Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Family! Another week down in the ol' Mish. It's nice how fast time goes now a days for me, I feel like every other day is P-Day, the second most sacred day in the week. So what has been going on lately? Well sir, it's actually been a pretty good week considering this being the week when the Pope was in Mexico again. I've got nothing against that guy, but I feel like he is here too often, and makes me people less interested to listen to us. Word on the street was his Pope-Mobile was going to go by Zacatecas, but change of plans and he wen to Quetero instead, lame! But all in all, we had 4 new people in the church this week, which is like the equivalent of a triple-double in the NBA. Score! Plus my companion got "sick" for a couple of days. I think I understand a little better how Mom felt when I said was "sick" in elementary school. But either way, the results where there when Sunday rolled around, so no complaints.

So how are the coolest investigatores you ask? Well let me tell you. Juan is my favorite right now, the one who is originally from Texas, but got deported. I actually have taught a lot of people who have gotten deported, but I really enjoy talking about the United States, so it's all good. Juan has been in jail for over 9 years, but he's totally not the way you think he is, just got involved with the wrong kind of people is all. But now he is turning it all around, and making things happen. He speaks more English than Spanish, so it's always fun to get our chit-chat in my native tongue and no one else understands us. When we went to pick him up to go to Church on Sunday, he told me, "hold up, let me grab my jacket, I'm working the Mr. Rogers." The classic sweater and jacket combo. Investigatores who say stufff like that definitely don't grow on tree's around here, or should I say they don't grow on cactus's around here. Get it? I'm in the desert in Mexico. That's right, I've become 100x more funny as a Missionary. Speaking of funny things that happen as a and my companion were talking last night about all the weird things the other ones does while there sleeping. Turns out I talk in my sleep and give missionary lessons in Spanish. Apparently I talked about fasting a couple nights ago, and I talked about Joseph Smith the other night. It's weird being bilingual even in your sleep. Sleeping in the same room as my companion is like being stuck with that guy who snores like a elephant for that one night in Fathers and Sons, except you experience it every night. But whatever, I think I'm getting used to it. Anywho, the other cool investigator is Jose Abel, who is actually in a Marache Band! I never thought I'd teach a Marache guy the Gospel, but the Mission is definitely full of surprises. Today was a solid P-Day playing hoops, and playing the card game Bang! that I bought in Utah forever ago. This week should be pretty laid-back with Zone Conference tomorrow and General Conference this weekend. So much sitting down. But it's all good, sitting down is a underrated thing for me at this point. I hope I get some letters tomorrow in Zone Conference, I haven't gotten any in forever!

So that's my life these days, whats going on back at home? Sounds like Hunger Games was totally awesome, definitely put that on my list of movies I gotta see when I get back. Those books are in my third favorite book series of all time, right behind HP and Lord of the Rings. Such fantastic books to read the Summer before the Mish. Man, lots of stuff I got to check out when I get back, Harry Potter movies, Hunger Games, new Batman....that Zombie TV series that came out. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited about all that stuff. So what else is going on back at home? Mom and Dad are super close to being Missionary, which is still kinda nuts to me. They'll love it though. Can you guys think of people more awesome than Mom and Dad? Such great parents to 7 sons, always served in the church, never got their in-active on, so many back-to-school nights, guaranteed giant pocket of pop-corn every time we see a movie. And now they're serving a Mission? Heavenly Father must love Mom and Dad, they have been so solid for years. I'm super proud to be an Abbott. Other than that, sounds like everything is great at home as always, and Ramon Sessions is fast and can stay in front of someone on defense, everything that my beloved D-Fish could not. PS - I choose Syracuse to win March Madness, hopefully I beat Elder Tarabila for the second year in a row. Anyways, I love all of you guys, and am super grateful for everything you guys have been my entire life. The Church is all about us being together forever, and that something definitely worth fighting for. Boo-urns.

Elder Abbott

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