it without you. Remember that you guys are awesome, and love your lives. The church is the most true thing in this entire world, and never, ever forget it. I want to be with ALL of you forever, not just some of you. So get your acts together, and be happier. You guys are all the best!
Elder Abbott

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