Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011

Yo! Alright, so I was trying to think of some creative way to break this out, but whatever, I'm just going to say it. I got my VISA! I know! Can you guys believe it? We had interviews yesterday with the President, and then his wife came over to me, and was like, "hey, wanna know something cool?" and I said definitely yes. Then she told me I got my visa and would be going to the Mexican consalate in SLC on Wednesday, which is today! I actually just got back, and yes, Mexico finally wants me. They said this is the fastest they've ever had a Visa waiter get his Visa, so I'm thinking it's time for me to get to work down in Mehico. But I actually don't leave for another week on next Wednesday, which I actually like. I mean, I've had some really good times here out in the wonderful land of Salt Lake, and have made some really good friends, it'll be nice to kinda ease out of life here. It's kinda been like MTC Part 2 in a way. I'll do my best to relate this to Back to the Future. My Visa got delayed (Marty's son joined up with the gang) and so I had to go forward in time (SLC) to make sure that didn't happen (so I got my Visa). Alright, so that didn't make any sense, but once I saw the Part 2 I had to go for it. I've learned a lot out here, and am super pumped for the especially real deal in Torreon, land of the brave. Apparently that's where Pancho Villa is from? All of the Mehicano people I come across I always ask about Torreon, and they actually said it's beautiful. Maybe my Spanish is bad and they are hearing like Torronto or something, but I'm way excited.
Let's see, what's been going on. I made a crucial discovery the other day on the telephone. Apparently we have permission to call this cool, free phone thing called "Tell Me" and it can tell me Sport scores! Every day! So I call it every day. Apparently the Lakes did a great job against the Nuggies and the Zombie Sonics (OKC). Those are two solid victories, brothers. I remember hearing about how Lakes couldn't beat any teams over 500, well bam. Those two are always in the playoff runs. We'll win this year, I was told before my mission the people I love would be blessed, that absolutely includes Pau Gasol.
So turns out I think I'll be officially baptismless by the end of my time in here. But that's ok, because we committed several people to have a baptismal date, just like a day or two after I leave. Wah waahh. But no worries, remember that interview I was telling you about? President Miller told me that I was actually a huge blessing to the mission, and especially my area. He told me that Taylorsville/West Valley was going through some really slow times, but now it's becomming one of the more successful areas in the entire mission! Cool stuff. I definitely don't want to take a lot of credit for that, but I like to think I did something. People definitely laugh at me a lot and love to tease me, so maybe that's what this place needed? Who knows, but still, good times. Some of those people who have dates in case your interested, which you've got to be, is Chance Johnson - partially deaf kid with a mother in jail, Jorge - I teach him with the Spanish elders, way cool dude that is excited about the gospel. Shery - Older smoker lady who we got to quit smoking, we actually gave her a blessing last week! And a few others I can't remember right now, but I love them all. Especially this Samoan family called the Maogoaz, they insist I come over everyday for food. I have gained 8 pounds because of them. Also in case your interested, I broke into the 170's! I am officially 173 pounds, suckas. I've gotten kinda into my workout in the mornings like Rando, and I'm kind of a fan I must admit. I want to look intimidating in Mexico, which is probably impossible!
So how is everyone else doing back at home? Sounds like life is still life back there and nothing too crazy has changed. Which I like, I want to come back to pretty much the same exact family I left. Except maybe a few more additions. Mark, have you considered naming your baby Etzio yet? Come on! And Gregelous and Devop, uno mas! Uno mas! Uno mas! In fact, everyone just have one more kid. I want more neices and nephews, 14 is simply not enough fools.
Well, life is good here. There are some definite perks of being a missionary in Utah. For example, I went to the supermarket the other day, and people just hand you money! Seriously! I have almost 100 bucks total since I've been here with just people handing things to me. I feel terrible taking it, but I always do ha ha. Our church rocks, and I'm trying to work hard enought to be worthy of the calling.
So, I'm actually outta time for the week family. But just so you's know, I love all of you and pray for you as much as I can. Don't send anything my way, you probably weren't going to, but since I'm going to Mexico soon don't worry about it. I'll make sure to get my address around as soon as I know what it is. In fact, isn't it that P.O. box thing? Which I think means that DearElder is free! I expect DearElders every week from everybody! Or at the very least, copy and paste a sports article. You have no idea how happy that makes us. So like I said, I love you guy's and hope all the best for everyday. Keep keepin' it real family, and I promise all of you the church is true and that each of us have a purpose here! How cool is that? Life isn't just sleep, work, sleep work, there's so much more to it because of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! They both live, alright? Keep on, keepin' on!
Elder Abbott

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