Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2, 2012

Family! How is everybody doing? Well, it is officially 2012, kinda hard to believe I know. I fully expect to hear the question, "is the world going to end this year?" at least a million times before I go home. It's the Aztec's fault that everyone here in Mexico thinks that, these people are so superstitious. But it's alright, I think that might lead to a whole lot of baptisms this year, at least in Mexico. 2011 was definitely the most different year of my life, and the hardest, but I'm confident that I'm coming out of it much stronger than I was going into it. I guess that means I'd call it a successful year, I'm happy with it. I'll be honest, it's kinda weird to think that I'll be coming home this year, but it's also comforting and makes me want to take advantage of the time I've got. Don't get me wrong, still got a ways to go, but only having 10 months left is a whole lot different than having 24 left when I started. Things are starting to feel more downhill, and I feel like I'm becomming a better Missionary too, so win-win situation. How was everyones new year? I actually drank some Martinelli's as well this year believe it or not, well a cheap mark-off brand of Martinelli's, but it still tasted really good. What are everyones resolutions for 2012? I think everyone should dedicate theirselves to sending more packages full of candy to me on the Mission. I mean think about it, I will be the last Missionary of this family for at least 10 years, gotta take advantage when you can.

It's been a pretty good week. Tony is still progressing super well and everything should be good to go for his baptism this week. We're super lucky to teach this dude, just accepts everything so fast with so much faith in it. Sometimes I feel like I'm learning more than he is when we have our discussions. I'm really happy that he choose Elder Astete to baptize him, it'll be my companion's first time in the water. But actually I will be in there too, to help get Tony into the water, but still, Elder Astete is doing all the work. No luck yet in finding him a place to live, but he does have a pretty nice situation in the park if you ask me. Nice bench underneath a tree, tons of blankets, lots of people come to visit and chat with him. Whereas our house is super cold, dirty, full of scorpions, and weird neighbors...not sure which situation is better actually. I'll maken sure to send the pictures of Tony's baptism next week, should be a great day. Hey, you're never going to believe what happened the other day! I was flipping through the new Liahona for the month of Janurary, and who had a giant article about them in the middle of it? None other than Brother and Sister Craig T. Olson. It had pictures and everything! It was an article talking about Senior Missionaries and all the cool things they do. I saw the picture of Craig T. and I just couldn't believe it, that's the guy who has filled so many of my cavities! And now he is in the Liahona. Pretty sure the article is only in the Mexican Liohonas though, because they have a secition in the middle dedicated to Mexico, and thats where the article was, but I'll make sure to bring it home with me.

Hey, I totally forgot about this, but thanks Kev and Rach for the fanstastic Christmas present! I've already eaten all of the candy, and I'm going to try to explain Monolopy Deal in Spanish to my companion tomorrow. Should be fun. It really was a solid Missionary Christmas for me, I'm so glad I have such a cool family. So I've been thinking about it, and I think I've got some good New Years Resolutions as well. My goal is to just finish strong in the Mish, have a happy and productive last ten months, and just make the best of it. And by the time I get home, to hopefully find a job for a month or so, and be good to go back up to School for the Winter semester. Also for the Lakers to win the championship. It's gonna be a good year. Oh, another funny thing that happened this week. I showed a few pictures of the family to some members, and they found one of the Happy Brothers pictures, and they said, "do you really smile like that in the United States?" I said, "just my brothers."

So how is everyone doing back at home? I'm actually liking the look of the Lakers more and more from what I am hearing. I say we still got a chance this year. So how many weeks tell Baby Evie is due? Will that seriously be the 32nd member of our immediate family? That's awesome. I was looking at the old pictures on the digital picture frame you sent me, and they are so great. I saw the pictures of Family Camp when we all did the Family Numbers thing. I feel good about my standing as Number 9, still in the top 10. But all those pictures just reinforce that I couldn't ask for a better family. I miss all of you guys, but here I'm starting to understand better what it means to have an Eternal Family. There's nothing more I want in this world, than to be with all of you's for forever, and the family I'll have. This Church and this Gospel is the way to make that happen, and I'm glad to be paying my dues and serving when I have been given so much. Hope all is well with you guys. Love you!

Elder Abbott

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