Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Family! Man, another totally fast and good week in the ol' Mish. I know I must have said it a thousand times by now, but man does mission life go by fast. I'm going to feel super weird in about 4 months. But for now, just gotta keep ratchin' it up, and then of course, ratchin' it back on down. Michaud got it figured out.

Alright, so what happened this week? Alright, so I got a cool tender mercy story. So literally 5 seconds after I wrote you guys last week I realized that I had no idea where my wallet was. Mexico is definitely not the place where you want to lose your wallet. I had like 150 pesos in there, and some more or less important things (expired Disneyland pass, Golden Spoon coupon, etc). And like two days ago and member calls me and tells me he found my wallet, with everything still inside! Even my pesos! Now if that's not a miracle, I don't know what is. Can't wait to use that Golden Spoon coupon. In all honesty, I'm pretty proud of the fact I've haven't really lose anything out here. Still got my camera, my wallet, my backpack...I lose way more stuff in the US than I do in Mexico, go figure. Maybe I'm finally just figuring it out. Well other than that, Samara finally got baptized a couple of days ago! Sure she is an 8 year old girl, and therefore doesn't really count for us, but still a baptism is a baptism I thinks. She is super cool, and I guess I was the once who convinced her that getting baptized is a good thing, so I was more than happy to do it.

And it looks like we'll keep on baptizing if everything goes as planned. We've got some cool people we're teaching right now, good stuff around the bend. Today was cool as well, checking out Zacatecas' famous La Bufa. It's basically just a big hill, but still. I liked it. It has something to do with the Mexican Revolution, but I don't really know what. That's kinda cool, right? We went with Miguel, who is one of the best friends I've made out here. And now we've got a Family Night planned with the Family we just baptized (Irma, Valeria, y Diego) with another family in the ward. So yep, like I said, good stuff going down. Except I've sort of been procrastinating on all the divisions with the other missionaries I have to do, so I'll be all over this next week. But no complains, always fun to check out another side of town. So glad I decided to go on a mission.

So how is everything back at home? Word on the street is that the Heat are up 2-1 against the Zombie Sonics. Dude, this has gotta be Lebron's year, looks like he is just tearing it up. And besides, why would I want the team that beat the Lakers win the championship? But either way, I'm sure it's a super entertaining finals with those two teams. But definitely looking forward to what moves the Lakes make this summer, I'm expecting good things. So Fathers day just happened, right? Happy Fathers Day Dad! There is no doubt in my mind that you are the greatest Dad ever. The only man I know that can start his own successful company, and sling-shot a toy monkey into a nativity scene. You the man, Big D. Well Family, keep me updated on the hap's back at home. Believe it or not, I'm really not that far away from being a part of it again. The Gospel is true, just gotta make it happen, cap'n. Hans.

Elder Abbott

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