Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

Family! This is easily in the top 5 best parts of the week. Oh what's that, you want me to tell you the top 5 best things at the MTC? You got it. I'm just going to go in no particular order, because I feel bad putting P-Day number one. You've got a little Tuesday Devosh, which this week was, ya'll ready for this, Relief Society President Arlen Beck! Her name is something Beck, I'm not sure what, but she was pretty awesome. I play some serious Ball 5 times a week, every Friday we got PaPa John's Pizza, and I have perfected the showers here. The key is to go down two floors, shower where there's nobody around, some nice warm water, so peaceful. Why hasn't everybody figured this out? And to top it all off, you get to go to the temple every week! Not too shabby family, not too shabby.
So I don't know if you've heard the rumors or not, but I'm having sugery this Tuesday. Relax, it's not a big deal. I'm just getting my giant, golf ball like toncils out of my mouth. Which is such a relief. So last week I got diagnosed with Mono and Toncilitus, awesome! Actually it is kinda awesome. I kinda have this free nap pass that I like to use occasionally, no one questions you because you have Mono. Which is think is super contagious by the way, I've easily gotten like 15 people sick of thats the case. No worries, Mono isn't that bad. So I got to go see this specialist in the outside world, or "Babylon" is what we call it here, it was the craziest thing ever! I haven't seen anything beyond the MTC in a month. I felt like I time traveled from the 1700's or something, or I just got back from the Island on LOST. Everything was so weird! But walking around in Provo with a missionary tag instantly makes you a celebrity. Everybody and their Grandma will just freak out everytime they see you and tell you how their grandson just got their call. Good times. It sounds way worse than it is, I'm not doing too bad at all, except the fact I got an MTC haircut today. I look just terrible.
Anyways, how is everyone else doing? Good to hear Abby and Papa are finally back from their "Tyler's Finally Gone" vacation. Hey Mom and Dad, I miss you guys! I really do. Same goes for all of you. How was T-Giving? Sounds like it was pretty awesome from what I've heard from everybody (Brett). Even when your in the MTC though, a loss to the Jazz just hurts deep down. Actually, especially in the MTC. Naturally everyone loves the Jazz here, and naturally everyone loves it when I insist on wearing my Kobe jersey every single night. So how much did Sammy freak out when you came home Mom and Dad? Aw man, wish I could have been there, Sammy probably almost self destructed on pure excitement. Kinda like "Black Sea Barricuda" for a dog.
Life is pretty swell out here for me. We got a new district of kids the last week. My group has been the youngest group for the past 4 weeks, it was definitely time for some new blood. We got a kid from London, which we were all pumped for. He sounds like Wallace from Wallace & Gromit. I love it. The language is definitely still progressing. I've gotten really comfortable teaching about The Restoration and The Plan of Salvation in Spanish if you can believe it. Hey Uncle Bert, Rando, and Mike, brush up on your Spanish, you better believe we'll be talking in it when I get back. I've just really settled here at the MTC. I've gotten to the point where I know the drill, I'm buddies with everybody, I know what to eat and what not to eat, I finally figured out which was the Men stairs and not the Lady's Stairs in the Temple. I've officially been on my mission an entire month!
Thanks again to everyone who has been awesome writting me. Brett, you gotta know how awesome of a brother you are. All of you are the best brothers ever, but Brett is the true keeper of the keys. I loved that Simmons article, even though I kinda hate him. But keep the letters coming! Just when your sitting there, got nothing to do, go on DearElder and write your old Brother/Son/Uncle a letter. It will seriously make his day.
So just wanted to reiterate how much I love all of you. I feel so, so blessed to be a part of this family. I've got the greatest neices and nephews ever, who have helped me become a better person more than they'll ever know. So we've got this system in my class where everyone is a progressive investigator for the other. For one companionship there teaching me as Gregorious. And for another companionship there teaching me as Miles Joseph. It's really fun and interesting to work that out. Special shoutout to Greg and his family, you guys are the bomb. Hope everyone is doing great, and I'm praying for you every night. Keep it on keepin' it real. Play Stump for Wood for me. Copy and paste more Bill Simmons articles for me. Read the Book of Mormon a little more for me. And most imporantly, be happy. You guys rock!
Elder Abbott

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