Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Hey family! So another week has gone by, and I am much less sun-burnt than before, which is always great news. Turns out Mom actually packed me sun screen, and I had no idea it was there until this morning! It was a great moment when I saw it, pretty sure Tyler won't end up having skin cancer after all. So how is everyone doing? Brett sent me a little video of the worlds most crampt Jacuzzi of all time, and it was so awesome to see and hear everybody. My favorite part was when everybody was saying their name, and Cameron without hesitating said "Miles! oh wait, Cameron!" Gosh I love my family, you guys are the best. But to tell you truth it's nice to knock out the awesome family vacation part during the Mission where everybody goes on a sweet vacation without you. As Braeden put it in the last email he sent me "oh man, I got the We Had A Great Time Without You email from my family last week too!" Haha I am just kidding, I totally forgot about it during the week and didn't remember it until just now. Sounds like it was a super fun trip, but Abbott reunion 2013 will be better. Aren't we due for a family vacation to Hawaii? Just imagine it, a nice beach house right on the beach with all of the family? Just think about it, I think it would be the most glorious family vacation of all time. I mean all those trips to St. George were classic, but maybe it is about time for Hawaii? Just think about it.
So it's been a pretty good week in the ol' Mission Field. Me and Elder Rivera had a good talk about all the good, bad, and fun things that happened in our time together and we planned out how we are going to finish out the transfer strong. I have spent every waking moment with this dude for the past three months, it's going to be weird to get a new companion, but change could be a good thing in a situation like this. He has easily been the best companion I have had and he taught me a lot, hope I can be a better companion for the next one though. Elder Rivera comes from a really weird situation, there is a chance that he will literally be in the street when his mission ends. He hasn't heard from his family in a while, and isn't exactly sure where they live now, and he doesn't really have money to his name, but he is super motivated and is excited to start his life when his mission ends in 3 months. He is going to be the comeback story of the century, President of Mexico Rivera in 2025, calling it. Other than that, we're seeing a lot more opportunaties in this area to make some things happen. President Flores is super focused on brining back menos-activos to the church, so we've been trying to visit all those people. You would not believe some of the "members" out here, we'll find a totally passed out drunk dude on the side of the road, talk to him a little later, and yep, he is a member. Baptisms really aren't too hard to come by in Mexico, but converts definitely are. Hopefully you guys get the pictures from Edgar's baptism, kids got a bright future ahead of him if he makes the right decisions. By the way, guess who confirmed him a member of the Church! I was super nervous to do it, I have never ever confirmed someone in the church, let alone in Spanish, but I think it went pretty well believe it or not. Or maybe the members were just being nice, who knows. Oh something else interesting happened this week, our Bishop talked some trash on us! Which I think is ridiculous, we have worked really hard in La Rosa, and you can see it every week when we bring menos-activos or investigadores. I think he just upset because I beat him in Basketball not too long ago, maybe I should have gone a little easier. Whatever, we'll just let our work do the talking.
So can't really think of any funny little stories that happened this's been a pretty fast week. So hey, I decided that I am going to read ALL of the standard works of the Church. Yes, that means you, Old Testament. I am starting off easy in the New Testament, but I am excited to really learn about the scriptures. I realized the other day that I really don't know too much about the scriptures, so I am going to spend all the little free time I have to read them. There is tons of great stuff in there that I have never heard about. For example, I am reading in Acts right now, and there was a laugh out loud moment for me. So Pedro was teaching about tiething (how do you spell that? diezmo in spanish, but it's when we pay 10% of our earnings), and a man and his wife give something that was fake or something, and then they both just died. It says they both "gave up the ghost" and just fell down dead. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed, but the Bible has a lot of very interesting/cool/spiritual/funny things. I am enjoying reading it.
So sounds like everyone is doing really good on the homefront. And to Marvelous and are having a GIRL! That almost never happends in this family, so that is definitely a big deal. I totally knew it too, Marvelous will have the first pure girl family. It'll be pure chaos when they are all teenagers, and Mark will never get to watch Lakers ever again. Just lots and lots of Glee and What Not To Wear, so live it up while you can Marv. But seriously that is so awesome to hear about all the news members of the family we'll be getting. I'm excited to get to know them next year. Mark what are the potential names? Have you thought about naming her Chun-Lee yet? Or Fernanda? Popular here in Mexico.
Alright so I think thats all I've got for you's this week. I am learning a lot out here, but for me growing up is something really hard. The Mission is all about growing up, and I think thats what I am doing, but it's really hard sometimes. I still make a lot of mistakes and am far from a perfect Missionary, but I am trying my best. I like to think the best of my Mission is yet to come, but I know if I keep thinking that, it'll never happen, so I am trying to just be a little better. Like I said, still far from perfect, but I know if I do my part, Heavenly Father will make up the rest. It's so nice to know that he'll never, ever give up on me. I know this Church is true, and although all of us fall at one time or another, we can always pick ourselves back up. Jesucristo vino para los pecadores, no para los perfectos. Have a good week family, and keep on rockin' it back at home. PS- Everyone send me something cool for my Birthday!

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