Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Family! So I guess it's Monday again, which means I get to write you guys again! I feel weeks in general got shorter, is it still 7 days? Maybe it's different Mexico, who knows. If you can believe it we are already half way through this transfer, which I feel like just started. It's weird to think that I probably will just have only three more weeks in La Rosa, it feels like home. But I still got three weeks to take care of business down here, so as always a lot more work to do. Missionary work is actually way more complicated that it sounds, thats something I definitely learned this week. The thing with Missionary work is that it's all about people, and everybody is different and needs something different, and it's sometimes hard to figure out what it is that they need. It's been a good week though, a little stressful, but I like to think I got something out of it.
So back up to last Monday, we had 4 people who were ready to be baptized this Saturday. All we had to do was get Lupita and Rene married, teach a few of the commandments, and yeah, good to go. We actually took care of all of that, but when Sunday rolls around...half of them don't come to church! Lousy investigators, never want to wake up on Sunday. We went through a lot of stress to get Rene and Lupita married, and we finally did it (I had to pay for some of it), we wait for them Sunday morning, show. Wah, wah, waaah. Well whatcha gonna do, I did my part, and if they don't want to theirs, nuts to them, right? I'm still crossing my fingers things will work out with them, but who knows, it's not really up to me at this point. At least I can say I was an official witness to a wedding in Mexico, signed my name and everything. And on the bright side we still have two baptisms good to go for this Saturday. Monica and Brian. They're both awesome and excited for everything the church has to offer them, and Monica's family apparently is going to cook us Carne Asada after. If that's not evidence that Heavenly Father is happy, I don't know what is. Also one of the pictures I am sending is of Brian. He has my jacket on (he says he wants to go on a Mission too), and is holding one of the babies of one of the members, looks like a successful business man, no?
So thats the low down on whats going on with the investigators and what not. We're still always looking for more people to teach, but not a ton of luck so far. Me and Elder Chavez are enjoying it though, he is a pretty crazy guy (95% positive that he has ADD) and always manages to make things entertaining. Also almost everyday we work with one of my best buddies from Mexico. His name is Jose, he's just about ready to put in his Mission papers and he speaks perfect English. He's the huge guy in the photos I sent. He lived in Utah for like ten years and he literally works with us every single day. He has nothing going on until he goes on his Mission, so he just kicks it with us everyday. We're like his own version of the PetHotel, something to do until the Mission starts. In fact he is sitting next to me right now, playing with his iTouch. We have a lot of fun together enjoying all the really random and funny things that happen everyday out here. We were in Gomez the other day looking for the law office where Luis and Rene would get married, and Jose asked a man in the street if he knew where the building was. It went something like this:
Jose: Excuse me, do you know where...
Señor: Waaah
Jose: We just want to know where...
Señor: Rrrrr
Elder Chavez: Do you know where the water company is at (we knew it was close to that)
Señor: Oh of course, it's two blocks that way and it should be on your right, have a good one
Jose: Gracias.
People here are pretty hilarious I gotta say. So thats kinda where I am at these days, just trying my best to be a good Missionary and enjoying it as I go. I'll let you know how the baptisms went when I talk to you guys next week. So anyways, how is everyone doing back at home? I hope I am offically alowed to say this, but....three neices this year! I can barely believe it, I am going to have three new neices to meet after the Mission? Could this be the start of an Abbott girl-a-thon? If we want to even out our girl and boy neices and nephews we'll need to have like ten girls in a row. It's possible, who knows. Anything else interesting going on back at home these days? If there is, write me about it! Okay family, better get going, but just want to let you guys know how awesome you are. It's cool being in the position that I am having everybody (supposibly) read my emails every week. I am pretty much convinced I have the coolest family there is, I just feel really blessed and really lucky to have been born into such a great family. I am learning more about the Church everyday and realizing just how important everything is. I mean, it's true, and it's not really that hard. Alls you gotta do is be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, try your best to follow the commandments and be a cool dude, repent, and you'll be happy for forever. Pretty cool concept, right? My testimony really isn't that complicated and I can't pin point a single moment when my testimony came, but I know it's true. Keep rockin' back at home family and send me candy for my birthday? You guys are the best.
Elder Abbott

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