Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Family! Another week down, which means I have like 17 weeks left. I'm not counting or anything. Doesn't that seem like a long time, and a really not that long time? Sure 17 weeks isn't like next week or anything, but it's a whole lot less than 24 months. Don't get me wrong, I'm super grateful to be out here and to be learning the things I'm learning, but what with the Steve Nash trade and all...I'm sort of really exciting for some Post-Mish things. I think thats entirely normal, right? And I'm still ratchin' it up down here, so nothing to worry about.

So in all honesty this was one of the slower weeks in a while. We sort of baptized everyone we had all last change, and suddenly we have like nobody. I guess I was banking of having changes, but the Lord can have a funny way of teaching us things we need to learn. I'm optimistic though, we're going through some pretty drastic changes out here in the Mission Mexico, Torreon, believe you me. Hey Heather, do you remember when you told me that all the missionaries in San Francisco stopped knocking doors all together? Well, we're going to do that too! This is pretty amazing news after having knocked doors for 20 months in true heat. Apparently we're going 100% working with the members and getting references from them, and when we're not getting reference we go and work with the less-active peeps. And if the Ward never gives us reference and uses the missionaries, they're just going to take the missionaries out. Interesting, right? I'm excited about, because it's definitely time for a change out here. After so many years of knocking doors, and the members doing pretty much nothing for the missionary effort, it's time to change things up. So I'm hoping we can get a lot of new investigators out of that, we could use the help. I don't know if they already started doing that back at home, but it should be fun. Hmm...what else is going on? All the members make fun of me for being here so long, the Bishop was asking me if he should get my records from Yorba Linda transfered to Zacatecas. I told him if they keep me here another change, go for it.

Oh, today I went to Sam's club. That was pretty cool, I haven't been there in forever! We didn't really know what to do when we walked in, so we basically stood around for 5 minutes, and then went and bought pizza. It's not as good as Costco pizza, but not bad. But all the rich people from Mexico shop at Sam's Club, so it was cool to see Zacatecas' highest class citizens, I felt sort of out of place actually. I've gotten totally used to less-than-fancy things.The Brea Mall will blow my mind when I see it again. Oh, and I'm also sending the pictures from the baptism we had las week. As always, the people in the picture look like they're in pain, why do Mexicans always look so angry in pictures? And then there's me, getting my asian eyes on hardcore. People totally believe me when I say I'm Japanese.

So what's going on back at home? 4th of July just happened, and I didn't even realize it until the day after. Hopefully 2012 will be the last time that ever happends. You know, if the world doesn't end and everything. Which almost everyone here believes. But obviously the best part of 4th of July....Steve Nash! I've always liked Steve Nash, how could you ever hate on that guy? Totally great player, hard worker, not trashy, family man...what's not to love? Him and Pau might just go down as my favorite Lakers ever, if Nash stikes around and doesn't stink it up. Man, I am so pumped up for the next season. True magic there. Other than that, life sounds like it's pretty sweet down at home. The Church is true, the Gospel is what makes us happy, and I'm totally sure about it. Had I never gone on a Mission, I probably would never really have figure that out, or at least it would have taken a way longer time. Take it easy Family.

Elder Abbott

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