Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

Family! It's Monday! What once was one of my least favorite days of the week, is now one of my favorites. Everything changes in the Mish. But I plan on continuing liking Mondays forever, I'll totally be a lame R.M. in no time, and I can wait to get super into FHE with Mom and Dad when I get back. Heck, we'll all be R.M.'s, we're going to have some pretty inspired FHE's I think. Me and Dad can even sing bass and tenor parts when we sing either "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel," or "Do What is Right." The two classics of Abbott Family Home Evenings. Can't wait. Well sir, It's been another week in the Mish, was ok, I guess. My turtle (Donatello) is disproving the odds and still going strong. We didn't find any cool investigators though, which happends sometimes. Or alot depending on the situation. My arm kinda hurts right now and after 2 straight hours of Mexican Basketball. It's like American Basketball, but you get punched the face more often. Always a confidence builder though, I think I understand a little better how Dwight Howard may feel when he gets so many boards.

What else has been going on this week? Alejandra finally got confirmed! Except we accidently got to the church a little late that day because we tried to bring someone to church with us, and we didn't really get to see the confirmation, but still. Oh, also my companion, Elder Garcia was Senior Companion this week. The Zone Leaders wanted us to change roles so that the young guns can learn how to become Senior Comps. It was pretty laid back for me not having to make so many decisions, and Elder Garcia could see it's not as easy as he thinks to be the one calling all the shots. But still, I'm glad to have the cell phone back in my possesion, I was missing all the Simpsons quotes last week. I also got a chance to do divisions with one of my best friends in the Mission, Elder Young, who is actually a zone leader, this week. He's a huge Rush fan, and we have tons of stuff in common, so it was pretty awesome to kick it with him for a little while. Oh, more big news in the Zacatecas area...we just had our ward combines with another branch right next to us! Guadalupe (my ward), basically ate Arroyo de la plata (the branch that goes to our building as well). I'm a fan of the trade, our ward basically just doubled in size, and we finally got a Mission Leader as well! Besides, one big, excited ward is way better than two other seperate wards who are pretty lazy.

Well thats all the exciting things I got for you guys. Personally I'm doing pretty good I suppose. Just trying to do my part and help people out down here. But whats new back at home? Mom and Dad already gave their farewell talks? And Greg and Mike newly sang "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel," infront of the Yorba Linda 3rd Ward congregation? I find that hard to believe, but they did tell me miracles would happen in my Family as I serve a Mission. Success! I would pay every peso in my pocket to see Mike and Greg belt that song in church. Plus I'm positive that they still totally remember the words of the whole song, that's so classic. I'm sure Mom and Dad loved that. So I guess the cycle will be complete, every single one of us has at one time been in the MTC, and now it's Mom and Dad's turn. But even though I'm coming on 17 months as a Missionary, they're still going to get home before I do! Live it up Mom and Dad. My buddy Tarabilda just sent me a March Madness bracket, and me and him we'll do our Annual Mission March Madness bet. Loser has to buy the Winner a coke. I triumphantly drank that coke last year thanks to UCONN, let's see if I get lucky this year.

Anything else new going on back at home? Is my X-Box still going strong at Greg's house? Chances of it being broken....95%. But hey, that's okay. I'm learning that material stuff isn't nearly as important as just being with the people you love and living the Gospel. I plan on enjoying both of those things as much as I can when I get back. I'm not going to lie, I miss all of you a ton. I love this Gospel, and I'm learning a lot as I'm trying to teach it to the other people, but I can't wait to apply all of these principals into my indepdent life again and be a better guy. I love all of you, have a great week! This is just between you and me.....smashed-hat.

Elder Abbott

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