Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Family! So yep, changes have already come and gone and....I'm exactly where I was before! Which the exact same Peruvian and everything. I've never ever heard of anybody staying as companions for more than 2 changes, but me and Elder Astete and going for the three-peat. We're making history. I honestly thought I was going to get moved to a different area, but I guess President had different plans. I'm cool with it though, Elder Astete and I have already gotten used to each other, and we know the area like the back of our hand, so no complaints. Besides usually it's a little bit awkward when you first start with a new companion. You don't know the first thing about each other, but you both know you'll be spending every waking moment together for who knows how long. It's also a little weird coming into a new area that you don't know, with the members you don't know, and all that. So Elder Astete and I are going on our third change together, in my fourth change in the zone...thats a whole quarter of the Mission! But I really do like Durango much more than Torreon, so I'm glad I get to stick around for a little while longer. Only thing thats a bummer is we only get letters like once a change, or once a month or so because we're so far away from Torreon, but I think it's worth it. Besdies it's not like tons of people are writing me still after 14 months. Actually believe it or not I just got a very nice Christmas card action from the Young-bloods and the Tekulves'. Two classic families in my life. Nothing better than growing up in Yorba Linda 3rd, so many classic memories.

Well I think we had a pretty good week. We're kinda fell back into "who are we going to baptize now?" mode now that Tony has already gotten baptized. Tony is doing awesome by the way, he goes to every single church function possible. He already talked to the Bishop about serving a Mission and is already saving up money to do it. Not bad, right? Sadly we still haven't found a place for him to live yet, but we're staying optimistic and so is he. But honestly the past week was just pretty much spent knocking doors and not really finding anybody. To tell you the truth I'm pretty sure we've already knocked all the doors in the area, so I guess we are just going to start all over, as if we just got here. I know it's not a big deal or anything, but I'm going on 6 consecutive changes with baptisms. I'm getting cocky, right? I'm like Kobe scoring 40 points for 5 consecutive points. Just kidding, I think I just get lucky with people. There are Missionaries who are wayyy better teachers than I am, but I guess it's not really us doing the teaching after all. Anyways, hopefully next week I'll have some cool investigatores to tell you about, but for now, we're still knocking.

So Mom and Dad's Mission papers are actually in? No way! I'm still calling The Nauvoo Visitor's center, I would love to work out there for a couple of changes. Maybe Mom and Dad and me could change for a little while. Mom would love it out here. But seriously, that is so cool that Mom and Dad are taking iniative and making it happen. As long as they're home by the time I am, I am all for it. You really do learn a ton as a Missionary, and also go through tons of tests as well, but thats how we learn right? Oh! Welcome to the world Baby Evie! Man, I am totally losing count of neieces and nephews I have. I seriously feel like every P-Day I end up having a new niece. It's great! I can't wait to meet all of them in a couple of months. Congrats Kev and Rach, sounds like everything is coming up Milhouse. How are the Lakers doing? Sounds like we're pretty average, but hey, thats better than terrible. As long as we make it to the playoffs anythings possible. Kobe is still going off right? The dude is unstoppable, he'll be drilling 3's until he is 80 years old. Is everybody loving Coach Brown who looks like a giant slug in the NBA video games? Sounds like he is taking great care of Pau and Bynum, and we both know those guys are huge for the team. I still belive in the Lakers.

Anything else new going on at home? Sounds like good times. Besides that lousy serial killer who is killing our homeless people. What a jerk! Good thing we got em'. Besides that weirdness, you gotta appreciate the peacefulness of where we live. It really is nice... definitely a different vibe than whats going on in Mexico these days. Hey! We actually went bowling today believe it or not. Suddenly I know how to bowl for the first time in my life! It was pretty fun, except for the fact that it broke within half an hour. Whatcha gonna do. Personally, I'm going to try my best to dig a little deeper this change and do a god job. I guess I've been having a few problems not worrying about things back at home in all honesty. It really is a stressing thing. I'm going to try to do my best to do de-stress myself and just focus on my love for the people and my love for the Gospel. My goal is to start, and make some serious progress reading The Old Testament in English every night. Little things like that help a Missionary get into a better groove.

I really do love the Gospel, and I love all of you so much. I'm at a point in my Mission where I'm definitely tired, but I gotta keep going. Thanks for all the support you guys give me, I know it makes a huge difference. I hope everything is great for you guys back at home, and everybody finds joy in the Gospel. We have the restored Gospel so we can be happy, it's really not that complicated. I also know the Gospel is even better to live as a Family, which makes me miss you guys, but I still feel your influence out here. I can't wait to live the Gospel in my own family someday. I think living the Gospel with your family is as close as we can get to heaven. Good things are coming Family. I love all of you, and remember to take it easy. Go Lakers!

Elder Abbott

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