Monday, May 30, 2011

Pictures - May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Family! So hey, did the pictures I sent work out? I am using another computer that is about as old as Uncle Clay, and from a company named "Alaska." Well, whatever, hopefully you get the pictures! So it's been another week, and it is getting hotter and hotter everyday. I literally haven't stopped sweating in two weeks! The moring, the afternoon, at very sweaty. But you can't deny how good it feels sometimes to do be doing hard things. There are times when we are knocking doors or something and I just pause and realize that it is definitely way above 100 degrees, and I am in church clothes, so tired, and we still have tons more doors to knock, and I am happy! I definitely doesn't make a lot of sense, but it happends. You have no idea how wonderful it is when a house lets us in, and they have air's like going on Big Foots Rapids at Disneyland in the middle of the day when your so incredibly hot. Like 1 in a 100 houses here have air conditioning, so I definitely haven't gotten use to it. How crazy is that, we can actually control how hot or cold it is in our house! I swear, I am going to have so much appreciation for everything we have for forever. Swimming Pool in our backyard! Gosh! That is just crazy. But hey good news on the constant war versus Cockroaches me and Elder Rivera are having, we bought bug spray! Last night, we tucked in our socks, got the bug spray, and just went to town on the many, many cockroaches we have in our house. It was a tough battle, and definitely lots of high-pitched screams, but I can now take a shower without one eye open. Gotta appreciate the little things in life, like a cockroach-less shower.

So it's been a good week! Guess who's got two baptisms lined up for this Sunday, and another for the next Sunday? Us! We found this way cool lady named Palomas, and her Son Isias (8 years old...perfect) knocking doors one morning, and she is all set for this Sunday. Missionary work is soo much easier when you have a Ward full of cool people, and an actual Chapel and everything. The only thing is that the name "Relief Society" is incredibly hard to say in Spanish, Socieded Del Acherrro. Tons of tongue-rolling going on, and still I have no idea how to do it. So many people have tried to teach me how to roll my tongue, impossible. It's alright though, I have a fake way of doing it that almost works, and they seem to understand what I am saying most of the time. People are still saying my Spanish is good actually believe it or not, very well could be that they say that to every Gringo Missionary, but gotta take compliments where you can find them. In fact, my English is a little weird these days actually. I am going to sound so weird when I come home, but not as weird as Mark, who sounded identical to Michael Jackson. I rememeber walking with Mark out of the airport thinking "why is he talking to me in such a high pitched voice, it sounds like he is a talking to baby or something." Speaking of which!!! Marvelous having a baby?! No way! That really is just nuts for me. I remember Marky opening up his mission call and now this! Seems like everything worked out really nicely considering Marvelous just found a job with his British Bosh. Marvelous will have 7 girls and each of their names will rhyme with "Melbow." Smelbow, Nelbow, Gelbow, Leldow, and 3 others. But seriously, congratulations Marvelous and Heather, seriously pumped for Baby Marv.And.....Kevin and Rachael! Geeze so much babies! I got a lot of new family members to met in 17 months, it's going to be super cool. Wow, our family is growing so fast, and I think it's so awesome. How cool is it to be part of a family where I will literally be in the middle of like 30 immidiate family members? It's going to be so nuts when we all get together, so many babies. And guess what, I haven't even started! I will have 11 kids, each named after current, or former Lakers. The first will be named Magic Kareem Abbott. Girl or Boy.

Like I was saying, this area has got a fantastic ward. We have a talent show last night! The wards here in Mexico, is kinda like what I remember ol' Yorba Linda 3rd Ward being like growing up, people get seriously pumped up for activities. Of course tons of hilarious accidents happened at the Talent Show and kind of awkward moments, but it was great. Plus our investigadores seemed to like it too. We ate with the fanciest lady two days ago! I never knew there were so much kind of forks in the world. Coming from my area before, a little rancho in the middle of the desert, this was a definite culture shock for me. The funny part was she actually totally loves Rock music, and in the middle of eating, she turned on "Highway to Hell" By ACDC, and then asked me what Highway to Hell meant. I told her to just not worry about it. Things are still going really good with my companion, Elder Rivera, definitely my favorite companion thus far. He was just telling me about how many Brujas, or witches, live in Veracruz where he is from. Latin people are really cool, but really different at the same time. They really believe witches and ghosts and dreams and all that, super emotional people. But for that reason they are very receptive to the Gospel, unless they are Catholic, which 90% of Mexico is. They love their Virgin Maria here, and I totally don't get why. Can any of you figure out who decided that The Virgin Maria is basically like a God? Somebody google it and give me the answer, I can't figure it out!

