Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Family! Man, another totally crazy fast week, but definitely a good one. But it so for sure starting to get unbeievable hot again out here. But I guess it makes a lot of sense that Heavenly Father would send me to the sweatiest mission in the world, for being, as Greg put it, an "uneducated Schmutz." But the good news is that Zacatecas is totally not as hot as Torreon, which is basically like being in the upstairs computer room 5 years ago, with the two old super loud computers, and it being unbelievably hot. Or like the part in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride when you end up being in the infierno...okay maybe not that bad, but still. Maybe I should think about putting sun screen on sometimes, instead of you know, never putting it on. Maybe tomorrow.

Well first things first, a 70 came to our Mission the other day! Elder Magic Johnson. It was actually totally cool. Always a testimony builder to see these guys who are a million times smarter than I am have such strong testimonies, because even though I hear a lot of confusing things, those guys know all the answers. He sort of bashed the Book of Mormon in Spanish though, saying it wasn't translated right, my companion has been trying to read it in English ever since. I still read it in Spanish, it's actually easier for me to understand like that. Less fancy words that I don't really know what they mean. But whatever, the Book is fantastic in whatever language if you ask me. So that was fun, got to see my good buddy, Tarabilda. A little MTC flash-back action. Later on in the week, we had a totally fantastic Sunday investigator showing. 4 people for the first time! Thats almost like putting up a triple-double in the NBA around these parts. My favorite investigator right now is Irma and her family. Irma is a single Mom, and she has two kids, Valeria who is 14, and Diego who is 9. They looked like they really enjoyed the services, even though it's always true confusing time when we have to sing the hymns. I guess I never realized singing those songs forever, new people have no idea how they go. But hey, we're making progress. That day was a total testimony builder of fasting, because we were actually fasting specifically for her and her family, and they came! Success. Today we went to check out the famous Zacatecas mine. I guess it was kind of cool, our guide was basically just making dirty jokes the whole time. No class, but definitely had fun out of it. Worth 6 bucks, right?

So I guess I officially have 18 months as a Missionary. Sort of nuts, right? I'm confused about it too. 6 mo' months, and I'm back home before you know it. My game plan at this point is just to take advantage of everything. It's weird when it suddenly hits you and you realize that the Mission really isn't that long acutally. The Mission really makes so much sense now, I'm postiive that I learned super important things here that I never ever would have learned otherwise. I'm way grateful for that. So how is life back at home? Mom and Dad, congrats on the first baptism! And I'm glad Bishop Clayton could be there to support you guys. And....what about the Lakers? Last I heard they were two up on the Nuggets, so I'm pretty postive we'll win that in 4 or 5 games. Who do they have now anyways? Birdman? Terrible. Oh, also I'm calling you fools this week! I'm thinking I have to call this Saturday, because we have a stake activity we have to help out in like all of Sunday. So I'm guess I'll be calling like 6:00 my time, so be prepared! Anything else? Nope, don't think so, but hey, the church is for sure true, and it's the best thing ever.

Elder Abbott

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