Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures - July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey Family! Another pretty action-packed week in the Mish, and definitely a really fast one. So it is officially the last week in the transfer, and we know one of us (Me or Elder Rivera) is going to have transfers..but who! Is everyone back at home as nervous about this as I am? Probably not, but I expect everyone to at least fake excitement for transfers next week. Transfers are a pretty big deal, you go there having no idea where your going or who you are going with! I could be sent to another Mexican state, (we have three in the Mission), with another dude who I will spend every second with, with new leaders....come on, isn't that nerve-wracking? I think so, but I am not really too worried. Probably whats going to happen is Elder Rivera is going to go to his last area in the Mission, and I'll stay here in La Rosa to show the new guy where everything is at. At least that's what I hope is going to happen, can't say I am ready to leave this area yet. So I am going to work my magic in my weekly letter to President to convince him to let me stay here for one more change, I feel like I can do it.
So these are definitely interesting times to be in Mexico, everyone is just kinda freaking out these days. All of these people are descendents of Mayans in one way or another, and so most of them are convinced the world is ending next year. This is great news for a Missionary, I'm thinking a lot of people are going to want to get baptized before the world ends. Ka-Ching! I have no idea where this whole 2012 thing came from, but if it helps get more people to church, can't really complain. Also it's kinda dangerous around here believe it or not, (lots of gun shots at night time), and so everybody loves talking to the Missionaries, talking about the Gospel makes everyone relax. Other than the food sometimes, I haven't really felt scared here. Lots of crazy stuff happens, but the more you understand the Gospel, the less there is to worry about. I definitely don't know everything, but I know Heavenly Father is going to care of me so I will be able to see the 2012-2013 NBA season. I mean He pretty much cancelled the 2011-2012 Season so I won't be distracted for the last year of my Mission. I don't know about you guys, but through what happens in the NBA I can see a lot of parallels in my life. For example, when the Lakers won in 09' and 10', I had two very, very good years. When the Spurs won in 07', nothing too exciting happened that year. I'm not saying that the NBA decides if I have good years or not, but I think there are some interesting comparisons. I don't really know where that NBA thing came from, but there is a poster of Lebron in this Internet Place and I got started thinking about it. Sorry Mom, I'll get back to the interesting stuff.
It's been a good week, lots of progress going on in La Rosa. I think I already told you guys, but President Flores is really focusing on activating menos-activos right now. We are all working together to make a Temple in Torreon happen. You wouldn't believe how many members there are in Mexico (it's like a secret Utah), but so many of them are less active or don't pay their tithing. If we can get more faithful tithe payers and more worthy Priesthood holders in the church, we just might be next up for a temple in Mexico. It would really be such a cool thing for the people of Torreon, normally they take a really long bus ride to get to the temple in Monterrey, but in the future they should have one within 20 minutes away. Having a temple nearby just kinda makes everything better, the people, the city, the members, everything! I hope I can do what I can to help build that Temple here, it would mean a lot to the people here. Anyways! What are some of the interesting things that happened this week...we painted a house! Apparently we did a good job on the first house we painted, and now suddenly everybody wants their house painted, so we are pretty much painting at least once a week. We brought Edgar with us to paint (our recent convert), and it was really good times. Although I think I still have some paint on the back of my arms, can't really tell. Also we had some new changes in our Ward, the Bishop called Ward Missionaries! I have no idea what that means exactly, but we have 6 new people who if we plan it out right, can really help us activate people. Should be a cool thing.
How is everyone doing back at home? So let me get this straight on exactly who is having babies this year: Kev and Rach, Marv and Heather, and Mike and Vicky, right? And we already know that Mark and Heather are going to have a girl, right? Wait, don't we know that Mike and Vicky are having a girl too? Sorry I should totally know this, but I get mixed up with all the family members I have and am going to have. Either way I am super excited to have more Abbott girls in the mix, we're due. But sounds like things are going very good back at home which I love to hear. Mom make sure you reserve the Conner's home theater in November of 2012, I want to watch both the new Harry Potter's back to back. Everyone I've talked to here loved it, and there are tons of Harry Potter posters everywhere. Turns out Mexicans love Harry Potter too, who knew?
So things are going good for me out here in Mexico. We should have a baptism or two coming up, and even more good news, I just heard that we are going to eat at Carl's Jr today. Ah man, that sounds so good, I haven't eaten anything all day! Okay, better get going, but love you guys and I miss you all. The church is true, and we are super lucky to have it in our lives. Lots of people think of churches just as organizations that all pretty much say the same thing, but it's not true with this one. Everything really good in my life I owe to the church. Alright, have a good week family, take it easy, and to remember to snolf it every once and a while.
Elder Abbott

