Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

Family! Always a good thing to be writing you guys. So I guess another week just went by and time definitley feels like it's picking up. And it's getting harder and harder to remember what happened all the interesting things that happened. But honestly every day is going by super quickly later and it's always like two hours later than I think it is every time I check my watch. I think I just got totally used to what its like to be a Missionary in Mexico. I seriously can't even imagine what it's going to be like to be living at home again..that's going to be a really interesting day. These days it's completely normal for people to just yell "Hermanos!" to us from the other side of the street. A lot of people here think they know English, so we definitely hear people yell "brothers!" all the time in this great Mexican accent. It'll be weird seeing Mexican people at home and not having them yell something at me. I think I miss might it actually, better enjoy it while I can, right?

So it's been another week full of knocking doors and not really finding anybody who's willing to listen to the Gospel. But as always, we're doing a great job finding and talking to the weirdest people on the planet. This area is full of them. Like I said, Independencia is kinda famous for being a hard area, but I still think we can find someone to baptize this change. Just gotta find them. Oh, and as you can tell by the picture, someone thought it would be funny to put a giant lizard on my jacket. I totally had no idea it was there until I turned my head and saw the thing looked straight at me. It looked a lot bigger when it was 4 inches from my face. So the Iguana is from our mission leader actually, who already bought it a leash and takes it on walks reguarly at the near-by park. Like I said, this area is full of interesting people...even the members. This last week was actually Elder Astete's birthday as well, which kind of ended up being a miracle. When the day came, neither of us had much money, and no members knew it was his birthday, so looked like it was just going to be another normal full-day of work, which is kind of a bummer on your birthday. But later on in the day we heard that it was actually the birthday of one of the coolest members in the ward, Hermano Bretado! Naturally, I invited ourselves over and we enjoyed some carne asada and a cake! It felt good to see my Peruvian buddy get sung to and everything on his first birthday in the Mish. It can be hard sometimes to be far away from the family for events like that, but the Bretado family came in strong that day. Oh and Mom, don't think I was being super lame inviting ourselves over, they totally would have invited us had they known it was Elder Astete's birthday! The Bretado's are kind of like the Youngbergs of my Mission...we can just walk in and use the bathroom and get a glass of water and sometimes Hermana Bretado gives us something to eat! I love those types of people in the world. Well, other than that nothing too crazy to report this week. We've been in a drought here in Durango for like 6 months, there's a little weather fun-fact for ya.

So how is everybody at home? All the babies are offically born right? Sometimes I lose track of who is pregant and who is not these days, but as far as I am concerned there shouldn't be any more new babies for the rest of my Mission, right? I finish 15 months in the Mission this week, which means I'm short 9 months in the Mission...thus making any new babies being born while I'm in the Mission impossible! But back to the Lakers, seems like we're just playing pretty average these days. I think I lucked out when it comes to the Lakers and Mission timing. They won back-to-back the two years before my Mission, played pretty average the two years I'm in the Mission, and this summer they'll sign some awesome new free agents and we'll be awesome by the time I get back. I think it's more than a coincidence I got called on my Mission when I did. Fits perfectly with the Lakers. So how crazy are Mom and Dad feeling about their mission call? I'm sure they'll love their 6 month stay in Barstow...they can bring us all back thermamotors when they get back. How could you guys forget that Barstow is home of the world's largest thermamotor? No just kidding, Nauvoo Visitor's Center is for sure calling Mom and Dad's name. Oh and speaking of Mom and Dad, since when have you been planning a vacation to Costa Rica? And you're leaving this Saturday? You guys are going on the coolest vacations! I guarantee the first vacation I go on with Mom and Dad when I get back will be to Corona or...Hemet. But I'm actually totally cool with that, I can travel to all the cool places in the world when my last son is in the Mish too. So anyways, anything else cool going on back at home? Let me know about it!

So the Church is just as true as it was last time I wrote you and man am I grateful to be a part of it. I think sometimes we take for granted being members of the only true Church in the world...there are tons of people out there who are super confused and would love to find our Church. I guess thats why I'm out here. Well I love you guys, and hope everything is going great back at home. Keep it real!

Elder Abbott

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