Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Family! Another totally fast week down in ol' Mish Dish. But oh man, am I exhausted. Walking a ton all week, and then playing sports all day on Monday takes it's toll on a body. And I'm starting to feel it. Most 20 year old kids probably don't feel like this, but in all honesty, I feel like I'm as old and Grandpa Ron. Whoever that is. You know, like when it just hurts to get up, or bend down, or just be standing up. Maybe I'm just complaining, but I feel like an old man. Actually my Mission had made me even more pumped to be a Senior Citizen, how awesome is that going to be? A little golf (and frolf), work in the Temple, a little TV, a little restaurante, a little hangout with Grandkids, a little travel. That sounds like the life! Yep, I bet I am the first 20 year old who is a little jealous of his parents life. Usually it's the other way around, right? Well whatever, first time for everything.

So it was a pretty solid week this week. I mostly did divisions with the misionaries in my district the whole week, and those are always fun. It's like a mini-vacation from your area. And as much as I love my area, it's always nice to get a little change of pace going on. I was literally as far away as I possibly could be in the Mission! The area Ojo Caliente is on the borders of the Mish, and I was out there, pretty sure we actually accidently left the Mission. Like I said, divi sions, always an adventure. I always had to do divisions with the Zone Leaders, which is definitely tiring, but a good exprience all in all. Other than that, nothing too crazy going on. Oh, the President of the Mission and his Family came to our Ward randomly last Sunday. That was a suprise. But miracolously, tons of people came! Way more than normal, so I think we got some good respects from the Pres. And actually, President and his Family played with us all day today, and it was totally good times.Nothing like playing Ball with your Mission President, and feeling bad when you totally block him as hard as you can. Guess I won't be Zone-Leader anymore. Easy come, easy go. But the good news is that I think we have another baptism lined up for this next Saturday. It's another niña, but this one has more than 8 years, so it counts for us! Her name is Gabby. We've been teaching her, and her Family, and she by far gets things more than anyone else in that house. And she is 11. Her Dad is actually a member from way back, but never really got a hold of anything and was never really active. But the rest of the Family aren't members, perfect, right? Nope! Turns out the Dad and the Mom (Alma), aren't married, just like everyone else here, so we have to get them married and that sort of takes a long time. So considering I think I'll have changes next week, I say Gabby is more than ready. And she definitely is.

So yup, this is officially the last week of the change. It's been incredibly fast. And unfortunately, some of my best friends of the Mish are going home, so that's sort of a bummer. But I guess I'm really not all that far behind them, just 4 months more and it'll be my turn. How weird. But good at the same time. And so anyways, the Heat won the championship! I'm happy about it, the Zombie Sonics beat the Lakes, and they are total spases, and I kinda hate their crowd, so it's all good. I still think it's lame LeBron sold out so much, but the dude deserved a ring. Especially if he's putting up triple-doubles in the finals. And just like that, that should be the very last NBA Finals I don't see for the rest of my life. Yes. That's a good feeling. But at the same time, I have been learning and growing a ton out here and wouldn't trade this time for anything. The Mission was such a necessary part of my life, so glad I made it out here. Hope you guys are doing awesome, because you are all awesome. Keep on keepin' on.

Elder Abbott

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