Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

Family! Man was it awesome to be able to talk you last week! And so yeah, I totally have a weird accent now, and can't say words like "tortilla" like you guys, but still. Devon was totally freaked out when I first called her, totally thinking some weird Mexican man was calling her..."do you know who this is? should know who this is..." I guess thats not the best way to start a converation, but I totally thought she would recognize my voice after knowing me forever, my bad. But seriously, it was really good to be able to hear almost everyones voice. I'm bummed we weren't able to get the Abbo's from NC involved, but don't worry, I'll be home in like 5 and a half months, so we'll get all our chit chat on afterwards. It's weird, you don't realize how much you miss home until you really remember how everything is back there. But don't worry, I'm not bummed or anything, but It was a nice reenigezer is take care of business for the last leg of the Mish. So from what I could understand, I think this is how the hardest Missions of the Abbott family play out:

1. Brett - Honduras
2. Mike - Guatamala
3. Me - Mexico
4. Kev- Philappines
5. Marv - China
6. Randy - New York
7. Greg - 2 days in MTC

Anyways, it's been a good week in my neck of the woods. Guess what, we're baptizing somebody this Saturday! It's true. Remember a while back when Alejandra got baptized, well know her Dad wants to get baptized! This was something I totally didn't see coming, but the magic is happening. His name is Manuel, and the man is on a roll. He asked me to baptize him, which is great and all, but to be honest I love being able to take it easy in the baptisms and just enjoy the service. Plus most Mehicanos sort of freak out in the water and kind of start attacking the person thats baptizing them, but you do what you gotta do to get them under. I'm looking forward to it. What else happened this week? We did a cool service project a couple of days ago, and we painted trees! Thats right, painted...trees. I didn't really understand why we were doing it, but gotta love being able to hangout with shorts in a park with the buddies. We seriously painted over a 100 trees, why we did it, who knows, but we did it. Today was a solid P-Day of carne asada and playing hoops and the card game Bang with the zone. I'm going to miss dominating the Mexican basketball courts, when I come back home, I suddenly won't be gigantic. So I'm living it up while I can. Oh, and I'm sending the picture we got to take with Elder Johnson, the area 70 who visited our mission. If you can't find me, I'm the only asian one in the back corner. It really shouldn't be that hard to find me.

So I was super relieved to hear that the Lakers took the Nuggets in game 7. All of you fools were totally hating on Pau, and didn't he put up like a 27 and 14 that game? Can't hate on that Spaniard, even if he literally is playing like Sister Garcia before, he can still bring it when the game is on the line. We're up against OKC next serious round? That could be tough, but World Peace just needs to go crazy after another dunk with Durant nearby, and we're gold! Anyways, I guess this will be a shorter letter this week considering I just got to talk you a couple of day ago, but I'll finish it strong with some spiritual stuff. Well sir, I guess I was sort of thinking about all that has happened since the last time I talked to all of you, and I'll be honest, I feel a lot different. The more I'm growing up, the more I'm realizing just how important living the Gospel really is. I'm sure it's totally not easy all the time, and it requires sacrifice, but it really is the key to having a meaningful life and being able to be with the people you love afterwards. I've still got a little way to go in the Mission, but looking back, I've gone through some of the hardest times of my life, and now that I'm getting towards the end, I'm starting to understand everything so much better. It's all worth it Family, it really is. Well I guess thats all I got for you this week, but I'll make sure my email is more action-packed next week. Love all of you, and I'm so happy to be a part of this Family. Hans.

Elder Abbott

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