Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey-O! How's it going, Family? Ready for another totally long, and mostly boring letter from Tyler? Yes! And even though I'm sure only half of you guys read these things now, I'll make sure to jazz it up. But this has totally been the weirdest change of my Mission thus far. Yep, another missionary in my district got sent home this week, they're dropping like flies. We started the change out with 8 missionaries. And now three laters, three got sent home for being dummys, and one just sort of disappeared to Torreon. Best District Leader ever. And now I'm in a trio of three missionaries, and I am responsible for two areas. And my two companions already spent all their money for the month and I have to pay for everything! Awesome. It's for sure been an adventure, but oh boy am I tired. But in all honesty, my district is probably better off now than it was when we started out. Now we've got two solid Sister Missionaries doing their thing in the downtown, and I got to take all the investigators that were in the area of the Missionary that got sent home. Score!

It has been raining a ton out here in Zacatecas. A ton! So much that the roof of our house got pretty much destroyed. We got back to our house Wednesday night, and our house was basically flooded and it was raining harder inside than it was outside. Worst thing ever to come home to when your totally tired from working all day! We moved all the beds downstairs, but that was the wetest mattress I have ever slept on in my life. Plus I ended up getting sick that night from the food the member gave us earlier that day. Oh man, that was a long night. I'm totally complaining a ton right now, aren't I? They always tell us how we should just talk about the good things that happen, but I mean, you guys are my family, I think I can be honest with you guys. But it's funny, all these lousy things we have to go through sometimes always end up being good memories. I was sort of laughing the entire time I was writing this. I figure the whole Mission will be like that looking back when it's said and done, just good memories. And don't worry, some definite good things also went down this week. It's looking like we should be able to baptize a few more peeps this change, including Gerrardo, who's blind actually, and his wife and kids are member sof the church. He's the funniest dude I've met here in Mexico. He was an investigator for the other missionaries, but looks like we'll be the one's who get to baptize him. I actually did his pre-baptism interview, but turns out he needs an interview with Presidente, so we're waiting tell President can give him the interview and he's good to go. We've got some other people coming out of the woodwork, and things are looking up. Oh, and it stopped raining, and our house isn't nearly as wet. Thank goodness.

So thats been whats going on out here, can't complain I guess. Whats new at home? The Olympics are just about ready to start, right? The best Olympics moment of my life, was when me and Marv we're flying to Utah for some reason, JetBlue of course. The second the little TV's turned on, it was tip off of a Team USA versus China Basketball game. Super entertaining game, and the game end literally as we were making the descent into Salt Lake. That's more like one of the best moments of my life. True magic there. Enjoy those Olympics, and enjoy Michael Phelps winning 35 more Gold Medals. Other than that, sounds like everything is pretty laid-back at home. As it should be. Well, the Church is just true as it was when I told you guys last week. If not more so. I'm pumped to live the Gospel the best I can with my wife and kids someday. Good times around the bend. Keep it real Family, you guys rock.

Elder Abbott  

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