Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Family! Who's ready for another totally boring Missionary letter? Come on Greg, doesn't our investigator Juan pump you up? Well actually I'm not really pumped up about that guy either, didn't come to church. So this is probably like the 120th email I've sent you guys, I wonder who still reads these things...Most of you fools have iPads or iPhones or iTouches or something like that, so no excuses! But I would still totally read Mom and Dad's email before mine, Pennsylvania has got to be super exciting. Not in a "I got robbed!" kind of way, but in a more Spirtual kinda way. I think I'd probably prefer Pennsylvania exciting over Mexico exciting, but hey I don't think I'd rather be anywhere else right now. Gotta love those drunk guys trying to speak English. But man, you guys have been so solid writing me this whole time. I'm sure I never say it enough, but I love you guys. Well then, whats been going on in my life?

Good week, and guess who is our best investigator right now...Jose Abel! Thats right, the Mariachi! In fact, he gave me and my companion breakfast the other day. Incredibly spicy scrambled eggs, but still, totally delicious. And besides, It's gotta be a good sign when your investigators invite you eat with them, right? The only thing is that his Mariachi buddies give him a hard time while he is trying to live the Word of Wisdom. But the man is determined, and I'm pumped to teach him. The rest of our investigators our kinda starting to disappear, but we've still got tons of doors we haven't knocked, so always opportunities around the corner. I got to do divisions with my good buddy Elder Young again (who happends to be Zone Leader, we're supposed to do divisions!), which is always good times. We're both trying our best to not stress out a little bit about all the big decisiones we have to make pretty soon. How in the world am I coming on my 21st birthday? Whatever, I shouldn't think about it, alls I knows is is that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, and thats a good feeling. More exciting, I found a trantula in our house the other day! Not even kidding, I turned around in the kitchen, and this gigantic spider was right behind me! But within seconds the thing just went sprinting to the door, totally ran into the wall the first time, but then it figured out where the doors at. I guess another example of Mexico exciting. I remember Brett telling me about him waking up in the Mission with a trantula on his face. Dude, that sounds terrible. This one wasn't as bad, but still. Oh, and we also got to help out in a Youth Conference thing out here. The stake organized this whole Lehi's Dream acitivity, and all the kids has to follow this rope (the iron rod), blindfolded. So it was our job just to distract them, and I just sprayed kids in the face with a water-sprying thing (whats that called in English) for like an hour and a half. Totally good times. Always fun when you get a little change of pace in the Mish. I'm loving my time as District Leader, I think it's exactly what I needed. It's cool to see how the Lord is teaching me how to care about other people more, even other Missionaries (even the guys I totally didn't like before). I have to do divisiones all the time with other missionaries, but I actually like it. I know like all of Zacatecas now. Maybe I'm getting better at remembering directions, I remember being a Freshman in High School having literally no idea how to get home from El Dorado. It took me like two years to figure it out. Thanks for passing along that great attribute to me, Mom and Dad. Thank goodness man invented the GPS.

So how is everyone back at home? Marv told me about the Lakers/Thunder game, sounds like it was pretty nuts. Can't say I'm too suprised about Ron-Ron, did we really expect him to go through an entire season without getting into some weird fight? I guess even the Metta World Peace version still gets involved in weird stuff. Hey Brett, thanks for the videos of the kids, they are already totally better than I have was at baseball. They hit the ball! What studs. And, and a public congrats to Kev on buying his first mini-van, you are officially an old man! What ever happened to the Green Civic? Thats the classic Kevin car. Just like Mike's classic car was the one he told to the Mexicans who live behind the house. Greg's is his black jeep...and Brett's is the peanut M&M, and Mark's is the passport. I've been walking non stop for like 18 months, man do I miss having a car. So what else is going on? Do you guys realize I get to call home again in like two weeks? This is my last phone call of the Mish, so we gotta get the mega-podcast going on. Can't wait. Well sir, life is pretty good at this point, just trying to help the Lord in his work and at the same time I'm starting to notice how much he has taught me during this time. It's hard to see when it's super hot and you're stuck with a totally weird dude all day, but when I take the step back, mam I'm grateful for all the things I've learned out here, I never, ever would have learned them otherwise. The Gospel is true, and it's what gives us eternal happiness. I know it, fools. Love you guys, have a good week!

Elder Abbott

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