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pictures - July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Hey family! So another week has gone by, and I am much less sun-burnt than before, which is always great news. Turns out Mom actually packed me sun screen, and I had no idea it was there until this morning! It was a great moment when I saw it, pretty sure Tyler won't end up having skin cancer after all. So how is everyone doing? Brett sent me a little video of the worlds most crampt Jacuzzi of all time, and it was so awesome to see and hear everybody. My favorite part was when everybody was saying their name, and Cameron without hesitating said "Miles! oh wait, Cameron!" Gosh I love my family, you guys are the best. But to tell you truth it's nice to knock out the awesome family vacation part during the Mission where everybody goes on a sweet vacation without you. As Braeden put it in the last email he sent me "oh man, I got the We Had A Great Time Without You email from my family last week too!" Haha I am just kidding, I totally forgot about it during the week and didn't remember it until just now. Sounds like it was a super fun trip, but Abbott reunion 2013 will be better. Aren't we due for a family vacation to Hawaii? Just imagine it, a nice beach house right on the beach with all of the family? Just think about it, I think it would be the most glorious family vacation of all time. I mean all those trips to St. George were classic, but maybe it is about time for Hawaii? Just think about it.
So it's been a pretty good week in the ol' Mission Field. Me and Elder Rivera had a good talk about all the good, bad, and fun things that happened in our time together and we planned out how we are going to finish out the transfer strong. I have spent every waking moment with this dude for the past three months, it's going to be weird to get a new companion, but change could be a good thing in a situation like this. He has easily been the best companion I have had and he taught me a lot, hope I can be a better companion for the next one though. Elder Rivera comes from a really weird situation, there is a chance that he will literally be in the street when his mission ends. He hasn't heard from his family in a while, and isn't exactly sure where they live now, and he doesn't really have money to his name, but he is super motivated and is excited to start his life when his mission ends in 3 months. He is going to be the comeback story of the century, President of Mexico Rivera in 2025, calling it. Other than that, we're seeing a lot more opportunaties in this area to make some things happen. President Flores is super focused on brining back menos-activos to the church, so we've been trying to visit all those people. You would not believe some of the "members" out here, we'll find a totally passed out drunk dude on the side of the road, talk to him a little later, and yep, he is a member. Baptisms really aren't too hard to come by in Mexico, but converts definitely are. Hopefully you guys get the pictures from Edgar's baptism, kids got a bright future ahead of him if he makes the right decisions. By the way, guess who confirmed him a member of the Church! I was super nervous to do it, I have never ever confirmed someone in the church, let alone in Spanish, but I think it went pretty well believe it or not. Or maybe the members were just being nice, who knows. Oh something else interesting happened this week, our Bishop talked some trash on us! Which I think is ridiculous, we have worked really hard in La Rosa, and you can see it every week when we bring menos-activos or investigadores. I think he just upset because I beat him in Basketball not too long ago, maybe I should have gone a little easier. Whatever, we'll just let our work do the talking.
So can't really think of any funny little stories that happened this's been a pretty fast week. So hey, I decided that I am going to read ALL of the standard works of the Church. Yes, that means you, Old Testament. I am starting off easy in the New Testament, but I am excited to really learn about the scriptures. I realized the other day that I really don't know too much about the scriptures, so I am going to spend all the little free time I have to read them. There is tons of great stuff in there that I have never heard about. For example, I am reading in Acts right now, and there was a laugh out loud moment for me. So Pedro was teaching about tiething (how do you spell that? diezmo in spanish, but it's when we pay 10% of our earnings), and a man and his wife give something that was fake or something, and then they both just died. It says they both "gave up the ghost" and just fell down dead. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed, but the Bible has a lot of very interesting/cool/spiritual/funny things. I am enjoying reading it.
So sounds like everyone is doing really good on the homefront. And to Marvelous and are having a GIRL! That almost never happends in this family, so that is definitely a big deal. I totally knew it too, Marvelous will have the first pure girl family. It'll be pure chaos when they are all teenagers, and Mark will never get to watch Lakers ever again. Just lots and lots of Glee and What Not To Wear, so live it up while you can Marv. But seriously that is so awesome to hear about all the news members of the family we'll be getting. I'm excited to get to know them next year. Mark what are the potential names? Have you thought about naming her Chun-Lee yet? Or Fernanda? Popular here in Mexico.
Alright so I think thats all I've got for you's this week. I am learning a lot out here, but for me growing up is something really hard. The Mission is all about growing up, and I think thats what I am doing, but it's really hard sometimes. I still make a lot of mistakes and am far from a perfect Missionary, but I am trying my best. I like to think the best of my Mission is yet to come, but I know if I keep thinking that, it'll never happen, so I am trying to just be a little better. Like I said, still far from perfect, but I know if I do my part, Heavenly Father will make up the rest. It's so nice to know that he'll never, ever give up on me. I know this Church is true, and although all of us fall at one time or another, we can always pick ourselves back up. Jesucristo vino para los pecadores, no para los perfectos. Have a good week family, and keep on rockin' it back at home. PS- Everyone send me something cool for my Birthday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 11, 2011