It's been a good P-Day. Played some quality soccer in the morning, and I am playing almost as good as Oscar did that one game of his I saw (literally he was scoring at will). Also, we were feeling like treating ourselves good, so we went to Carls Jr! Definitely an extravagant thing here. Carls and the other Fast Food places are totally for the upper class citizens of Mexico (full tuxedo necessary), so being missionaries, we only have money to eat there like once a month. Still so good though. As for the NBA....I am rooting for the Mavs so much right now. Dirk deserves a ring, and LeBron definitely doesn't. Dirk always stayed with his team, for good or for bad, and for that his loyalty deserves to be rewarded. It'll take 7 games, but the Mavs will pull it off. Jason Kidd doesn't have a ring either, right? I remember being like 9 years old and hearing about Jason Kidd, how old is that guy? I am excited for what kinda moves the Lakes will do, I know the harder I work, the closer we are to signing Dwight Howard. That would make me so happy. Hey, so I heard a new pirates came out? Pirates 4? Pirates 3 was so confusing, all I remember is that black lady with the cool voice growing super tall and exploding into tons of crabs. I am pretty sure that was Pirates 3. But tell me how it is, Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones are classic movie characters.

Okay, so I think thats all I got for you guys. Sounds like everyone had an awesome Memorial day weekend and got to spend a lot of time together. Family is the best, and don't forget it. Sure I've never been to Hawaii or anything in my life, but I would honestly rather drive up to Viscallia for a weekend to visit Bert, or to San Fran to see Marvelous, or North Carolina to see Randoliac after several years, family are always the best vacations I think. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Rachael! Happy Birthday, right? I am pretty sure your birthday just passed, so happy birthday! Make Kevin watch back to back chick flicks with you, and then you can take turns reading chapters of Twilight outloud. Alright, so something we need to understand is that Heavenly Father does give us challenges, but it's always for a reason. Just make the best of the tough times, and keep staying faithful to what all of you know is true. I am definitely not a perfect missionary, but I am doing my best, and I know good things will come from it. So keep it up everyone, and remember to keep it cool. Listen to It's All Understood for me by Jack Johnson, it's been stuck in my head the past couple of days. You guys rock!

Elder Abbott

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Familia! Wow, another week has seriously gone by? I think I am going to have to exaggerate things to make these emails more interesting...well it is officially one million degrees outside. Okay, not that hot, but still, really hot. It's supposed to get so much worse too, but I am excited. I will forever be more confident in my life because I know I knocked doors in the straight up desert of Mexico. How many people can say that? Exactly! So it's been a pretty good week to tell you the truth, but what did I do? As a missionary, it's way hard to differentiate stuff I did in the week, everything is just kinda like a big day. I am pretty time wasn't this fast before the mission, but right now it seems like life just speeding up faster and faster. Is that what getting old is like or something? Who knows, but I still feel like I am 14 years old still a lot of the time. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact I am the youngest in the family or not, but I feel like I am going to be as old as Mr. Burns in no time. I had a good conversation about Simpsons with my companion the other day, except I don't think it's as funny in Spanish, call me crazy. "Mr Burns you have 5 minutes to move your car before it is turned into a cube...Mr Burns you have 5 minutes to move your cube." Nothing better.

