Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Family! So hey, did the pictures I sent work out? I am using another computer that is about as old as Uncle Clay, and from a company named "Alaska." Well, whatever, hopefully you get the pictures! So it's been another week, and it is getting hotter and hotter everyday. I literally haven't stopped sweating in two weeks! The moring, the afternoon, at very sweaty. But you can't deny how good it feels sometimes to do be doing hard things. There are times when we are knocking doors or something and I just pause and realize that it is definitely way above 100 degrees, and I am in church clothes, so tired, and we still have tons more doors to knock, and I am happy! I definitely doesn't make a lot of sense, but it happends. You have no idea how wonderful it is when a house lets us in, and they have air's like going on Big Foots Rapids at Disneyland in the middle of the day when your so incredibly hot. Like 1 in a 100 houses here have air conditioning, so I definitely haven't gotten use to it. How crazy is that, we can actually control how hot or cold it is in our house! I swear, I am going to have so much appreciation for everything we have for forever. Swimming Pool in our backyard! Gosh! That is just crazy. But hey good news on the constant war versus Cockroaches me and Elder Rivera are having, we bought bug spray! Last night, we tucked in our socks, got the bug spray, and just went to town on the many, many cockroaches we have in our house. It was a tough battle, and definitely lots of high-pitched screams, but I can now take a shower without one eye open. Gotta appreciate the little things in life, like a cockroach-less shower.

So it's been a good week! Guess who's got two baptisms lined up for this Sunday, and another for the next Sunday? Us! We found this way cool lady named Palomas, and her Son Isias (8 years old...perfect) knocking doors one morning, and she is all set for this Sunday. Missionary work is soo much easier when you have a Ward full of cool people, and an actual Chapel and everything. The only thing is that the name "Relief Society" is incredibly hard to say in Spanish, Socieded Del Acherrro. Tons of tongue-rolling going on, and still I have no idea how to do it. So many people have tried to teach me how to roll my tongue, impossible. It's alright though, I have a fake way of doing it that almost works, and they seem to understand what I am saying most of the time. People are still saying my Spanish is good actually believe it or not, very well could be that they say that to every Gringo Missionary, but gotta take compliments where you can find them. In fact, my English is a little weird these days actually. I am going to sound so weird when I come home, but not as weird as Mark, who sounded identical to Michael Jackson. I rememeber walking with Mark out of the airport thinking "why is he talking to me in such a high pitched voice, it sounds like he is a talking to baby or something." Speaking of which!!! Marvelous having a baby?! No way! That really is just nuts for me. I remember Marky opening up his mission call and now this! Seems like everything worked out really nicely considering Marvelous just found a job with his British Bosh. Marvelous will have 7 girls and each of their names will rhyme with "Melbow." Smelbow, Nelbow, Gelbow, Leldow, and 3 others. But seriously, congratulations Marvelous and Heather, seriously pumped for Baby Marv.And.....Kevin and Rachael! Geeze so much babies! I got a lot of new family members to met in 17 months, it's going to be super cool. Wow, our family is growing so fast, and I think it's so awesome. How cool is it to be part of a family where I will literally be in the middle of like 30 immidiate family members? It's going to be so nuts when we all get together, so many babies. And guess what, I haven't even started! I will have 11 kids, each named after current, or former Lakers. The first will be named Magic Kareem Abbott. Girl or Boy.

Like I was saying, this area has got a fantastic ward. We have a talent show last night! The wards here in Mexico, is kinda like what I remember ol' Yorba Linda 3rd Ward being like growing up, people get seriously pumped up for activities. Of course tons of hilarious accidents happened at the Talent Show and kind of awkward moments, but it was great. Plus our investigadores seemed to like it too. We ate with the fanciest lady two days ago! I never knew there were so much kind of forks in the world. Coming from my area before, a little rancho in the middle of the desert, this was a definite culture shock for me. The funny part was she actually totally loves Rock music, and in the middle of eating, she turned on "Highway to Hell" By ACDC, and then asked me what Highway to Hell meant. I told her to just not worry about it. Things are still going really good with my companion, Elder Rivera, definitely my favorite companion thus far. He was just telling me about how many Brujas, or witches, live in Veracruz where he is from. Latin people are really cool, but really different at the same time. They really believe witches and ghosts and dreams and all that, super emotional people. But for that reason they are very receptive to the Gospel, unless they are Catholic, which 90% of Mexico is. They love their Virgin Maria here, and I totally don't get why. Can any of you figure out who decided that The Virgin Maria is basically like a God? Somebody google it and give me the answer, I can't figure it out!

It's been a good P-Day. Played some quality soccer in the morning, and I am playing almost as good as Oscar did that one game of his I saw (literally he was scoring at will). Also, we were feeling like treating ourselves good, so we went to Carls Jr! Definitely an extravagant thing here. Carls and the other Fast Food places are totally for the upper class citizens of Mexico (full tuxedo necessary), so being missionaries, we only have money to eat there like once a month. Still so good though. As for the NBA....I am rooting for the Mavs so much right now. Dirk deserves a ring, and LeBron definitely doesn't. Dirk always stayed with his team, for good or for bad, and for that his loyalty deserves to be rewarded. It'll take 7 games, but the Mavs will pull it off. Jason Kidd doesn't have a ring either, right? I remember being like 9 years old and hearing about Jason Kidd, how old is that guy? I am excited for what kinda moves the Lakes will do, I know the harder I work, the closer we are to signing Dwight Howard. That would make me so happy. Hey, so I heard a new pirates came out? Pirates 4? Pirates 3 was so confusing, all I remember is that black lady with the cool voice growing super tall and exploding into tons of crabs. I am pretty sure that was Pirates 3. But tell me how it is, Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones are classic movie characters.

Okay, so I think thats all I got for you guys. Sounds like everyone had an awesome Memorial day weekend and got to spend a lot of time together. Family is the best, and don't forget it. Sure I've never been to Hawaii or anything in my life, but I would honestly rather drive up to Viscallia for a weekend to visit Bert, or to San Fran to see Marvelous, or North Carolina to see Randoliac after several years, family are always the best vacations I think. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Rachael! Happy Birthday, right? I am pretty sure your birthday just passed, so happy birthday! Make Kevin watch back to back chick flicks with you, and then you can take turns reading chapters of Twilight outloud. Alright, so something we need to understand is that Heavenly Father does give us challenges, but it's always for a reason. Just make the best of the tough times, and keep staying faithful to what all of you know is true. I am definitely not a perfect missionary, but I am doing my best, and I know good things will come from it. So keep it up everyone, and remember to keep it cool. Listen to It's All Understood for me by Jack Johnson, it's been stuck in my head the past couple of days. You guys rock!

Elder Abbott

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