Heya family! How is everybody doing? Man, I am super tired right now, we went from a little futbol straight to playing hoops today. So hot here, some serious sweating going on. I know this probably is no class, but you would not believe how much I sweat out here. Sometimes I feel like it's dangerous how much I sweat, so I drink a whole bunch of water. It's weird though, since we are all drinking tons of water, we hardely ever are hungry, so I am still trying to find that balance. But just so you guys know, some cool things went down this week, so you should read this email. Does everybody actually read my emails? Mom and Dad of course, but how pumped are Greg and Randy to hear about what I ate last week? Hopefully everyone is still pumped up about my emails, I try to spice them up every week, complete with pictures, so enjoy them! Plus I think some pretty interesting stuff does happen out here, so it should be exciting to read. There definitely is a part of me that would love to be a Sports Writer when I grow up, (I am still growing, right?) so I consider this practice. If I can make a boring week of knocking doors sound exciting, I definitely could write for the LA Times about a Lakers-Pacers game or something like that.

So what exactly happened this week? First and foremost, we found Elder Hyer! Well not exactly, we just figured out that he made it state-side and is safely in his house in Helper, Utah. So thats the story of my MTC companion, he escaped the Mission, and took a bus to Utah from Torreon, Mexico. I was just glad to hear that he was okay, definitely not a good idea to be a white dude walking around these streets alone. I do feel sorry for the guy though, thats for sure going to be an awkward conversation for the rest of his life. I mean, the Mission really isn't that long when you think about it, and it only comes once! You go where your called, you take care of business for those two years, and than life is pretty much back to normal for forever afterwards. The Mission is for sure a really hard thing, but when you take a step back and think about it in the long run, it's for sure the best thing I could be doing with these two years of my life. It's kinda like religious life-insurance. After the Mission you are guaranteed blessings for the rest of your life! Pretty cool concept if you ask me. I'm sure Elder Hyer is going to realize that at some point, and it'll be a tough moment when he does. But like I said, glad to hear that he is OK. Alright, on to more interesting things. We had a baptism! His name is Edgar, he is 15 years old, but looks like a 12 year old. He is a super cool kid, who didn't even know who God or Jesus Christ were when we found him, but now he is looking and sounding pretty different. We even talked about a future mission for him, and he sounds pretty pumped to do it. He lives with his cousins and uncles, and there are like 12 people in that house, so we could have a lot of potential in the future. It'll probably be a sort of slow process, so don't expect 12 baptisms next week, but we're planting the seeds. His baptism was very laid-back with a good spirit. Elder Rivera baptized him, and I will be confirming him next week. My first confirmation/blessing in Spanish! I'm a little nervous to do it infront of the whole Ward, but It'll be a cool experience. So right after we baptized Edgar, within 5 minutes, it started POURING rain. Rain like I have never, ever seen. We were sitting there, and then we just heard this super loud noise, and then we realized that it was raining! Within an hour all of the streets were flooded and La Rosa became a giant community swimming pool. It was super fun driving back from the baptism in a little Volkswagen Bug with 8 people inside, in totally flooded streets. Happy to say we made it out alive, and then we ate cake after. Apparently rain here in a rare thing, even more rare in the Summer, but it was cool to see. My socks are still wet.