So like I said it has been a pretty good week, we're definitely getting more progress in our area. We had a lady in church yesterday! We contacted her randomly on Saturday, and her and her son showed up the next morning in Church! How cool is that? She seemed to really like it, despite the fact that the main subject was "Exaltation" and she totally didnt't understand what was going on. But I could relate with her, because when I first came to Mexico, I had no idea what was going on either, so I have a good feeling about her. Besides I don't think I know what Exalation is anyways, in English or Spanish. Our bishop reminds me of the mouse on Ratatouille, I have no idea why, but it's totally him. We have some truly hilarious members in our ward, Mexican people are so interesting. They're a super passionate people and kind of bi-polar a lot of the time. Is that racist to say, I hope that's not racist, but I can't tell. But at the same time, everything is so similar. There are totally Bro. Edwards of the ward, and Bro. Pargassinghs' who always have classy ties and what not, and of course Bro. Olpins of the ward always cracking jokes, even when they probably shouldn't. The church is so great when you think about it. Also we are eating really good these days, I am beginning to understand how somebody becomes fat. I think I am in the beginning stages, and I feel really good about it. It's really easy to become bigger here, because people get literally offended if you don't eat 3 plates of their food, I have learned to eat like a horse. I haven't had a chance to weight myself, but I definitely have been eating a ton. I am offically going on two weeks without eating anything weird...I am so happy about that. The only thing is that all the food here is soo hot, not neccerserily (how the heck do you spell that word?) spicy, but just a million degrees. My tongue is totally used to it though, I can handle food that literally comes out of the oven seconds before I put it in my mouth.

We cleaned literally the dirtiest house in the world today. Dust that was probably way older than I am I was sweeping up. I also have a pretty good feeling that the house is haunted, it's been abandoned for years, and nobody knows why. But we cleaned it for a member that wants to move in there and bought the property, I still haven't taken a shower since, I feel a little gross. Hey Mom, remember those days in the Summer when I would take probably 3 showers in a 3 months period, I definitely prefered bathing in the pool. Even last summer before my mission I didn't take that many showers...lots of time in the pool....but not that many showers. Don't worry, I am learning all about how that cleanliness thing during my mission, I sometimes shower twice a day! I also have gotten completely used to showering with 5-8 giant cockroaches crawling around me, gotta love Mexico. Now that I have been out for almost 7 months, I think I am going through The Change. When this just becomes my life, and it's all I really think about. Before P Days were kind of hard, because I would think about all of you, but now I know that life just goes on. Don't get me wrong, I still love all of you, but I know you guys are always going to be there, and I am exactly where I should be. It's nice to know your exactly in the place you should be, I like it.

Am I allowed to say that Mike and Vicky are going to have a baby girl, or is that a secret? Well whatever, congratulations! That is so awesome! Another baby girl in the Abbott family! People probably don't realize how rare that actually is, it's a pretty huge deal in this family though. I am way pumped for Mike and Vicky, I will officially have two half Mehicano neices and nephews. So cool. I tell everyone here that my sister-in-law is Mexican, and then I tell them that I am half Chinese, and they always believe me. Always! But how is everyone else doing? Keep me posted with everything, and enjoy the beginning of summer, the best time of the year. Christmas is second, but there is something special about Summer that is magical.

I don't know if this letter is kinda short, I feel like it is, but it feels like this week was short too. I did go on divisions with a Perusian, which was pretty sweet. I am getting more chances to be the Senior Companion and from what President tells me, I think I might be bumped up to Senior companion pretty soon. He said he was impressed with my Spanish! My Spanish is totally not that good, and I think I makeup words all the time, but compliments are always nice. For example, the word "Adultos" and the word "Adulteros." One means Adult, one means Adulterer, and I always, always mix them up. Translated: "Hey Brother Hernandez, are you excited for the Young Single Adulterers meeting later today?" Terrible. But I learn something new everyday. Alright, well think I gotta wrap things up, we got an FHE to get to in an hour, and I better take a shower. But thanks for everything that you guys are too me, man have I been blessed in my life. I never realized just how blessed tell I got here, we have got it very, very good family. I love the people of Mexico though, they don't need fancy things to be happy, and I like that. Appreciate the fancy things, but remember what's important in life and why we are here. Family! So keep up the good work, and keep the letters going. If anyone of you ever feel like sending your old Uncle Tyler a box of American Candy, I would love it. Just an idea. You guys rock, stay classy.

