Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 12, 2011

Hey! Aw man, it has been seriously the craziest couple of days of my life. I'm not really sure where to start with everything, so how about the beginning. Who's ready for this awesome story? You guys are so excited right now. So because I can't think of everything, I'm just going to start from the morning we left from the MTC, at 7 in the morning. First of all, that was the weirdest thing ever. If you've been to the MTC, you know exactly what I'm talking about, it's just crazy. And you just go nuts when you get out of it, so we were all pretty pumped on the bus ride up to SLC. It seemed like the shortest drive ever, and then they dropped us off at a church building. Church buildings are kinda like in-n-outs, no matter where you are in the world, once your inside of it you feel like your at home. Our church really loves the ol' brick style, and so do I. So we got there, met our president, hung out in a room for a little while, and then we got taken to the chapel to get paired up with our companions. Naturally I'm the first one to get called up to meet my companion, and when I stand up, no one comes to lovingly greet me. Turns out, my companions had no idea I was coming and didn't come! So I just kinda slowly sat down after that, and everyone else got their companions. About two hours later, Elder Hughes and Elder Noll finally showed up. It felt really weird to have to say goodbye to the dudes at the MTC, I seriously spent every waking moment with those guy's, no kidding. Like Greg and Olmer back in the day, and actually, kinda like Greg and Olmer today. But on the bright side, we have a car! We walked out to the car, and we headed to our house, which is the basement of Uncle Clay and Uncle Ron Conn. Just kidding. I actually live in the basement of a direct descendent of Hyrum Smith, THE Hyrum Smith. No foolin'. The Smith's are both very cool, make us breakfast on P-Day, and actually folded my laundry today without me knowng about it. So bascially, they just kinda took over for you Mom! And I love it. Our basement is actually really small, and when I got there is was pretty gross. We didn't even time for me to unpack, and we took off to go do missionary things. I think we went tracting. Which by the way, I have officially tracted multiple times in single degree weather. Definitely telling my Grandkid's that.
So the place I'm at in South Salt Lake is kinda the poorer side of town, which I love. Hey Marvelous, remember the time we met "The Brush" at that Walmart in Hemet? Well Imagine an entire town of those dudes, and welcome to West Valley, where I'm at. Seriously the weirdest people, but there are so funny. But don't get me wrong, there are tons of really cool, normal people here too. Unfortunately I kinda came at a slow time in the field and there hasn't been too much going on. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but it's probably been some of the hardest days I've had, but also the most rewarding. Bed has never felt so good. Things have been picking up though! Just to name a few peeps I'm teaching: Ed Crane from Boston and professional dancer, a couple from Sudan, couple inactive members (that pump you up?), a family called the Becksteads (who I'm teaching in half an hour), a few Latino families, a it'll keep growing. I've never been more motivated to pick up investigators, because it is crazy cold outside! Kev & Rach, you have no idea how much in the clutch you came when you dropped of the jacket I am currently wearing. Without it, not kidding, would be a frozen icicle right now. Oh, by the way I almost bought electric socks today, but then I didn't. I just kinda said it outloud to myself..."Electric Socks.." and figured it probably wasn't a good idea. So I bought some nice thermal socks and am currently rockin' the long john's underneath my pants. I also just got back from playing ball at the church, and for the record, I am still playing the best ball of my life. I think how feel how Greg felt playing in church ball as a senior against Phill Wyatt and Carval Eliason.
So you guys want to know about my companions, right? Okay, Elder Hughes is one of those total go getter missionaries. Very, very obedient, and doesn't want to waist a single second. He's super cool too and has been a really good example fo' me. But sence your the only people I can talk to about this, he's got a really weird laugh. If I were imagining a horse laughing, I think it would sound like that. Some serious volume. But no worries. Oh, and he's from Mesa, Arizona! And then there's Elder Noll who is pretty, actually completely opposite to him. He's from Gainesville, Florida and is a very laid back guy. He kinda prefers taking it a little easier, and probably isn't quite as motivated as Elder Hughes. There's sort of this unspoken rule that about describing your companions, you have to be nice. So I probably could say a little more about them, but all you need to know is that I like them and we're working really hard and being really obedient. Oh, I forget to mention. We're teaching a way cool Native American Family too. Which reminds me of a funny story really quick. So there wasn't a man at the Native American house, so we had to bring a member to come with us. We invited Bro. Smith our landlord to come along. At the end of the lesson, I asked the Native American Grandma if she'd be willing to say the closing prayer in her language. She did, and halfway through Bro Smith just says "Amen" thinking she's done, which she totally wasn't. Maybe you had to be there, so hard not to laugh in the prayer.
But anywho, how are all of you doing? I'm still not exactly sure what my address is, but you guys should be able to figure it out, I'm in the Salt Lake City South Mission! Pretty sure DearElder still works for this too, you might need to pay a nickel or something, which you definitely can do family. Oh! And you can email me too, I don't really have any time restrictions anymo', so keep them coming! I want to hear all about what everyone is doing, I really miss each and everyone of you's. It doesn't matter if you think it's boring or something! Miles, I want to hear about how baketball is going, Cam Cam - how is soccer going? Randy and Sandy's crew! Tell me about your new house! Do you like it? All the Brother's, tell me everything going on with the Lake show. One of the perks of being in this mission is that we get dinner at a member's house every single night! And everytime I make sure to somehow steer the conversation towards the NBA, even if they're Yazz fans. Stupid Jazz. And do you want to know my opinion of biggest Abbott rumor these days? When the heck are Mom and Dad going to go on a mission? It's been talked about for so long, and now what's holding you back? Zombie DPD? Emulon? No, that's not right, Emulex! Come on Mom & Dad, join me in beautiful West Valley, home of some great characters as Roy, who I met yesterday, who think he's a witch. Good times. But anyways, whatever you want to write me about I promise I will love, even if it's actually written by Bill Simmons or Plaschke or something.
Oh ya! Something else you guy's should know, remember Elder Noll I was telling you about? He's going something called PKU going on in his system. Which pretty much means he can't eat any protein. Which is terrible. I get pretty lucky if a member actually makes us something with meat or chicken or something delicious. But that's ok, I'm expanding my pallet of fruits and vegetables. Basically, my companion is a herbivor like a Bronchiasorious or something, occasionally eating straight up leaves. So that means I eat straight up leaves. No worries though, we have an In-N-Out in our area! And a Kneeders too, where I insist on going for lunch quite often. I'm still gaining weight to tell you the truth, don't worry Mom.
Okay! We gotta go get ready to teach those crazy Becksteads. I know I'm in West Valley, Utah for a reason and even though I'm still figuring that reason out, I'mhappy to be here. But if you could pray that my Visa comes soon, that'd really be appreciated too. I love all of you guys and hope to hear from you soon. Sorry this letter was so all over the place, so much has happened in such a little time. My life is so crazy these days, but it's exciting. Keep on truckin', and do the best you guy's know how to do. And love life, love your nice warm homes, curled up watchin Lakes. Be grateful for everything we have, we're very, very blessed people. Adios!
Elder Abbott

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