So guess what happened this morning. I was pretty hungry when I woke up, so I got a bowl to eat some Frosted Flakes (Zucaritas), but Frosted Flakes didn't come out...3 Cockroaches! Believe it or not this is not the first time that this has happened to me in my Mission, Torreon is the Cockroach Capital of the World. I am looking forward to taking a an actual warm shower, without a single cockroach, it'll be so nice. Other than that, not too much else has happened this week. I was in 3 different areas this week though. My companion is the District Leader, and has been holding off doing divisions for a while, so we finally did them. I started out Tuesday working with one of the Zone Leaders, who happened to be a Gringo, so it was fun to finally be talking in English. We had a good time, and ordered Pizza that night, so good. Wednesday was with Elder Cruz, who has a little bit less time than me, but acts like he has tons of experience. It was kind of an annoying day, but met some cool people in his area. That Thursday I worked with Elder Thompson, another gringo from Missouri, I love his accent. He's about ready to finish his Mission, so it was cool to get some advice from him. Things aren't too bad with my Companion, but a vacation is always a good thing. The thing about companions is that you literally spend every waking moment together, and you can't leave each other, so a little space is never a bad thing. Elder Rivera still has been acting kind of weird, but he is the best companion I have had, and we only have 3 more weeks together, so we hope to make the best of them, This next week we've got interviews with President Flowers (Flores), and it should be really interesting. He is a very intense dude and I think is going to grill all of us, so I am a little scared. I'll let you know how it goes.

So how is everything at home these days? Everybody is probably getting super pumped for the Beach House trip, which will no doubt be some magical times. It would be nice if I could take a tiny vacation from the Mission to come with you guys, but I'll just have to join in next time. I am going to do my best to not think about how much fun you guys are having while I am knockin' doors in some intense heat. But have fun though. So how is the whole thing going to be organized? How in the world are you going to feed like 28 people, Mom? If I were in charge, we would buy Little Ceasars Pizza every night, and a different family would take turns making dessert. I should plan the next Abbott reunion, so much pizza. But yeah family, make sure you keep writing me! I want to hear how Miles Jo is doing these days, and what from Anna, and all of my neices and nephews! As well as my brothers, Greg! Step it up, man. Okay, I better get going, but hope everyone has a great week and keeps living the dream. A family centered around Christ ALWAYS is a happy family, and I am very proud to be a part of that. Love all of you guys, take it easy!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pictures - July 4

July 4, 2011

Man it's been a really interesting week family, lots of stuff going down in the Mexico Mission Torreon. Sorry I didn't mean to start my email so serious, I should probably try to lighten things up. It's been a good week too! I finally was able to get back in the street, and I do believe we have a baptism ready to go this Sunday. Remember that family I was telling you about, well I think we are going to get them dunked one at a time. So far the first one that's ready is this cool little guy who is 15 years old, but looks like an 11 year old, his name is Edgar. So he will be the main man to be the example for the rest of the family, and I think his little sister should be ready the week after, and then skies the limit after that. I'm also figuring out more my style as a missionary, and I guess I'm not really the serious type. Some dudes out here are all about the formal lesson, knocking out each principal in all the lessons, but I don't think I really work that way. I've read my Patriarchal Blessing a thousand times during my Mission, and it talks a ton about my Mission more than anything else. It talks about how there are people wating specifically for me, and I guess I've been a little scared that I am never going to find them, I mean what seperates me from all the other Missionaries? So I realized if I want to find these people who are waiting for me specifically, I gotta be me. Ever since I loosened up with everything, we have actually found more people. It's a constant learning process out here in the Mission, and I know I still got a ton to learn, but I feel like I am getting figured it out a little more day by day. I feel like Heavenly Father has given me a ton, and expects a lot out of me, I just hope can figure it out in time to help him out in the way He needs me to. I also learned to never leave your wallet in a bathroom in Mexico. Last P-Day I lost 400 pesos, which was a bummer, but for some reason I took out all my important cards and stuff that morning! Heavenly Father definitely knows me, and knows that I lose things all the time, so I am really happy something told me to take out all my cards beforehand.