Elder Abbott

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Family! I have way too much to tell you guys. But to begin, I finally got to use those white pants you bought me Mom. It's true, Tyler baptized somebody yesterday. Isn't that totally weird? But very cool at the same time. It was something different I have never experienced before, in a totally awesome way. It was like, who the heck am I to baptize somebody? One of those hit you kinda moments when you realize hey, I totally can baptize someone, I really have been comissioned by Christ to do what I am doing. Crazy cool. So let me tell you about it! I baptized Valeria Guadelupe Gabeldone Ramirez, I still remember the name because I repeated it a thousand times before the baptizm so I would remember it. She has about 13 years and the only member in her family is her Mom. The original game plan was for a cool youth in the WARD (I have a ward now! Not a branch!) to baptize her, but she called us up late Saturday night and asked me to do it. And so I did it. And it was great. We're really close with that family, and we're going to work with the Dad and the two brothers and commit them to baptizm. I am going to unite that family! That late sentence was probably the nerdiest missionary sentence ever, but it's really why we're here. Ok so I realize I am going super out of order with everything, but I am just going to write as things pop in my head, so stay with me.
My area, La Rosa, is pretty awesome. Like I said, we have a ward down here. With like 120 members! I totally forgot wards this big existed, but apparently they do, and I love it. I am getting to know the members better and all of them seem to really like me from what I can tell, especially the Hermana Olga. She is actually washing me and my companions clothes as we speak. I feel bad, but she offered to wash our clothes every Monday, and I just wasn't going to say no to that. It's like having another Mom in the mission field! She cuts up my food for me and everything. Just kidding. We have totally quality food every week, and I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me. As much of a bummer as it is for Jacky and Jacob, I haven't eaten anything weird this week! Which is fantastic for me. It's cool to eat weird food sometimes, but other times it's just plain awful. Our area is surrounded by this really cool mountains that remind me of St. George. If I had to choose one place I have traveled too the most in my life, the answer would be St. George. Never been to Hawaii, but man have I been to St. George! But I have only good memories of St. George, so it's a good reminer with all the mountains around. Also a lady member invited me and my companion over tonght for a family night (noche de hogar), and I am pumped for that, I am pretty sure she said something about ice cream, which is worth it's weight in gold in Mexico.
Also everyone has been complimenting me on my Spanish! Some lady was convinced that I was actually from Argentina, and thought I was joking when I said I was from California. I guess my Spanish has actually been improving quite a bit lately, I think I am finally making that jump to the point where Spanish is just nautal. I think in Spanish, I dream in Spanish, and I talk in Spanish. I remember having dreams in my first few months in Mexico that were in Spanish, but I couldn't understand them. Finally I can understand them! I really do like Spanish, now that I can understand it and speak it. It's the only language I know that says I don't get along with him by saying "me caya bien gordo" translated: He falls fat with me.

Our house is a huge improvement over the last place I had too! The only thing is we have more cockroaches than you could possibly imagine. Guess what happened this morning, I was pouring out my cereal and what came out of the box....a massive cockroach. I don't think I can look at Frosted Flakes the same ever again. But after a week I have gotten use to them, and regularly shower in a shower with 4-6 big cockraches crawling around. It's going to be so funny to look back at things like this, but for now, it's definitely an adventure. As for Elder Rivera my companion....I love the guy. He is 22 years old and from the straight up jungles of Veracruz. We are getting along great and just have fun all the time. We are working hard and he is teaching me a lot, he is a good example for me as a Missionary. He has been out for about 18 months and gets a little homesick sometimes, but we're both helping each other with that kinda thing. Everytime one of us starts thinking about home, we change the subject about something funny that happened earlier or an investigator we have or something. The last two companions I had really weren't that awesome to tell you the truth, but I am happy to say that my companion is great. He already requested another transfer with me to President, so things are working out well. He keeps saying I am going to be a leader after my time with him, but I don't know about that.
Bummer to hear about the Lakes, but if they had to lose, it's better they do it now. When you think about it, I did come in my mission at the perfect time for the NBA. A weird, unsuccesful Lakers season, and next season will be all about the lockout. Lakers will make some awesome off season moves, and I will home in time to be apart of the next great season for the Lakers. The Kobe Pau era has closed, and we made it to the championships three times in a row! That's nothing to gawk at. Is that a saying? I really don't know. I am hoping for a Dwight Howard or a Chris Paul trade, that would be pump me up so much. Dwight!
So how is everyone doing at home? Sounds like everyone had a great Mothers Day and the Mothers were sufficiently appreciated. Enjoy the Jaqueranda trees that Mom loves so much, and I also heard another Pirates is coming out. Is that true? Pirtates 3 was so weird...why another? Well hopefully it's cool and Johnny Depp will be in it.
Alright family I better go. I have lots of new pictures to send you guys, but I forgot my camera! Next week I'll give it a try. Have a good week, and check out Jacob 4:6 I think it is, and D and C 121 is amazing as well. Thanks for all the love and support I have from you guys. When it's crazy hot outside and we're knocking doors it's nice to know I have literally more than 30 people behind me from my family. Some are very small, but still. So have a good week, keep the emails and DearElders coming, and keep it real. Love you guys!
Elder Abbott

