Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012

Family! Fast week in the Mish, which is always a good thing. Why? Because when you've had a fast week, it means you worked good and got a lot of chances to teach people. And weeks always go faster where there is a baptism at the end of it. And that's what happened this week! Alejandra has been one of the easiest investigatores ever, here's what a typical discussion with her went like:

Me: Hey Alejandra, did you read everything we told you to read?
Alejndra: Yes, and I totally understood everything.
Me: Really?
Alejendra: Yeah, and I went ahead and read some more stuff.
Me: Really?
Alejendra: I want to get baptized.
Me: Really?

That was kind of an average conversation with her. It's the best when you get the chance to teach someone who is totally ready for the Gospel. We had a pretty good showing for her baptism, and she asked Elder Garcia to baptize her. To be honest, I prefer not baptizing, the majority of these people freak out when they get in the water, I've got sort of punched in the face like everytime I've baptized. Elder Garcia took care of it like a champ. We even had a few investigators there to check out the baptism, always a good thing. Also we watched the Joseph Smith Restuaration video when Alejandra was changing, and the power went out right as Heavely Father, why does stuff like this always happen? Still I think it turned out pretty good. Except for the fact that she hasn't gotten confirmed yet, she was mysteriously taken away to Mexico City that night by some political group. No, I'm not kidding. But happy to say she is back, and ready to go for the next Sunday.

What else happened this week? We're still struggling to find new people to teach, but we've still got a good bit of investigatores. But we have so many hills in our area! Like as bad as that hil I always had to run up when I went to hangout in the Olson home. It's totally hot too, so I'm definitely getting my sweat on. Like Shaq at the free-throw line, ok not that bad, Shaq was totally drenched. One of my favorite investigators right now is Juan, who is actually from Texas! He knows Spanish and English, but more English than Spanish, and does some of the most hilarious Spanglish of all time. He always says "yes sir" to everybody, and sometimes makes up words that sound like Spanish when he doesn't know the word. I can definitely relate to that. Other exciting news, I bought a turtle today! Some lady on the corner in downtown Zacatecas was selling turtles with all the fixins (tank, colorful rocks, little platic tree, and food for 2 months!) for 55 pesos, can't say no to that. In fact he is swimming in a cup next to this computer, I feel good about this purcahse. Hey Cameron, want to help me pick a name for him? Send me an email and whatever name you choose will be his for time and all eternity

So how is everyone doing back at home? Mom and Dad are totally getting ready to go to the Mission, how nuts is that? Soon they'll be at the MTC getting pumped up for Friday night Pizza like I was, and Dad can school some of the Gringo's playing hoops in the MTC gym. So how does that work? Are Mom and Dad allowed to leave the MTC? We definitely weren't able to, it was kinda like The Shawshank Redemption when you finally got out. Okay not that bad, in fact I really enjoyed the MTC, but man did it feel to get out of there. What else is going on these days? March Madness should be in full swing, lets go Oral Roberts! Word on the street is Lakers beat the Celtics, that kinda stuff gives me the strength to walk up these super steep Zacatecas hills. Also Pau on the trading block? I love that handsome Spaniard, but I'm thinking we need some new blood. We had back-to-back rings in the Kobe/Pau era, and that is total success in my opinion, but time to start something new. Well sir, I guess thats all I got for you guys this week. I'm super tired in a lot of ways to tell you the truth; but I keep going because I love the Lord and everything he has done for me, and everything he wants to give me. I love all of you guys more than I know how to say, keep it classy, golf and snolf.

Elder Abbott

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