So as you can tell by the pictures, we found a rat in our house! I was studying one morning, and suddenly my feet started to feel really itchy, turns out there is a rat on my feet. After about 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to catch him, we finally got him with a combination of a big cup and Frosted Flakes. That guy has been living with us for the past week, we lose him a couple of times everyday, but we always end up finding him underneath my table I study at. I probably would have been freaked out to find a rat at my feet 8 months ago, but that kinda thing is totally normal these days. It's going to feel weird showering back at home without cockroaches, I might even miss them a little bit. Sorry if this is totally boring for you guys, but as Missionaries you gotta find excitement where you can, and that day was the most fun companionship study we have had in a while. Elder Rivera is a good companion, but we have spent a ton of time together, and I think we are both kinda looking forward to a vacation from each other. He is going through some tough things right now with his Mission ending in a few months and he is wondering if he did everything he was supposed to, not to mention I think his Dad is really sick. He has taught me a lot though, and he tells really entertaining stories about when he grew up. Total pet monkey!

So Presidente Flores is definitely here, and he is already making some pretty strong impacts. He is way more intense than President Clark was and is going make some pretty strong changes here in the Mission. He wants us to contact 210 people every week, have 40 lessons with Investigatores, 20 lessons with less-active people, and a baptism. Every week! I'm totally not sure if it's even possible, but we'll try our best to do what he asks. Luckily the weather has been giving us a break, it actually rained yesterday! Did you guys ever see the movie Holes? Well remember in the end where everyone is dancing in the rain and everything? It was totally like that, kids just running full sprint into puddles without their t-shirts, reminded me of Me and Rick running through sprinklers back in the day. It lasted about 20 minutes, but it was definitely a highlight of my whole mission. It is now totally hot again, but it was worth it for that 20 minutes. So back to Presidente Flores, he is intense. He's got a cool family though, a super nice wife, and 3 chill kids. One of which is a 17 year old girl, which just seems like a recipe for disaster if you ask me, but whatever.

So here's a little news out of the ordinary for you guys. Remember my companion back at the MTC, Elder Hyer? Turns out he actually ran away from the Mission last week! Crazy stuff I know, and I probably shouldn't be telling you guys, but if you guys could remember him in your prayers that would be awesome. He sent me an email last week just to say hey and catch up, and within a couple of days he just picked up his bags and took off. Yesterday President called all the Missionaries in our Zone and the one next to us to go to the Mission Offices and start a full-scale search for the man. Me and my companion had to go and search the local Malls, and that was really, really weird. Did you know Malls exsist in Mexico? I definitely didn't. We didn't have any luck, and we've searched everywhere in Torreon, so nothing to do but wait until we hear something. Don't freak out or anything Mom, something like that will never, ever happen to me. So needless to say it's been a pretty interesting week for us. All the Missionaries go through a point where the heat kinda gets to us, but my old companion seemed it take it pretty hard, remember him in your prayers please!

Alright back to the happy stuff. Me and my companion are switching this week! I am going to be Senior Companion and he will be my Junior, should be a cool experience. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Okay, but how are you guys doing? Thanks to everyone who told me about their favorite scripture verse. A pretty univeral family favorite seems to be Mosiah 2:41 which is definitely one of my favorites too. That scripture encompasses a huge part of what my testimony is. You can't deny that people who live the Gospel of Jesus Christ are happier people, and get blessed in lots of different ways, both temporal and spiritual. I probably won't be as rich as Keith Knight, or as spirutual as Bish Dekker, but I know if I live the Gospel I'll live the best way I can, and that is a really cool concept to me. Dad is a great example to me for that. Okay, so I better get going, but seriously thanks for everything Family. I have no doubt in my mind that I am a part of the greatest family ever, and I miss you guys a ton, but I know I'm where I need to be. Thanks for being so patient with me and supporting me with everything. I love all of you guys, and hope everyone has a good week. Never forget that you gotta golf it, before you frolf it.