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Family! Alright so looks like I somehow got a second P Day this week, so I thought I would shoot you guys a quick email! Yes, I am officially in my new area after my short, air conditioned filled spint in the offices. It was really an awesome two weeks, beyond the air conditioning and all that, I really did learn a lot and make some serious decisions about the kind of missionary I want to be. I mean, I am a missionary! That is still kinda weird to me believe it or not, but I figure if I am going to be a missionary, I want to be a good one. And I think I finally got a companion that wants the same kinda success that I want to find. Being a Junior missionary still, it's all luck of the draw if you get a cool Senior companion that wants to take care of business. Looks like my luck finally turned up, and going out to work won't be an argument! In fact, we have a baptism this week! Ah, this feels good.

So let me tell you about him. His name is Elder Rivera, and he is from the straight up jungle of Veracruz, like monkeys and everything. He has a lisp, but it's the kind of lisp that makes you like him more if that makes any sense. He seems like a pretty cool guy and is just way more friendly in general than the other dudes I worked with. I am serving in a place right outside the city, and considering I have literally only walked down two streets, can't tell too much about it, but I heard good things. There is also some sirens going on in the background, finally where the action is at. Our house is kinda cool too! It's less than 400 years old like my old house, which should have been a musuem, not a place where missionaries live. Still a cool memory though.

So awesome to talk to everyone yesterday, as crazy as it was. I didn't get a chance to tell everyone I loved them like I wanted to, but I want everyone to know that I love them. Definitely don't love the fact that the Lakers were swept in the second round to the Dirk's, but I was too excited to talk to everyone to really care. I had two fantastic years of Lakers championships before my mission, and then the Lakers will kinda stink for 2 years, and then they will be awesome again when I get back. The cycle of life continues. Whoever rigged up that all brother conference call did a fantastic job. Greg, was that you? Good work, Greg, You da man. Man I love my family, more than anything, and hearing everyones voice was a good energizer for me. It's nice to be reminded that you got literally 20..something people behind you. Love all of you guys. Lately I have been learning about life to tell you the truth, the kinda guy I want to be. And a life as close to the Lord as possible is the way to go I figured out. Read Lehi's dream one more time, that suddenly made so much more sense to me lately. Maybe because I read it an English, but I loved it. Just live your life close to the Lord, remember to enjoy it, and be cool. To quote Abraham Lincoln on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: "Be cool to one another, and always remember.....PARTY ON DUDES!" I remember watching that with Marvelous and rewinding it like 15 times. So great. Okay, I think that's all I have got for you guys, but expect cool things next Monday. PS-We are back to the Monday P-Day thing, so change your schedules accordingly, which should revolve around when you email me.

Alright, so thanks for everything you guys have done, are doing, and will do for me. My family is the best, nothing in the world like it. I must have done something right before we all came here, who knows what it is, but this really is a special family. Everyone stay in touch with one another too. And yes, about that, sorry Randy and Sandy I didn't get a chance to talk to you fools! I feel bad about it, I really wanted to say hey, but it didn't work out for some reason. I'll do better come Christmas time. PSS- I told a few Elders the story about "are there any children down there?" And they loved it, they say it to me everytime they see me! Okay, gotta get going, but I love all of you guys, and....have a good week!

