Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 23, 2012

Family! How is everyone doing? Always good to do some writin'. I think I'm honestly running out of catchy ways to start my emails. How wonderful were my emails at the beginning of the Mission? So entertaining, but spiritual, got a few laughs. But the thing was is that back then the weeks went by a lot slower, and it seemed a lot more stuff happened. Now it's really hard to remember what happened in the week. Something interesting/weird/cool happeneds every single day pretty much, and you would not believe how much people ask me to give them things. Being in the Capital of Durango, there is definitely a lot of crazys in the street, and every single one of them wants to talk to me and ask me for things. Today one guy asked me for my clothes, the other day some guy asked for a hug (denied!), and the some other guy asked me for some "dimes." Strange, stange people in Mexico. But you gotta love them, well at least I have to. And I do. Alright lets see if I can remember things that went down this week.

It was the first week of Me and Elder Astete's third change here in Independencia, and it was....not bad. But not so great either. We're still looking for people to teach, and not having much luck. Everyone in the area already recognizes us because we've knocked like every door, so it's sort of awkward when we find that person we've contacted like 5 times already. We're trying our best to not get our spirits down, but man is it hard to find people here. But I gotta believe that if we just doing what we do, somebody will open the door. But hey, we're actually rockin' it with the less-active people belive it or not. But I think it has a lot to do with the schedule change of the church and now we start at 12:00 in the day. It is a battle to make this people wake up on time and come to church. Speaking of church, I have to prepare another talk this week! Totally forgot until just now. I'm talking about how our attitudes shape out our outcomes, I like the sound of it. I'm just going to have to translate it into Spanish. A litte bit a bad news is that Tony, our recent convert, is really struggling all of a sudden. Some of his buddies tempted him to drink, and he fell for it. He is really hurting right now. He'll be alright though, could be a great learning oportunity for him. And some good news, we bowled again today, and I won! My fingers are killing me. Still worth it though.

So how is life back at home? Kev has officially completed 30 years?! Dude, that is totally old! Big ups for Kev, now that he an old man with two kids and all. I just entered my 20's, and Kevin just left it. Sunrise, Sunset...Anyways, what else is new back at home? The Lakes are still stinkin' it up? Don't worry, Chris Paul or Dwight Howard will be on our team before you know it. I heard that Randy Francis just got his mission call! Where is he going again? St. Louis, right? Well thats cool. Yorba Linda 3rd has been a Missionary Machine. Also we win Church Basketball every year. Best ward ever. Well from the sound of it, everything is really laid back back at home, and thats awesome. I think so much of life is just perspective, and you just gotta enjoy it as it goes. I'm way excited for the days when I have my own family, and my life is totally boring. It'll be great! But gotta take care of business down here first and foremost. The Church is true, I know it because we can learn so much from it. Think about it, we have the Book of Mormon, the Bible, the words of the much straight-up knowledge! Heavenly Father wants us to understand as much as we can, and we learn all of it our church. And that's great. I love you guys, I love the Gospel,'s to another week of knocking tons and tons of doors. Remember to golf it, and then frolf it.

Elder Abbott

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