Elder Abbott

Pictures - June 27

June 27, 2011

Family! I have no idea how another week just went by, but here I am again! It's starting to become true what they say, the Mission does go by faster than you think, by this time next week, I will have completed 8 months! Definiely should know more than I know, but whatever. It's going to be an interesting week in the ol' Torreon Mexico Mission, we are getting a new President this Miercoles, I mean Wednesday. I don't really know what to expect, lots of change, not so much change, or something in-between. The new guy is from Mexico and is a Native Mehicano from El Cuidad de Mehico, which should be intresting for the new Gringos that come in next transfer, hope he knows English! I'm excited to tell you the truth, it'll be cool to have a fresh Mission President ready to mix things up. Presidente Clark was awesome, but lets see how things go with Presidente Flores, should be pretty cool.

So let's see, what else has been going on my life...We found a cat this morning! It was just hanging out outside our house, and it looked like it was in pretty sorry shape, so being the good-hearted Missionaries we are, we gave it a home. It is drinking milk and sleeping on my desk as we speak. Let's see, what else happened, there had to have been something more exciting than the cat. Oh, we found a family! It's kind of a complicated situation, but we had 3 people in the church last week for the first time, that is always a good thing. I still feel like I haven't found "The Family" that I am supposed to find, but I am excited about these guys. We should have had 4 in the church, but one didn't want to come, so I made a bet with him. Last Saturday Mexico played United States in the final for the Gold Cup, and I told him that if United States won, he had to go to church. Lousy Mexico, always winning soccer games when I really don't want them too. Oh and guess what Mom, I finally got the package you sent me years ago! So I guess Mexico mail does work, it just doesn't work good, and it takes forever, but I got it! My favorite letter in the package was from Gretch Dekker "I think of you every time I see a Mexican person, which is a lot." I have a Symphony bar sitting in my fridge as we speak, and a bag of pretzels that isn't completely eaten still, how wonderful is that? I downed the Haribo Gummy Bars on the bus ride back from District Meeting where I got the package, and it was so, so good. Also guess what else happened, I got a letter from Holly Olson! It's true, she is still writing me, so that is more great news. I also learned something this week, I am a super messy painter. Hopefully you guys get the picture I sent, but me having a paint brush in one hand, and soda in the other, what a pretty terrible combination. We actually painted the house of this family that we are working with, and it doesn't look too bad if you ask me. It's not Abby house quality, but I like it.

So about the pictures I sent, the first one with the kid's face all big, that's Aldo. He reminds me of Miles Jo in a lot of ways, and is one of the coolest kids I know in Mexico. The other one is his Aunt Tania who got baptized a few months back. She's the only member in her family, and her Dad was the one that passed away a few weeks ago. She is super cool, and we eat really good everytime we visit them. Aldo actually isn't a member, we got him to church once, but he got too bored and doesn't want to come back. Lousy kid, but I love him. The other kinda blurry picture is me and Oscar, he is the only Deacon in the Ward and is awesome. That picture was taken earlier this morning. I really do love this Ward here, and they seem to love me, hope I don't leave anytime soon. Except yesterday we ate something truly, truly awful. Don't worry Mom, of course I said thanks for the food and that it was delicious after, but it was just awful. Back in Mapimi my last area, I had a stomach of Iron that could eat every weird thing they gave me back at that Rancho, but after eating good here the past two months, I lost my stomach. Yesterday they gave us something with a really long Spanish name they tasted weird, and had a even weirder texture, it was a battle. But ate it I did, and I still feel a little weird. But look on the bright side, I still got that Symphony bar sitting in my fridge, a constant remidner of good things to come.

