Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Heya Family, there goes another week of the Mission. I feel like I am in this computer place all the time, the weeks go by weirdly fast. Sometimes in the middle of the week, things can seem to be going a little slow, but once it's over it seem like it went incredibly fast. I think that's how the Mission is in general, at the time it can seem a little slow sometimes, but when you look back it all went way too fast. I'm sure I am going to feel like that when I finish up next year, so I am just trying to make the best of it while I am here. It's weird, after being out here for so long I kinda forget that I have a home and everything back at home in the US of A. I sometimes feel like Mexico is all I really know and I was born and raised here. Then it'll hit me, oh yeah, I have a house and a family back at the United States! Cool. But nobody feel bad, I think thats what I am supposed to be doing, losing myself in the work right? That's exactly what I have been doing ever since I started my time as Senior Comp...last week. It's pretty sweet actually, making the decisions, starting the lessons, and kinda being the go to guy. But it's also a lot of responsibility, you gotta deliver with your numbers (contacts, lessons, menos-activos), and get the results. I think everyone will understand easier if I just compare this to the NBA. Lebron has the best stats in the NBA right? He always gets his assists (lessons), his points (contacts), and rebounds (menos-activos), and what does that lead to? Wins! (baptisms). At least thats the way I see it, do my part and put the work in, and the Heavenly Father will provide the results. So that's what I am trying my best to do right now. It's a balance, but I think I am getting closer to striking it.
So my companion Elder Chavez is a pretty interesting dude. Like I said he doesn't have much time in the Mission, which means I do must of the teaching. But the thing with him is that he knows a ton! His dream is to become an Apostle. He's one of the guys who actually knows what a Kolob is. So he teaches me a lot about that kinda stuff, but to me it's really not super interesting. I love the simple things about the Church, and the fact I can be with the people I love forever. That's really the extent of my knowledge. Sure I know a thing or two about the scriptures, but I am all about the fundamentals, kinda like Timmy Duncan. But back to Elder Chavez, he is a good guy, and things are pretty good, tranquillo. He's from Mexico City, which means that he is "Chilango", which is a name for all the people who are from Mexico City. They are generally disliked actually up here in the North, but we usually just avoid saying where we are from. Elder Chavez does definitely make up stories sometimes though. He told me his Dad was offered a contract to play witht the Lakers, but he turned it down to spend time with his family. Yeah right! He will also look through the Ensign and every picture of a Mexican girl he says was his girlfriend at one point or another. Like I said, interesting dude, but we're both concentrating on the work, which means no problems in the companionship. Good times.
So what happened this week? We've been working really hard with our investigadores to get them to church and get them to progress, but nobody can wake up for church! We start at 9 every Sunday, and the majority of people here wake up at like 1 in the afternoon. Getting people to church is definitely the hardest part, but once we get them there, they usually like it alot. From the way things are lookin', we should have at least 2 baptisms this transfer, well, hopefully. I kinda feel a little bit of pressure as Senior Comp, that I gotta have success this transfer to show I am ready for the responsibility. But whatever, I am just going to try my best and see what happends. That's all I can really do anyways, right? But just so you know, our main investigadores are Monica (friend of a member, Dad does some shady business with the drug dealins, but genuienly good girl), Brian (cool kid from Las Vegas who speaks more English than Spanish, lived in Anaheim for a while too), Anjelica (not that interesting), and Lupita (16 year old, pregnant with 7 months, here future husband is a menos-activo). That is basically what we are working with these days, but always trying to find someone new. Actually, I think I am going to be a witness for Lupita's wedding this week. We raised some money to pay for their wedding, because she has to be married to get baptized, and we should be going down to sign the wedding papers later this week. I will be signing my name on that marriage paper as well, I am a witness! Cool, huh? So that's whatsup with the ol' invesigadores, mas o menos.
So how is everyone doing back at home? Hey Nieces and Nephews, you guys pumped for school? Nothing is more of a bummer than the last weeks of Summer, when you know you gotta get through a whole other year of school to get to next summer. That was the beauty of Me and Greg's Birthday, something to look forward to even with school starting up again. So everyone live it up for the last couple weeks of Summer, and play some pool basketball for your Uncle Ty. Alright better get going guys, but just know that ol' Tyler is doing good in Mexico and trying his best. I love all of you guys, and it'll be so incredibly awesome to see everyone again. Keep on truckin', eat some In-N-Out for me (double double with fries), and watch some Price is Right. The church is true, keep doing the little things, to you next week!
Elder Abbott

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