Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hey-o. so the computer i'm using right now is pretty terrible, and the keyboard totally doesn't work right, but who needs capital letters anyways? just a heads up. but yeah, another not-to-shabby week for ol' asian eyes. i am so incredibly tired right now, i played hoops for like 4 straight hours, and it's totally hot. we got to play in shorts and everything, but then i had to change back to missionary clothes, and i'm definitely getting my white-shirt sweatin' on right now. awful. but it was totally fun playing, although i'm starting to realize that i don't think i'll be near as good as feel like i am when i go back home. i'm like sasha vujachic tearing it up in some random slovanian league, and then will get totally schooled when i make the jump back to the united states, where suddenly i'm not so gigantic. but yeah, i'm enjoying it while i can.

So want to hear about my week? of course you guys do. i feel like this is the paragraph where most people zone out of my letters and not really pay attention, but thats okay, i bet dad reads them. vale la peña. well first and foremost, there is a definite change we'll baptize 3 people this week! i would say it's like a 10% chance...but miracles still happen, so we're hoping for the best. the 3 people is irma and her two kids, diego and valeria. this last sunday we had stake conference, a 70 came and everything! but of course we got the classic text message half an hour before saying irma wouldn't be able to come, but diego and valeria yes! i think valeria liked it, but diego was just bored out of his mind. the kid is only ten years old, and hearing the stake president go off on the importance of doing family home evenings wasn't the most interesting thing for him. but still, he went! i should have remembered what mom did with me back then, and break out some skittles out of nowhere. too bad i don't know where to buy skittles here. but anyways, we're definitely crossing our fingers that they're all good to go this weekend. but if all else fails, i get to baptize an 8 year old girl this week! apparently she is totally afraid of the water, but i convinced that being in the water is fun, and so she asked me to baptize her this weekend. will she probably freak out in the water? will i sort of need to drown her a little bit? probably yes, but whatever, a baptism is a baptism. besides that, nothing too crazy to report i guess. except for the fact that in two-consecutive days we found a tarantula and a lizard in our bathroom sink. nothin' like waking up totally early, not really 100% aware of whats going on, washing you're face, and then looking down and seeing some truly frightning creatures. good times. mom would have loved being here.

Other than that, i'm not doing too bad these days. my body sort of feels like it's quiting on me sometimes, but then i realize i'm only 20 years old and really shouldn't feel so tired all the time. but i guess i'm in that point in the mission where yeah, i'm pretty tired, but just gotta keep going at it and complete with everything the lord wants me to do. so that's my game plan right now, but i should probably play less basketball on p-days. speaking of basketball, so yeah the lakers went down, but that doesn't mean we can't make some awesome moves this summer. i honestly can't wait to be watching dwight howard in the purple and gold, just totally dunk on fools. i'm all for sure getting rid of bynum, and according to what i've heard, i don't think i would miss pau that much after all. i'm optimistic for the next season, keep up the laker love. but anyways, what else is going on at home? getting pretty close to the glory that is summer time, neices and nephews are so pumped up right now. is there anything better (besides christmas)? so much free time to do whatever, so much fun. well anyways, i guess that's all i've got for you guys this week, but i love and miss all of you, and the gospel is true. but you guys already know that. so just gotta take care of business and live it. keep on truckin' family.

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