Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 11, 2011

Heya family! How is everybody doing? Man, I am super tired right now, we went from a little futbol straight to playing hoops today. So hot here, some serious sweating going on. I know this probably is no class, but you would not believe how much I sweat out here. Sometimes I feel like it's dangerous how much I sweat, so I drink a whole bunch of water. It's weird though, since we are all drinking tons of water, we hardely ever are hungry, so I am still trying to find that balance. But just so you guys know, some cool things went down this week, so you should read this email. Does everybody actually read my emails? Mom and Dad of course, but how pumped are Greg and Randy to hear about what I ate last week? Hopefully everyone is still pumped up about my emails, I try to spice them up every week, complete with pictures, so enjoy them! Plus I think some pretty interesting stuff does happen out here, so it should be exciting to read. There definitely is a part of me that would love to be a Sports Writer when I grow up, (I am still growing, right?) so I consider this practice. If I can make a boring week of knocking doors sound exciting, I definitely could write for the LA Times about a Lakers-Pacers game or something like that.

So what exactly happened this week? First and foremost, we found Elder Hyer! Well not exactly, we just figured out that he made it state-side and is safely in his house in Helper, Utah. So thats the story of my MTC companion, he escaped the Mission, and took a bus to Utah from Torreon, Mexico. I was just glad to hear that he was okay, definitely not a good idea to be a white dude walking around these streets alone. I do feel sorry for the guy though, thats for sure going to be an awkward conversation for the rest of his life. I mean, the Mission really isn't that long when you think about it, and it only comes once! You go where your called, you take care of business for those two years, and than life is pretty much back to normal for forever afterwards. The Mission is for sure a really hard thing, but when you take a step back and think about it in the long run, it's for sure the best thing I could be doing with these two years of my life. It's kinda like religious life-insurance. After the Mission you are guaranteed blessings for the rest of your life! Pretty cool concept if you ask me. I'm sure Elder Hyer is going to realize that at some point, and it'll be a tough moment when he does. But like I said, glad to hear that he is OK. Alright, on to more interesting things. We had a baptism! His name is Edgar, he is 15 years old, but looks like a 12 year old. He is a super cool kid, who didn't even know who God or Jesus Christ were when we found him, but now he is looking and sounding pretty different. We even talked about a future mission for him, and he sounds pretty pumped to do it. He lives with his cousins and uncles, and there are like 12 people in that house, so we could have a lot of potential in the future. It'll probably be a sort of slow process, so don't expect 12 baptisms next week, but we're planting the seeds. His baptism was very laid-back with a good spirit. Elder Rivera baptized him, and I will be confirming him next week. My first confirmation/blessing in Spanish! I'm a little nervous to do it infront of the whole Ward, but It'll be a cool experience. So right after we baptized Edgar, within 5 minutes, it started POURING rain. Rain like I have never, ever seen. We were sitting there, and then we just heard this super loud noise, and then we realized that it was raining! Within an hour all of the streets were flooded and La Rosa became a giant community swimming pool. It was super fun driving back from the baptism in a little Volkswagen Bug with 8 people inside, in totally flooded streets. Happy to say we made it out alive, and then we ate cake after. Apparently rain here in a rare thing, even more rare in the Summer, but it was cool to see. My socks are still wet.

So guess what happened this morning. I was pretty hungry when I woke up, so I got a bowl to eat some Frosted Flakes (Zucaritas), but Frosted Flakes didn't come out...3 Cockroaches! Believe it or not this is not the first time that this has happened to me in my Mission, Torreon is the Cockroach Capital of the World. I am looking forward to taking a an actual warm shower, without a single cockroach, it'll be so nice. Other than that, not too much else has happened this week. I was in 3 different areas this week though. My companion is the District Leader, and has been holding off doing divisions for a while, so we finally did them. I started out Tuesday working with one of the Zone Leaders, who happened to be a Gringo, so it was fun to finally be talking in English. We had a good time, and ordered Pizza that night, so good. Wednesday was with Elder Cruz, who has a little bit less time than me, but acts like he has tons of experience. It was kind of an annoying day, but met some cool people in his area. That Thursday I worked with Elder Thompson, another gringo from Missouri, I love his accent. He's about ready to finish his Mission, so it was cool to get some advice from him. Things aren't too bad with my Companion, but a vacation is always a good thing. The thing about companions is that you literally spend every waking moment together, and you can't leave each other, so a little space is never a bad thing. Elder Rivera still has been acting kind of weird, but he is the best companion I have had, and we only have 3 more weeks together, so we hope to make the best of them, This next week we've got interviews with President Flowers (Flores), and it should be really interesting. He is a very intense dude and I think is going to grill all of us, so I am a little scared. I'll let you know how it goes.

So how is everything at home these days? Everybody is probably getting super pumped for the Beach House trip, which will no doubt be some magical times. It would be nice if I could take a tiny vacation from the Mission to come with you guys, but I'll just have to join in next time. I am going to do my best to not think about how much fun you guys are having while I am knockin' doors in some intense heat. But have fun though. So how is the whole thing going to be organized? How in the world are you going to feed like 28 people, Mom? If I were in charge, we would buy Little Ceasars Pizza every night, and a different family would take turns making dessert. I should plan the next Abbott reunion, so much pizza. But yeah family, make sure you keep writing me! I want to hear how Miles Jo is doing these days, and what from Anna, and all of my neices and nephews! As well as my brothers, Greg! Step it up, man. Okay, I better get going, but hope everyone has a great week and keeps living the dream. A family centered around Christ ALWAYS is a happy family, and I am very proud to be a part of that. Love all of you guys, take it easy!


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