Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Familia! Wow, another week has seriously gone by? I think I am going to have to exaggerate things to make these emails more interesting...well it is officially one million degrees outside. Okay, not that hot, but still, really hot. It's supposed to get so much worse too, but I am excited. I will forever be more confident in my life because I know I knocked doors in the straight up desert of Mexico. How many people can say that? Exactly! So it's been a pretty good week to tell you the truth, but what did I do? As a missionary, it's way hard to differentiate stuff I did in the week, everything is just kinda like a big day. I am pretty time wasn't this fast before the mission, but right now it seems like life just speeding up faster and faster. Is that what getting old is like or something? Who knows, but I still feel like I am 14 years old still a lot of the time. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact I am the youngest in the family or not, but I feel like I am going to be as old as Mr. Burns in no time. I had a good conversation about Simpsons with my companion the other day, except I don't think it's as funny in Spanish, call me crazy. "Mr Burns you have 5 minutes to move your car before it is turned into a cube...Mr Burns you have 5 minutes to move your cube." Nothing better.

So like I said it has been a pretty good week, we're definitely getting more progress in our area. We had a lady in church yesterday! We contacted her randomly on Saturday, and her and her son showed up the next morning in Church! How cool is that? She seemed to really like it, despite the fact that the main subject was "Exaltation" and she totally didnt't understand what was going on. But I could relate with her, because when I first came to Mexico, I had no idea what was going on either, so I have a good feeling about her. Besides I don't think I know what Exalation is anyways, in English or Spanish. Our bishop reminds me of the mouse on Ratatouille, I have no idea why, but it's totally him. We have some truly hilarious members in our ward, Mexican people are so interesting. They're a super passionate people and kind of bi-polar a lot of the time. Is that racist to say, I hope that's not racist, but I can't tell. But at the same time, everything is so similar. There are totally Bro. Edwards of the ward, and Bro. Pargassinghs' who always have classy ties and what not, and of course Bro. Olpins of the ward always cracking jokes, even when they probably shouldn't. The church is so great when you think about it. Also we are eating really good these days, I am beginning to understand how somebody becomes fat. I think I am in the beginning stages, and I feel really good about it. It's really easy to become bigger here, because people get literally offended if you don't eat 3 plates of their food, I have learned to eat like a horse. I haven't had a chance to weight myself, but I definitely have been eating a ton. I am offically going on two weeks without eating anything weird...I am so happy about that. The only thing is that all the food here is soo hot, not neccerserily (how the heck do you spell that word?) spicy, but just a million degrees. My tongue is totally used to it though, I can handle food that literally comes out of the oven seconds before I put it in my mouth.

We cleaned literally the dirtiest house in the world today. Dust that was probably way older than I am I was sweeping up. I also have a pretty good feeling that the house is haunted, it's been abandoned for years, and nobody knows why. But we cleaned it for a member that wants to move in there and bought the property, I still haven't taken a shower since, I feel a little gross. Hey Mom, remember those days in the Summer when I would take probably 3 showers in a 3 months period, I definitely prefered bathing in the pool. Even last summer before my mission I didn't take that many showers...lots of time in the pool....but not that many showers. Don't worry, I am learning all about how that cleanliness thing during my mission, I sometimes shower twice a day! I also have gotten completely used to showering with 5-8 giant cockroaches crawling around me, gotta love Mexico. Now that I have been out for almost 7 months, I think I am going through The Change. When this just becomes my life, and it's all I really think about. Before P Days were kind of hard, because I would think about all of you, but now I know that life just goes on. Don't get me wrong, I still love all of you, but I know you guys are always going to be there, and I am exactly where I should be. It's nice to know your exactly in the place you should be, I like it.

Am I allowed to say that Mike and Vicky are going to have a baby girl, or is that a secret? Well whatever, congratulations! That is so awesome! Another baby girl in the Abbott family! People probably don't realize how rare that actually is, it's a pretty huge deal in this family though. I am way pumped for Mike and Vicky, I will officially have two half Mehicano neices and nephews. So cool. I tell everyone here that my sister-in-law is Mexican, and then I tell them that I am half Chinese, and they always believe me. Always! But how is everyone else doing? Keep me posted with everything, and enjoy the beginning of summer, the best time of the year. Christmas is second, but there is something special about Summer that is magical.

I don't know if this letter is kinda short, I feel like it is, but it feels like this week was short too. I did go on divisions with a Perusian, which was pretty sweet. I am getting more chances to be the Senior Companion and from what President tells me, I think I might be bumped up to Senior companion pretty soon. He said he was impressed with my Spanish! My Spanish is totally not that good, and I think I makeup words all the time, but compliments are always nice. For example, the word "Adultos" and the word "Adulteros." One means Adult, one means Adulterer, and I always, always mix them up. Translated: "Hey Brother Hernandez, are you excited for the Young Single Adulterers meeting later today?" Terrible. But I learn something new everyday. Alright, well think I gotta wrap things up, we got an FHE to get to in an hour, and I better take a shower. But thanks for everything that you guys are too me, man have I been blessed in my life. I never realized just how blessed tell I got here, we have got it very, very good family. I love the people of Mexico though, they don't need fancy things to be happy, and I like that. Appreciate the fancy things, but remember what's important in life and why we are here. Family! So keep up the good work, and keep the letters going. If anyone of you ever feel like sending your old Uncle Tyler a box of American Candy, I would love it. Just an idea. You guys rock, stay classy.

Elder Abbott

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