Sunday, July 10, 2011

June 27, 2011

Family! I have no idea how another week just went by, but here I am again! It's starting to become true what they say, the Mission does go by faster than you think, by this time next week, I will have completed 8 months! Definiely should know more than I know, but whatever. It's going to be an interesting week in the ol' Torreon Mexico Mission, we are getting a new President this Miercoles, I mean Wednesday. I don't really know what to expect, lots of change, not so much change, or something in-between. The new guy is from Mexico and is a Native Mehicano from El Cuidad de Mehico, which should be intresting for the new Gringos that come in next transfer, hope he knows English! I'm excited to tell you the truth, it'll be cool to have a fresh Mission President ready to mix things up. Presidente Clark was awesome, but lets see how things go with Presidente Flores, should be pretty cool.

So let's see, what else has been going on my life...We found a cat this morning! It was just hanging out outside our house, and it looked like it was in pretty sorry shape, so being the good-hearted Missionaries we are, we gave it a home. It is drinking milk and sleeping on my desk as we speak. Let's see, what else happened, there had to have been something more exciting than the cat. Oh, we found a family! It's kind of a complicated situation, but we had 3 people in the church last week for the first time, that is always a good thing. I still feel like I haven't found "The Family" that I am supposed to find, but I am excited about these guys. We should have had 4 in the church, but one didn't want to come, so I made a bet with him. Last Saturday Mexico played United States in the final for the Gold Cup, and I told him that if United States won, he had to go to church. Lousy Mexico, always winning soccer games when I really don't want them too. Oh and guess what Mom, I finally got the package you sent me years ago! So I guess Mexico mail does work, it just doesn't work good, and it takes forever, but I got it! My favorite letter in the package was from Gretch Dekker "I think of you every time I see a Mexican person, which is a lot." I have a Symphony bar sitting in my fridge as we speak, and a bag of pretzels that isn't completely eaten still, how wonderful is that? I downed the Haribo Gummy Bars on the bus ride back from District Meeting where I got the package, and it was so, so good. Also guess what else happened, I got a letter from Holly Olson! It's true, she is still writing me, so that is more great news. I also learned something this week, I am a super messy painter. Hopefully you guys get the picture I sent, but me having a paint brush in one hand, and soda in the other, what a pretty terrible combination. We actually painted the house of this family that we are working with, and it doesn't look too bad if you ask me. It's not Abby house quality, but I like it.

So about the pictures I sent, the first one with the kid's face all big, that's Aldo. He reminds me of Miles Jo in a lot of ways, and is one of the coolest kids I know in Mexico. The other one is his Aunt Tania who got baptized a few months back. She's the only member in her family, and her Dad was the one that passed away a few weeks ago. She is super cool, and we eat really good everytime we visit them. Aldo actually isn't a member, we got him to church once, but he got too bored and doesn't want to come back. Lousy kid, but I love him. The other kinda blurry picture is me and Oscar, he is the only Deacon in the Ward and is awesome. That picture was taken earlier this morning. I really do love this Ward here, and they seem to love me, hope I don't leave anytime soon. Except yesterday we ate something truly, truly awful. Don't worry Mom, of course I said thanks for the food and that it was delicious after, but it was just awful. Back in Mapimi my last area, I had a stomach of Iron that could eat every weird thing they gave me back at that Rancho, but after eating good here the past two months, I lost my stomach. Yesterday they gave us something with a really long Spanish name they tasted weird, and had a even weirder texture, it was a battle. But ate it I did, and I still feel a little weird. But look on the bright side, I still got that Symphony bar sitting in my fridge, a constant remidner of good things to come.

So remember me telling you guys about a weird rash I had? I'm pretty sure I mentioned that to you guys at one point, if not, I have a weird rash. It's been going on for the past 3 months or so, so finally I went and visted a doctor, who then refered me to a speacialist. It was a pretty awkward situation, but turns out I have the skin disease "Candiosis!" How made up does that sound? Sounds like a kid making up a disease about eating candy or something, but nope, it's real! I don't really know what it is exactly, but I have to take all this medicine and avoid the sun for the next week. How weird is that? So I'm a little nervous for this upcomming week, what the heck am I going to do? Lots of scripture readin', lots of Sudoku solvin', and....thats about it. Should be good times, not quite as fun as the "sick" days I had in Middle School watching Jurassic Park twice in a row, but a little down time could be nice I guess.

Vicky! Tengo una pregunta para usted, de donde es usted? Cada vez yo digo que yo tengo una cuñada de Mehico, todos quieren saber de donde, entonces digame por favor! En que parte de Mexico nacio usted? Y tambien usted escucho aserca de Torreon antes? Como es la reputation de Torreon en Mexico? Solomente por que estoy curioso, y tambien, usted lo le gusta Menudo? A mi, no gracias. Quidense, y digales a sus hijos que yo pienso que ellos son chidos!

So that's been my life this week more or less, but how are all of you guys doing? Anything new going on? Heard that Fathers Day was good times, and so was Jacky's birthday. The Hearts was classic Abby, and sounds like it went super well. The one about the Long Teeth is fantastic. Keep telling me how life is going for you guys, I want to be posted with everything! Keep doing what you do everybody, and if any of you are lucky enough to go to In-N-Out this week, think of me. I love all of you guys and hope everything is going great on the other side, keep on truckin'.

Elder Abbott

PS - What is everybodys favorite Scripture Verse? Totally lame missionary question I know, but I'm curious, tell me!

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