So remember me telling you guys about a weird rash I had? I'm pretty sure I mentioned that to you guys at one point, if not, I have a weird rash. It's been going on for the past 3 months or so, so finally I went and visted a doctor, who then refered me to a speacialist. It was a pretty awkward situation, but turns out I have the skin disease "Candiosis!" How made up does that sound? Sounds like a kid making up a disease about eating candy or something, but nope, it's real! I don't really know what it is exactly, but I have to take all this medicine and avoid the sun for the next week. How weird is that? So I'm a little nervous for this upcomming week, what the heck am I going to do? Lots of scripture readin', lots of Sudoku solvin', and....thats about it. Should be good times, not quite as fun as the "sick" days I had in Middle School watching Jurassic Park twice in a row, but a little down time could be nice I guess.

Vicky! Tengo una pregunta para usted, de donde es usted? Cada vez yo digo que yo tengo una cuñada de Mehico, todos quieren saber de donde, entonces digame por favor! En que parte de Mexico nacio usted? Y tambien usted escucho aserca de Torreon antes? Como es la reputation de Torreon en Mexico? Solomente por que estoy curioso, y tambien, usted lo le gusta Menudo? A mi, no gracias. Quidense, y digales a sus hijos que yo pienso que ellos son chidos!

So that's been my life this week more or less, but how are all of you guys doing? Anything new going on? Heard that Fathers Day was good times, and so was Jacky's birthday. The Hearts was classic Abby, and sounds like it went super well. The one about the Long Teeth is fantastic. Keep telling me how life is going for you guys, I want to be posted with everything! Keep doing what you do everybody, and if any of you are lucky enough to go to In-N-Out this week, think of me. I love all of you guys and hope everything is going great on the other side, keep on truckin'.

Elder Abbott

PS - What is everybodys favorite Scripture Verse? Totally lame missionary question I know, but I'm curious, tell me!

June 20, 2011

It's been a pretty action-packed week family, lots o' stuff going on my desert of Mexico. Well, exciting stuff in my mind, hopefully you guys can get pumped for this kinda stuff too. As missionaries we definitely think differently than the rest of the world, different stuff pump us up. For example, I am super pumped for the food we are going to eat this Saturday, and that will help me push through those incredibly hot afternoons. Don't get me wrong, I do have a desire to share with my Mexican hermanos the Gospel thats made me happy my entire life, but little goals like delicious food can definitely be a motivator. Looking forward to food is something that runs in our family, isn't it? I remember being happy every single Saturday of my life simply because I knew that I would be eating Pizza later that night. Gotta appreciate the simple things in life, who needs fancy cars when you can just buy Pizza. Some wisdom from Elder Abbott. Okay family, so today is Cambio day, which means transfers, and.....I have another change in La Rosa! I am way excited about it, this area is so awesome. Also I have another change with Elder Rivera, which also I am very excited about. I don't know, I just kinda feel at home here for some reason. I haven't quite reached my status like in the 3rd Ward, but "I've got a good thing going here." That last sentence was a shoutout to Mike by the way, hopefully he is still reading my letters. It's weird, I am slowly finding more and more Mexican equivalents from people I knew before. For example, one of my best buddies in the ward is the Mexican equivalent of Miles Joseph, his name is Aldo. My buddy Hector who is about 17 years totally reminds me of Rick. And Hermano Gabriel is perfectly the Mexican version of Greg. I'll try to get pictures of everyone so you can see the connection. Maybe I'm crazy, I do spend a lot of time under the sun, but I totally see a resemblence. Also, I have been eating like a king this week. 3 Carne Asadas! Three! We actually ate with Hermano Gabriel a couple of days ago and we did something I never ever thought I would do in Mexico, we went out to eat! We ate at this super good barbeque type place, I ate so much, and it was so good. Had some more Carne Asada yesterday for Dia de los Padres, and it also was fantastic. I did Cactis this week too though, not so good.