Elder Abbott

Pictures - May 7, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011

Family! Wow, what a crazy week. Just nuts. Not sure if I will be able to explain it all in this email, but I am definitely going to try. First and foremost, just want to say, I love you. All of you! Yes, I have totally become that guy in the family who always insists on saying I love you to everybody. Coming from a family of mostly dudes, I am very proud of that. No doubt I was going through a really rough point of my mission lately, but all the letters and everything from all of you guys really made a difference. I know why I am out here, and I know how important it is. To quote what is now writen in my agenda, "I know I am going to live, I know I am going to die, what's inbetween is mine.'' I don't know why, but I love that quote. Probably because it reminds me of my brothers more than anything, thanks for sending me that Uncle Bert. Hmm...I am not really sure where to start with everything, so like all of my emails, this is going to be super random. I guess I've just got some good insights on life in general, I am seeing more the big picture of everything. When you take a step back and just look at life as a whole, you start to focus on the things that are really important. And for me, I also realized how short life really is. Grasping the idea of eternal life is not something easy, but man is it important. I have taught all these people about how they can live forever with their families, and it kinda finally hit me what in the world I am actually say. I can hangout with my brothers and play wiffleball forever? I can talk to Mom or Dad whenever I want for forever? I can hangout with my wife and my kids forever? It finally hit me that yes! Holy crap! I definitely hope they have wiffleball up there. So in other words everybody, I think my testimony finally became real recently. I always thought I had one, but I was moreso just borrowing other peoples for my whole life. Glad to say my testimony is finally becomming mine and meaning something specifically to me. I still have a ton to grow and figure out, but I feel like I am going in the right direction. Life is something we need to appreciate too. Tons of people don't realize what a gift life is. Alright, so I totally sound like a Hallmark card, but stay with me here. We are given a body and a huge open world, and we are free to just run with it and do the best we can. There really is so much we can accomplish in life if we really want to, and the most important things are things that will stay with us forever! I want to make the most of everything, so taking a super small part of my life to serve the person who gave me everything I have is pretty cool. Plus I get to play hoops once every week, can't complain. If only the Lakers would just start winning....then I could finally be at peace.
So let's see, what has been going on lately. I am still in the offices and it's been a super cool experience. I am totally in the inner circle of whats going on in the mission. Changes are coming up, and we are getting a new assistent to the President, and I totally know who he is! In fact, he is sitting right next to me. Stuff like this may seem pretty boring to you guys, but information like this in the mission is pretty valuable. Plus with Elder Beltran coming in (he is going to be the new assistant...don't tell anybody, it's a secret) that means I get to work with Elder Guiterrez who was assistent before! Love that man. Hopefully the pictures I am sending work out, so you can see that he is the guy holding up the sign that says ''pero, en las oficinas.'' He is like 27 years old and is one of the coolest cats I know. It feels just like working with an older brother or something, he is just laid back and cool and we have good times. How crazy is it that he decided to go on a mission when he was 26 years old! He could have totally lived his life like normal not having gone on a mission, but he told me he felt like something was missing. Something hit me right there. I guess I always thought the mission is something you just kinda check off the ol' list of stuff you gotta do, but it's a little more than that. Also, we get to drive a car! Thanks to Elder Guti (nickname) and his seniority, we landed the mission car this week and we are driving! That is an unbelievably cool blessing, believe me. But I also had the opportunity to work with the other Elders who are working here in the offices too before Beltran came in, and those have been some good times as well. Want to know