Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Heya Family, whats going on? So this is my official last letter to you guys as a teenager, you better enjoy it. Next week I will be 20 years old and sounding all mature and everything, talking about the stock market and what not. Nahh I don't think so, but it's pretty weird to think that I will be turning 20 next week. Time went by really quick but at the same time I feel like I have been a teenager for forever, I can't really remember much of anything before 12 years old. But I feel good about my teenage years for the most part, had lots of good times, learned a lot, and it ended with me being in the middle of desert of Mexico as a Missionary. Sure I was kind of a schmutz at different points over the past couple of years, but in ended with me being here so I like to think I did something right. Plus this Thursday a few people from the Ward are cooking Carne Asada for me, and making a piñata. So don't worry about ol' Tyler, even on the Mish I can still manage to eat delicious steak for my birthday.

So it's been a pretty crazy week here in La Rosa. We finally had some baptisms which we were due for. Hopefully you guys get all the pictures that I am sending, I baptized two of my favorite converts last weekend. The baptisimal service was awesome and tons of people actually came to support Monica and Brian, which like never happends. Baptisms are cooler when a member of the Ward does it and we found two good guys to do the ordenance. Plus afterwards one of the Hermanas brought donuts and soda for everybody! One funny thing though happened with the programs for the baptism. We made them on the computer in the church which doesn't have Internet and we only found pictures of the temple on the computer to put on the programs, so we put Brian and Monica's names on it and a picture of the Salt Lake City temple. We printed them out, handed them out to the members who were there, and somebody asks me, "is this a baptism, or are they getting married?" I looked at the program again and it looks exactly like a wedding invitation! Brian and Monica don't really know each other, but I think I accidently made their wedding invitations last weekend. But anyways, the baptisms were great and I am really excited for them both. Both of them told me they want to serve Missions too. Cool, right?

Today we actually had Zone Conference and it was a pretty educational experience. We had Elder La Hoya there who is from the quorum of the 70 which was pretty cool. He kinda chewed us out for the first couple of hours but towards the end he got a little more positive with the message and that was nice. The Church wants us to focus more on getting references from members and knocking doors less. He said that back in the day you knew a Missionary was a good Missionary when his shoes were all destroyed because he walked so much, but now you know a Missionary is a good Missionary when his "pants are ripped from getting up and down so much teaching lessons to investigators." It sounds better in Spanish, but the point is that we need to use our time more effectively with people who actually want to listen to us. You can find people knocking doors, but references is so much better and easier for everybody. So when the Missionaries come around the house, give them references, they will appreciate it.

So how is everyone doing at home? Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays from everybody, good to hear everybody remembers I still exist! Gregorious, make sure to live it up, this is the first time in 19 years that you don't have to share the birthday with me, go eat somewhere really good. That is if you don't fill up on green tea before, gosh I have such a weird brother. And Dad pretty sure I won't get a chance to talk to you until Sep 4 or something, so Happy Birthday! You are the best Dad ever, no question about it. I'll look for a "Dad you the Man" t-shirt in Spanish..."Papa, tu eres lo mejor." Something else funny real quick, know how all the Grandkids call Dad "Papa?" Well the way the grandkids say it, it means The Pope in Spanish. Happy Birthday Dad!

Okay Family better get going, but have an awesome week and watch Price Is Right in honor of my Birthday. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing we have in the world. Jesus Christ did everything for us and also taught us exacly how we can be happy for forever. Just have Faith in word and in action, repent when you gotta, get baptised and get the Holy Ghost, do your best to be keep the commandments = Happy in this life and even happier afterwards. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Take it easy family and I'll talk to you next week, love you guys!

Elder Abbott

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