Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012

Family! So I guess I officially finished my first week in Zacatecas, and it was definitely an interesting one. Zacatecas has a totally different vibe, but I'm learning to like it. It is kind of hard to leave an area you were totally used to and come to a new's like making the jump from middle school to high school or something. You had all your buddies and knew what was going and where you were, but now you have to start from scratch. Needless to say, I'm lost about 95% of the time, but my companion is helping me out to learn the area. Speaking of which, our area is gigantic! My old area was about the size of the lakebed, but this new area is like the whole city of Anaheim! It's nuts. I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of it. We do have a pretty awesome house though, easily the best house I've had in the Mission. It's two whole stories! We have two wholes bathrooms! Things like this are definitely worth getting excited for in the Mission, especially the two bathroom thing. I bet Mom and Dad won't even have two bathrooms in their fancy Pennsylvania apartment. But I bet they'll have a more comfortable bed, a TV, and less cockroaches. We also live in a really nice neighboor, it's like a little gated community, but without the gate. Our neighbors are cool and they greet us every morning, I think I've gotten a close as humanly possible to Via Madera in Mexico.

The work is actually going really well despite Guadalupe being another kinda famous area is not have baptisms. We are actually baptizing somebody this Saturday! And we're planning to have another baptize the next Saturday! And..the next Saturday! That's right, the next 3 Saturdays will have a baptism if we play our cards right. It's kinda risky to get excited about these kinda things because sometimes it doesn't work out exactly how you'd like it to, but gotta keep the faith up. Just so you know, this first Saturday is Alejandra's baptism, the next is Matzin's (never heard that name before), and the last one will be Juan (I've heard that name 10000 times). They are all super cool, and I'm way excited for them. Make sure to include them in your prayers if you can, it would be super cool if we can them all baptized. The ward as a whole looks like it's struggling a little bit, we had like 30 people in the church. Oh, and of course I am speaking next week...I'm like a Mexican high councilman. But the people we do have in the Ward are all quality, even though they can't really pronounce/remember my name, but I guess thats nothing really new.

I got to know my companion a little better this week, and he is for sure an interesting dude. I'll be honest, wasn't really a fan after the first couple of days, but we worked things out and things are going a lot better. Elder Garcia is 23 years old and from Puebla, Mexico and talks a ton! He also snores like a machine. I guess I could get used to it, but the room we sleep in is pretty tiny, and his snoring always wakes me up. Heck, it echoes around the entire house! Last night I moved my mattress into the hall way, and it was worth it. We're still getting used to each other, but things are going pretty well. He did live in Chicago for a year, so we have a little bit of United States connection. But the good news is two of my best buddies in the Mission are in the zone with me. Elder Payzant, and Elder Young. We text Simpsons quotes back and forth, very good times. This was the last text from Elder Payzant: (who is from So Cal as well!) "Bill Clinton: here is that trophy you wanted just remember if you don't get things the way you want...just complain until someone listens. Marge: that is pretty lousy thing to teach people...Bill: well I'm a pretty lousy President." Gotta love American buddies in the Mission. We also did a cool scavenger hunt thing around Downtown Zacatecas today, I went with Elder Payzant, check out some of the photos!

Well sir, it's been a long week, but I'm optimistic for the next one. So how is everything going at home? Anything cool? Very happy about the Lakers victory over the Heat, thanks for the update Marvelous. So we're officially in March Madness Season, where is my bracket? I may be in a different country right now, but I can still beat you fools in March Madness. Well, I feel like I should talk about some spiritual things now...let's see, what have I learned this week? Me and my companion had the opporunity to fast last Sunday, and it was easy to see the blessings when both Alejandra and Matzin came to church. I realize that sometimes blessings can take their time to come, but you gotta believe that they will always come. Can't lose faith of that as a Missionary, or as a person. For me the two hardest things to learn are pacience and humility, and I feel like my Mission shined a bright spotlight on those weaknesses, and I can catch glimpses that I'm actually improving in those things. Weak things become strong, but I think I'm still a working progress. Well, I love you guys, the Church is true and the key to happiness. Keep it classy, Family.

Elder Abbott

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