Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

Family! How's it going? Man, another totally fast week in the Mish. And I'm slowly becomming more and more Mexican, it's pretty great. All I'm missing is my curly moustache. Sorry, is that racist? Curly moustache isn't even a Mexican thing, it's more of an Itialian thing, right? I guess I'm kind of tired right now, sometimes P-Day isn't nearly as restful as it should be. Well I mean, as a Missionary you don't really get to rest ever...but I definitely have enjoyed sleeping more than I ever have in my entire life. Waking up at 6:30 ain't too bad either, way better than waking up at 5:45 for semiary. Oh and sorry Dad about having to wake me up every morning for 4 years...I remember being so incredibly tired. But pretty sure it's safe to say I wouldn't have graduated seminary without Dad, you the man, Big-D. So what has happened this week? Well, let me tell you..

So not that much really, but hey, makin' progress. All of the people we're teaching are kinda going off the deep end, so looks like we'll kinda have to start from ground zero again. Yes! It's super weird, we can get people to come to the church once, but then they never come back/hide from us. Is something wrong with the ward? I think the ward is great, but we have a few teachers who like getting into complicated subjects. Do you think someone who is just starting coming to church needs to know about "what kind of matter Christ used to make the universe?" Come on Guadalupe Ward teachers, keep it classy. But like I said, makin' progress. We've got some cool people we're teaching, we just gotta get them to the church. So what else has been going on? Well my companion, Elder Pineda, almost got killed by a dog the other day. That's pretty interesting, right? This huge dog literally broke his chain leash and starting chasing us down, but decided to go for Elder Pineda, and not me. He's got it out for Honduras. But somehow the dog stopped chasing him, I think he got freaked out from being too far from his house. But if you ask me, total miracle. I guess every Missionary has got to have a dog almost killed me kinda story. Well sir, I've got mine. What else? I did a lot of divisiones this week, in Zacatecas, and in Guadalupe 2 (the other side of the city I'm working in). Zacatecas is ridiculous! So many uphills you wouldn't believe it, it was basically like hiking Tipanogis again, but in a white shirt and a tie. It was pretty cool though, definitely got a really old feel in the Zacatecas downtown. The other day, in Guadalupe 2, I got to kick it with my good buddy Elder Myers, who happeneds to be a fellow Californian. So much Laker talk. So great. Speaking of Laker talk, a member from the 70 is going to visit our mission this week! Elder (Magic) Johnson. The last 70 who came to our area chewed us out pretty good, so naturally I'm excited for this next one. We have to dress up pretty nice for it apparently, and we can't go to the bathroom either for like 5 hours, should be fun. Oh, and today we went to the big park in Zacatecas, it even has a zoo! Totally boring/asleep animals of course, but hey.

So I guess thats what going on with me these days. How is everything at home? By that I mean, what is happening in the NBA? Playoffs just started, right? And Derek Rose just tore his ACL? What a bummer, I was totally a fan of that guy. I still bet Heat win this year, and it will be the only ring Lebron gets. But it will of course have a huge astrisk considering the lock-out and everything. Lakers can win it next year, with me right behind them every step of the way. Other than that, anything cool happening at home? What's it like with Abby and Papa gone? Who is at our house? No one tells me these things. But I'm sure Dad's got it all under control. Well I guess I'm going to talk about some spiritual thangs. I don't know, I'm really realizing more and more how the Gospel is the key to life. I mean, things of the world, are mostly trashy these days, and none of it really lasts. I'm 100% committed the living the Gospel in the best way I can, be the best husband/father I can, and be able to be with the people I love forever. Without that mindset, life really doesn't mean that much. Thank goodness I have the opportunity to be a Missionary, without it, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be so sure about all these things. I love all of you fools, and hope life is great in the US of A. Keep on truckin'.

Elder Abbott

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