something pretty amazing? It rained 3 days ago! Sure, it rained for maybe 15 seconds, but man was it great. Torreon is the straight up desert of Mexico, and things like this just don't happen that much. Did you guys see the movie Holes before? Remember that part in the end, where it starts raining randomly and everyone starts dancing? Kinda like that. This is moreso for me to remember in the future than for you guys to know, but the guys here in the offices are Elders' Welch, Guiterrez, Young, Juarez, Burgin, and Payzant. I get along great with all of them. Elder Welch is an assistent and is definitely a go getter, but he is easy to tease and mess around with when he needs to be reminded not to take himself to seriously. Elder Juarez is a Mexican Mr. GQ, so classy, and he thinks he knows more English than he actually does, so thats always really funny. Elder Burgin does a tons of weird voices, and is kinda like the Dwight of the offices, but not as annoying. Elder Young is awesome, he loves the band Rush and we have tons of the same interests. We do top 5 movies and stuff like that all the time, Marvelous, the man has seen Memento before! Elder Payzant is from Rancho Cucamanga or however you spell that, like 20 minutes away from home! He is a great guy, and I he just walked up to me 5 seconds ago and said, "disregard women, aquire currency," and walked away. The mission does weird things to a guy, but thankfully there always really funny.
So yes, I am still very much so enjoying my warm showers and air condition. Air condition! Gosh, I forgot that existed before. Such an amazing, amazing invention. I am eating way better as well, I haven't eaten anything weird all week! Sorry Jackson and Baby Fish, got nothing for you guys this week. Also word on the street is that we are going to eat some Carne Asada tacos later today, gotta love the offices. We have changes this Monday, and I have no idea where I am going to be. I am little nervous about it, but I get the feeling this is going to be a big transfer for me. I definitely would like to work here in the offices officially, but who knows whats going to happen. Just like what is going to happen with the Lakers. What in the world is going on! A Mexican guy told me this morning when I was playing basketball at the Bosque that Lakers are down 3-0 to the Mavs. What a bummer. Well I mean, if Lakers have to lose, It's better they do it when I am in a foreign country and can't watch Laker games. I have no room to complain, I watched every game of two back to back championship seasons before my mission. And besides if the Mavs go on to win it, I would like to see Dirk win a ring. Just not the Heat or the Celtics. IF Lakers go down, and that is still a big if, I vote for Mavs out of the West and Bulls out of the East. Two teams who haven't been in the finals in forever, it'll be entertaining. And I hope this will convince the Lakers to sign CP3 as soon as they can, easily my favorite non-Laker in the league. I will continue to work hard on my mission so not only the people I love will be blessed, but the team I love as well.
So how is everyone doing at home? Kev and Rach are living it up in Hawaii as we speak I think. Gosh that sounds so nice, I really hope I go to Hawaii at some point in my life. But we all know Kev totally deserves it, he has been in school for longer than I have been alive, geeze that is so much school. Oh yeah! I am calling you guys tomorrow! Totally forgot about that. And Happy Mothers Day Mom! You are the greatest Mom ever and I love you a ton. Hopefully the family took you out somewhere nice to eat, like delicious Mimi's Cafe. Just kidding. Hopefully they took you somewhere better than that. But yeah, about that call I will be making tomorrow. I think I am going to give you a number, and a time to call. We will be at a members house and be using their phone to talk to you guys. Once I get the details about it, I will let you know. But just so you know, it should happen sometime in the afternoon, maybe around 4, 5, or 6. I think I am two hours ahead of you guys out here. I am super pumped to talk to everybody, or atleast as much people as I can, it'll be good to hear everyone's voice again. Are we going to do some kind of conference call or something? More people the better! Any chance we can get Uncle Clay on there or something?
Okay well I think thats actually all I have got for you guys this week considering I will be talking to you tomorrow. Have a good day, and a good week, and remember the important things in life!
Elder Abbott