So anyways, Happy Fathers Day Dad! I would send you something, but the chance of it getting to Yorbi Dorbi is one in a thousand, so I might have to hold off tell Fathers Day 2013. And what a Fathers Day it will be! So what did you do Dad, and did you get any cool presents? Mainly, what book did you get? I would be willing to bet 100 pesos that book Dad got for Fathers Day has someting to do with a War, a Sport, or Seabiscuit. Hope you had an awesome Fathers Day Dad, you totally deserve it. We actually had a cool little activity here with our Ward for Fathers Day. IT started out with a kind of testimony type thing about how much we appreciate our Fathers. It got pretty emotional actually, Mexican Men are way more emotional than they seem. After that I actually got to play some serious hoops, and I am convinced I am just an all-around better Basketball player in Mexico. I was feeling it. Oh and another cool member here is named Charly, and he totally reminds me of Brett. We talked about NBA for like half an hour, and it was so great. I really do hope I have a lot of time in this area, I've gotten really close with the people here, it would be really tough to leave. So remember last week me talking about Tanya and her family, and about how her Dad passed away last week? Well we've been working pretty closly with them lately, considering Tanya is the only member in her family. We actually got special permission yesterday to go to a Catholic Mass! Is that how you spell it, "Mass?" I have no idea, but it was really, really interesting. We went because the family wanted us to be there, and so we could understand where they were coming from a little more in order to help them out. Mainly is was really awkward, because we were there in our white shirts and ties and everything, and the Padre was watching us the entire time during his sermon. I actually learned something though, it reinforced my testimony and understanding of what exactly is the Holy Ghost. Me, my companion, and Tanya (the only three that received the gift of the Holy Ghost), all of us felt really weird the whole time, like we shouldn't be there. That's how the Holy Ghost works. That's why we always feel good when were at Church or at a Ward Activity or whatever, the Holy Ghost testifies to us through good feelings thats what we should be doing. That's why we are just generally happier people in the Gospel. And like-wise, that's why I felt all weird in the Catholic Church, the Holy Ghost can also testimony of things that aren't true. It was a weird experience, but a cool one non the less. We still haven't gotten Tanya's family in church yet, but we don't want to give up on them.

So another crazy thing happened this week. The tale of the Key. So me and my companion get back to our house at around 9:30 or so, and then he asks me if I have the keys, which I definitely didn't. I hate being asked that question. So turns out we lost the key at some point in the day, and had no way into our house. We tried visiting our land lady but she wasn't around, so we tried figuring out all sorts of ways we could get in. Definitely more than our near death experience I had trying to climb to the top of our roof. Eventually we figured out there was no way in, but eventually our land ladys grandaughter showed up and helped us get into our garage. So we got into the garage, she locked the door behind her, and when we tried to open the back door, it was locked too! We were locked in the garage. After a while, we eventually had to break the window to get in, which we did. Once we finally got into our house we tried to open our front door, and it was locked from both sides! We were literally locked in the house with no way out. We just decided to sleep on it because we were super tired, and in the morning we called the Zone Leaders to tell them we were locked in the house, and we couldn't get out. They thought we were making it up. So they showed up and basically slammed the door open after a while, and we were free! 100 pesos later we were actually able to fix the door, get a new key, and now all is well. Gosh the things that happen in the mission, such a nuts two years of my life.

So life is pretty good these days, can't really complain. Nothings perfect, but everything keeps on going. Our investigadores aren't really progressing right now, so I am feeling a nice, enjoyable week of knocking doors. It can be more fun that it sounds actually, people react to us in a lot of different ways, and sometimes it's really funny. I have already successfully contacted 2 "Brujas" or Witches, or at least they said they were. One of the things I am lacking I feel like, is in my studies. For me, I have always just liked reading the Book of Mormon, but never really got into studying the Book of Mormon. They tell us that we should study, but I don't think I really know how, I just know how to read. If anyone has any ideas on how to make better use of my morning study time, let me know. Also, right now I am trying to improve on just having a little more enthuesiasm when we are knocking doors. I am still definitely working-progress of a missionary, but I am pretty optimistic for the future.

I hope everyone is doing great on up on the other side, and enjoying life. Sounds like everyone had a good Fathers day which is always good times. Keep the letters and what not coming, and keep on going on doing what you all do. I do believe Marvelous's birthday is just around the corner, June 20th! I always remember that Birthday because I think it's the perfect birthday, perfect kick-off for Summer. Mine and Greg's is pretty good too, as long as I doesn't land on the first day of School, it's a good finale for the Summer. Anyways, happy birthday Marvelous, you the man, man. Alright family, better get going, but keep on being happy, and stay cool!

Elder Abbott