Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Geeze time is going by fast, I am totally running out of interesting things to tell you guys. I feel like it was Monday like two days ago, where the heck did this week go? I honestly have no idea, but needless to say time is going by pretty quick these days. The Mission is weird, it picks up speed as you go by, but I remember like the 2nd day of the MTC being super tired and my head hurting from Bible talk and things like.."man, my Mission is never ever going to end is it?" But time goes by faster than you think I guess, but I guess thats life, ya know? I don't mean to sound like I'm almost done with the Mish or anything, I still have a lot of unfinished business to take care of, but I can feel the pace picking up faster and faster each change. But anyways, whats going on in the life of ol' Elder Abbott? Lets see, let me think for a second and try to remember whats been going on. I don't know, we've just been trying our best to make things happen in La Rosa. It's lame to say that an area is hard, but this area is kinda known to have harder to teach people. They're all cool, it's just they like being Catholic, which basically means nothing. They never go to Mass or anything, but they'll have huge weird pictures of Virgin Maria and they think they are good to go. We knocked this one guys doors not too long ago, and this is literally what he said, "No man, I got nothing to worry about, in fact I just went drinking with the Father from the church last night." I really do got a special place in my heart for Mexico, but it's definitely got some serious problems. Whatever, I guess thats why we're here right? Just trying to do our best to do some good around here, the people here really need to start believing that there is good in the world still. I feel like that last sentence might or might or not be a quote from Batman, but either way it definitely applies. Speaking of Batman, when a missionary is knocking doors under the sun, usually the mind starts to wander a little bit, and I was thinking what someone like Batman could do here in Mexico. I mean, think about it, there are tons of gangsters and drug dealers and all that, and the people are all afraid of them and so the bad guys have all the power, but if one citizen would stand up for whats right, it could make all the difference right? So I guess what I am trying to say in my email home to my family is that Mexico needs a Batman. Mom, aren't you proud of how much your son is growing up? You gotta think about something when your knocking doors, right?

Anyways, it's been a pretty good week I think. We got some new people in church and are starting to see some good progress here in La Rosa. Our converts are coming to church and becoming solid members of the Ward which is a really cool thing to see. I feel really at home with this Ward and this area, I've been here for almost 4 months now! That's weird. It's really cool though, I know where everything is, I know what Hermanas cook the best food and will give us Ice Cream in the afternoon when it's super hot. I'm almost positive this will be my last change here, and I'm sure I'm going to really miss it when it's over. Except for the fact it's crazy hot, I'm definitely not going to miss that part. I can't tell you how excited I am for the weather to cool down, I forgot what nice weather feels like. As for you fools down in California, enjoy that air! There are few things more beautiful than California Pacific air, live it up family and friends. So the invesigadores we are rockin' it with these days are Monica, Sergio, Brian (those 3 are the best), and then the invesigator bench warmers - Gerrado and Lupita (not really progressing so much). Hey family, I acutally need your advice on something. I think I told you guys about Lupita before, but she is pregnant and 16 years old, her future husband is a member and he is 20. She is 7 months pregnant, and they want to get married officially before the baby comes because married couples have insurance here in Mexico. They basically want us to pay for the wedding (1000 pesos, like 100 bucks), and then Lupita will get baptized afterwards. Lupita isn't really progressing very much it seems like, and I feel like they just want money and won't ever be active in the church afterwards. So family, what do I do? I have no idea, but I think I have to think quick, that baby she is going to have is a ticking time bomb. Lupita is huge. So that's what goes through my mind these days, how can I get two Mexican teenagers married. Man the Mission is such a different life than the one I had before! But it's fun.

Anyways, how is everyone else doing at home? Are all the kids ready to get back to school? I remember seeing the back to school comercials at the end of Summer and being so incredibly bummed out. No kid wants to see new backpacks during Summer, that's just depressing. Thanks for everyone is keeping strong writing me every week, and those of you who aren't, step it up! Okay guys, don't have much more time, we are actually going to a mall today. Cool, right? But anyways, I love all of you guys and hope everything is going great back in the US of A. Keep doing the things the church says and you'll be happy, not much more simple than that. Have a good week, and talk to you guys next time!

Elder Abbott

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