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 30, 2011

Heya family! So you guys probably aren't expecting this letter today, but here it is! I think last week I mentioned that here in the offices we have P-Days on Saturdays, which makes today that glorious day. So yes, I am still in the offices and still not entirely sure what is going to happen to me, but we have air conditioning and I really can't complain. I went from rags to riches overnight! For example, last night I ORDERED Carl's Jr! To be delivered to the offices! And it totally worked! I had my doubts, but Carl's Jr delivered in the clutch. Carl's Jr is pretty classy for Mexico's standards, so it's definitely not something I can do everyday, but man was it worth it. It tasted so much better than all that cow stomach I ate, no comparison. For a while there I kinda forgot what good food was like, but very happy to say I got reminded last night. Anyways, life is good here in the offices, different, but good. I don't have a ton of responsibilities right now, so I just try to be not annoying and look like I am doing things, and so far it seems to be working. I played some very quality pick-up Ball this morning at a huge park here in Torreon. I brought my Kobe shirt, and so instead of saying.."Elder Abooot, tiralo!" They just said "Kobe!" And naturally I loved it. Man, I love basketball when everyone is a foot smaller than I am, I finally know what Yao Ming felt like before his foot exploded.

The city life is growing on me, and I am liking it more and more. You just feel kinda cool when you walk down the street in your white shirt and tie, hear a few gun shots a few blocks over, and you just feel protected. So Relax Mom, I promise nothing is going to happen to me, I am invincible! Besides, missionaries are kinda known for being the only Gringos in Mexico that don't have a lot of money, so people give us a break. There's a crazy mix of situations out here, one street has some of the nicest houses I have ever seen, and the other has cardboard houses...the world is so weird. I prefer the cardboard people to tell you the truth, a lot easier to teach them. Also, Mexico is very hot. This has gotta be the sweatiest mission in the world, and home of the worst washer and driers in the world too, so I am thinking that my white shirts are never going to see American soil again. Definitely for the best, it's not so white anymore these days. Do you remember that part in The Mummy when that giant sand-storm face thing attacked the plane they were flying? Well that happened yesterday. We were walking by this Basketball court and suddenly we heard all of this yelling so we looked behind us, and bam! A wall of dust literally punched me in the face. It was actually really fun, we just ran through it and hid behind a trash can. Torreon is pretty fun, but can't say it's much of a vacation spot in case any of you out there were wondering. Unless you're a big fan of sweating and dust, then it is the place for you! Well to be honest, nothing too exciting is going on right now in this missionary limbo I am in right now. I work with different companionships everyday, so I can't really follow any progression on anybody. But still everyday, no matter where I am, there will be this guy that sees me walking by who thinks he knows English and he will say...Hey Man, how is your name? I am from Tejas, do you like the Mexican girls?" Every time. No matter what. I just smile and say that I am from France and don't understand, their faces afterwards are great.

So how is everyone else doing? I cannot believe that Tyler got married yesterday! That is the weirdest thing ever. My brother have gotten married, and now all of my friends are getting married! Geeze, am I really that old? No way, right? Tyler got married, Kati Jo from my seminary class already got married, I am pretty sure that Courtney Reynolds is engadged so somebody, and I am sure half the girls I knew are dating a returned missionary. Life moves fast man. I am definitely not ready for that kinda stuff, I mean, can you imagine me being married? No way! Only if my wife wouldn't mind cutting my waffles for me and never ever watching Chick Flicks. I realize I am going to have to change a lot to have a wife, but the beauty of the situation is that I don't have to worry about it for a long time, and I won't. So what has been going on lately Family? Hope everyone has a good Easter and got some delicious chocolate. But like every year, there will be one egg that will remain unfound in the house and someone will smell it 6 months from now. Ah, the magic of Easter. I totally didn't know it was Easter until the day after, is Easter on the same day every year? I feel like it's not, but who knows. Hopefully Kev and Rach are enjoying their Hawaiian vacation right now, man am I jealous. I think one of us in the family needs to live in Hawaii and I nominate myself, a different family in the family could visit me every year! Sounds good. As for the Lakers...we beat the Hornets! Lakers will build up more and more momentum every round and bring it in the finals. Pau will find his confidence, Kobe will get more and more intense, and Lamar will continue to not really know what's going on. I am a little worried about The Big Baby getting hurt, you never know when D Fish will randomly dive into his knee again and take him out for the year. But if he does stay healthy and continues to play like he has, no way we can lose. And after this season Bynum will be thought of as an All-Star, but we know he is still too big of an injury risk, and we will trade him for CP3 and Steve Blake. Chris Paul will start with D Fish off the bench, Kobe, Artest, Lamar, and Pau. That's another ring right there. Lakers are truly a blessed team, and we are blessed to watch them.

Okay, well sorry that I don't have too much to report on this week...things are still a little weird right now. Should have some more information this Monday as this transfer ends, and we'll see whats going on from there. But most importantly, I love all of you. People ask me what it's like to be the youngest of 7 boys, and I tell them that in the truth, I am just in the middle of a gigantic family. I've got 6 brothers, 6 sister-in-law, and like 14 neices and nephews ranging from age 11-0. I just feel like I am in the middle of all of it, and I love it. All of you keep me going when this work gets really, really hard. Thanks for everything you are and being so awesome. Have a great week, and somebody go eat at In-N-Out for me this week (PS-I found an In-N-Out Car wash this week? Exact same symbol and everything) and listen to 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale, I still whistle that begginning part probably everyday. Well I love all of you and hope everything is going great on the other side, take it easy.

Elder Abbott