Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Family! So yep, just like that it's a brand new change in the Mish Dish. Was that just me or did that last change go by incredibly fast? You guys probably didn't even really notice, but man it was fast for me. So me and Elder Pineda had changes, what do you guys think happened? Considering I had more time in this area than Elder Pineda, wouldn't it make sense that he would stay here in Guadalupe, and I would go to a new area? Wrong! Yes sir, Elder Pineda had changes, and I get to stay here for another round in Guadalupe, Zacatecas. By the end of this change, I'll have 6 months here. Whole quarter of the Mission. We were all pretty surprised by the news, everyone thought I was out of here, but I guess President didn't get the memo. I'm totally cool with it though, this area has got to be one of the best of the Mission, and by that I mean the least hot. It's actually been raining a ton out here if you can believe it. Isn't that awesome? Everyone else in Durango and Torreon are totally gettin' their sweat on, and it might as well be Winter out here in Zacatecas. Cool deal. Not to mention that I love the Ward out here, there are tons of people to work with, and the house is sweet. Win-Win.

So want to hear about my new companion? You guessed, he's another Latin kid, of course. White companion? That'll never happen. Well this one is named Elder Calderon, and he is from Vera Cruz. And for those of you that are keeping track, he's my 3rd companion from Vera Cruz. I still don't even really know where that is, and I don't think you guys do either (besides Vicky), but sounds like a nice place. I actually met this dude a year ago, he was in my zone in Torreon, and I haven't seen him since until just now. He's got like 18 months in the Mission, and still isn't ready to be Senior Companion, that should say something for those of you who have gone on missions. But the truth is that I'm a fan of the guy, I just gotta keep an eye on him, and we'll be good to go. But speaking of time in the Mission, tomorrow I will officially have 20 months as a Missionary. Crazy, right? That's a whole lot of time! I remember hearing when I first got here about missionaries who had like 20 months, and I would think to myself "no way! that dude has been here forever!" So yep, now I guess I'm that dude. But that's cool, I feel pretty at home around these parts. I still get lost all the time, but thats nothing new. Oh yeah, we baptized Gabby last Saturday! I forgot my camera cable so I can't send the pictures sadly, but you guys can take my word for it for now. It was the easiest baptism ever. We accidently almost flooded the baptismal faunt, and the water was nearly up to Gabby's neck. I basically just had to bend her back a tiny bit, and she was completely under water. Gotta love baptizing not gigantic people in very little water. So actually that last change with Elder Pineda was my most successful change thus far. 5 baptisms! Not bad, right? Who says you can't baptize in Zacatecas?

So thats whats going on in my life right now. Whats going on at home? 4th of July action? Nothing was better than kickin' at Greg's apartment all day, and watching the fireworks right outside his house. Going down to the high school to check out all the cheesy 4th of July stuff. Good times. It's kinda comforting to know this will be the last time I miss 4th of July, I hope to never, ever be in a different country during 4th of July again. I'm confident that I'll complete that goal. So enjoy 4th of July family, United States rocks. Believe you me. But I still got a special place in my heart for our buddies from the South, Los Mehicanos. Other than that, hope everything is awesome back at home as always. Oh and check this out: . That is my profile. Seems like the Church is making a big push with this website, so you guys should make one if you have the chance. Well anyways, the Church is true, and I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to be able to represent it. Keep it real, Hans.

Elder Abbott

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