Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Family! Man, it's been another totally crazy fast week. There are tons of stuff I have to do as District Leader! But I gotta admit, I'm really enjoying it. Somebody explained it me like this (why do people always compare mission stuff to being married?): when you're just the senior companion, it's like when it's just you are your wife, making decisions together and kickin' it. But when your district leader, it's like you have your family, and you gotta watch out for all those fools. But being Zone Leader is like being grandparents, plan some family gatherings, make sure the parents are doing their job, and thats about it. All in all, I think it's way easier to be a grandparent, but it's cool. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense, I'm realizing more and more that my English is seriously slipping. How weird is that, right? But when I'm talking English, I say things that don't make any sense all the time. Plus when I called home on Christmas and Mark picked up, he totally thought I was some random Mexican dude at first. That was a blow. But hey, I'd rather come back from the Mish sounding like Jack Black in Nacho Libre than Michael Jackson (Marvelous). Softest chinese voice ever. Anyways, so whats going on in my life?

My companion is great! Elder Pineda is totally laid-back and likes American things, so we have stuff in common! I had to fake interest in so many others with older companions, but now I don't even have to! Good stuff. The dude kills me in Monopoly Deal everytime we play though. Good thing the "no dice!" days are over. But Elder Pineda has been helping me out a ton with all of my new responisibilities. I am in charge of 6 Missionaries and 4 different areas, and I have to make a lot of phone calls every day. I feel like how Randy must feel every day of his life, true businessman. Hey Mom, do you remember talking to the Mom of Elder Myers on that Missionary blog thing? Well gues what, he's in my district! Always good to have another guy from California, we do some good great Lakers talk. All the guys in my district are good guys, some of them are kinda struggling with a few things, but I've definitely been there, so I'm going to do my best to help them out. I actually had some good support from my district lesson this week (I have to give a class every week). I choose to talk about Esperanza, or hope (sounds cooler in Spanish). The point I tried to make was this: if we don't have hope that something good will happen, we won't have any desire to do the right thing. Gotta have hope that all the sacrifices we make out here will result in awesome blessings in the mission field, as well as in the rest of our lives. I make the Missionaries make card castles out of playing cards, and the winner got gummy bears. They ended up getting into it, because they was a prize. Same thing in the Mish, if we got our eyes on the prize, we'll get much more into the work. Well I definitely learned something when I was giving the class. Cool stuff.

Today we went to a pretty cool musuem. Thats right, my emails just keep getting more and more exciting. It was all these masks from differnet parts of Mexico in ancient times. Most of them were creepy looking, but it was good times. Check out the pictures! As for ther rest of the week...well we had someone new come to the church! A lady and her two little kids, except her two little kids totally went nuts when they got to the church. Well whatever, I'm sure the Spirit was able to break though all of it and get to our investigator. The rest of the peoplwe we're teaching get lazy every Sunday. Boo....

So whats going on back at home? The usg? Price is Right re-runs, and the "Run/Walk?" So hey, when do playoffs start? Like around May, right? I almost hope the Lakers don't win this year, so they'll have more momentum going into the next season when I can actually watch the games. I beat Heat will end up winning with an asterisk because of the shortened season, and end up being the only title Lebron actually gets. Should never have left the Cavs. Anyways, time for the spiritual stuff I'm thinking. Wherever you guys are right now, you guys really should just be happy. Life is all about the simple things, and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is about as good as it gets. I mean, think about it. When are we the most happiest? When we're all together as a Family, right? Well the Gospel is all about us being able to do that forever, and be good people. Can't sniff at that. Love you guys, keep on truckin'.

Elder Abbott

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