Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Family! Alright so looks like I somehow got a second P Day this week, so I thought I would shoot you guys a quick email! Yes, I am officially in my new area after my short, air conditioned filled spint in the offices. It was really an awesome two weeks, beyond the air conditioning and all that, I really did learn a lot and make some serious decisions about the kind of missionary I want to be. I mean, I am a missionary! That is still kinda weird to me believe it or not, but I figure if I am going to be a missionary, I want to be a good one. And I think I finally got a companion that wants the same kinda success that I want to find. Being a Junior missionary still, it's all luck of the draw if you get a cool Senior companion that wants to take care of business. Looks like my luck finally turned up, and going out to work won't be an argument! In fact, we have a baptism this week! Ah, this feels good.

So let me tell you about him. His name is Elder Rivera, and he is from the straight up jungle of Veracruz, like monkeys and everything. He has a lisp, but it's the kind of lisp that makes you like him more if that makes any sense. He seems like a pretty cool guy and is just way more friendly in general than the other dudes I worked with. I am serving in a place right outside the city, and considering I have literally only walked down two streets, can't tell too much about it, but I heard good things. There is also some sirens going on in the background, finally where the action is at. Our house is kinda cool too! It's less than 400 years old like my old house, which should have been a musuem, not a place where missionaries live. Still a cool memory though.

So awesome to talk to everyone yesterday, as crazy as it was. I didn't get a chance to tell everyone I loved them like I wanted to, but I want everyone to know that I love them. Definitely don't love the fact that the Lakers were swept in the second round to the Dirk's, but I was too excited to talk to everyone to really care. I had two fantastic years of Lakers championships before my mission, and then the Lakers will kinda stink for 2 years, and then they will be awesome again when I get back. The cycle of life continues. Whoever rigged up that all brother conference call did a fantastic job. Greg, was that you? Good work, Greg, You da man. Man I love my family, more than anything, and hearing everyones voice was a good energizer for me. It's nice to be reminded that you got literally 20..something people behind you. Love all of you guys. Lately I have been learning about life to tell you the truth, the kinda guy I want to be. And a life as close to the Lord as possible is the way to go I figured out. Read Lehi's dream one more time, that suddenly made so much more sense to me lately. Maybe because I read it an English, but I loved it. Just live your life close to the Lord, remember to enjoy it, and be cool. To quote Abraham Lincoln on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: "Be cool to one another, and always remember.....PARTY ON DUDES!" I remember watching that with Marvelous and rewinding it like 15 times. So great. Okay, I think that's all I have got for you guys, but expect cool things next Monday. PS-We are back to the Monday P-Day thing, so change your schedules accordingly, which should revolve around when you email me.

Alright, so thanks for everything you guys have done, are doing, and will do for me. My family is the best, nothing in the world like it. I must have done something right before we all came here, who knows what it is, but this really is a special family. Everyone stay in touch with one another too. And yes, about that, sorry Randy and Sandy I didn't get a chance to talk to you fools! I feel bad about it, I really wanted to say hey, but it didn't work out for some reason. I'll do better come Christmas time. PSS- I told a few Elders the story about "are there any children down there?" And they loved it, they say it to me everytime they see me! Okay, gotta get going, but I love all of you guys, and....have a good week!

Elder Abbott

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