Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26, 2010

Familia! How's it hangin everybody? How many times was "Name something you take with you to the beach" said at Abby's house on T-Giving? Somewhere in the range of 10-35 I'm going to say. Thanks again for all the letters I've been getting from everybody lately. Here's the first couple of weeks top writers:
1. Brett - Truly the greatest keeper of the keys any family has ever seen. Zero chance I don't get a letter from him, it's just zero.
2. Mark & Heather - Barely beating out Kev & Rach, because I'm pretty Kevin didn't write me last week. Rachael definitely did, which makes her awesome. But Mark & Heather going to Heather's mom's office to type out a letter, mass points
3. Kevin & Rachael - Consistent, uplifting letters. Good stories, good times, special times.
4. Mike - Writes me at least once a week. Just kidding. Isn't that the same brother who said "Your dead to me" to Mark before his mission? Yup, it definitely was. Awesome.
So life continues at the MTHans. I'm trying to remember all the interesting things that happened this week, stay with me here. Well whatever, I'm just going to start on Thanksgiving. So get this family, not one, not two, but three devotionals! Greatest day ever. They all kinda went in decreasing order throughout the day. First and foremost we had Jeffrey R. Holland come in the morning! Coolest thing ever, dude is such a cool apostle. Really strikes a good balance of entertaining, loving, and spiritual. He brought his entire family and told us not to be homesick today and just to pretend his family was ours for the day. He has all his grandkids come up and sing for us, and it made me appreciate how cool my neices and nephews are. So for all you neices and nephews out there who are reading this, you guys rock. He spoke about how much Christ and Heavenly Father knows us personally. That totally doesn't do it justice, I wish everyone could have been there. One of my favorite things about apostles, still reading right Greg, is how you can just tell they've seen some amazing things that are much too sacred to dicuss. I'm positive those guys are absolutely called of God and have a very direct relationship with him, thats why it's the Church of Jesus Christ foo's, not the Church of Jose Smith. Well anywho, after that we had a devotional about poor kids in Africa which wasn't depressing at all, just kidding. But no worries, because shortly thereafter we got to make backpacks! It was really fun actually, and now those crazy kids can carry books in their backpacks instead of on their head, which apparently they do. We got thanksgiving "dinner" at 12:00 Noon and it really wasn't too bad believe it or not. And to top it off, Thankful fireside that night. Awesome, right? Everyone in my district got packages from their families, way to be in Australia Mom & Dad. That's fine though, I ate so much of other peoples food. Rarely even asking anybody. I was kinda like Kev and Marv on Christmas Morning 15 years ago, opening everyone's packages for them, and then I was like Greg 15 years ago, stealing them. Good times.
So get this family, this is way cool. You know that TRC I was telling you about? Well this week our task was to basically teach the entire second lesson (Plan of Salvacion) in 35 minutes, all in Spanish. And guess what family, I did it. There is no better feeling than feelin' it while your teaching a lesson with somebody you really do love and care about, not to mention in a different language. The lady said how much she liked us as missionaries and we committed her to baptism. So yes it was practice, and yes she is a member of the church and a volunteer, but hey, it's not easy asking someone to be baptised regardless. So, yeah that was awesome. Heavenly Father is definitely making an impact on my Spanish. I could barely have a 2 minute Spanish discussion in two years of High School, and I've been in the MTC what? Almost 4 weeks now?
So time for personal shout outs:
Brett - I really like that out to dinner once a month thing. I want to use that in my family someday, it's good to get some one on one time with the parentals. Also, seriosuly thanks for keeping me updated, it's really awesome.
Rachael - So when is Holly's first try out with the Benjamin Babysitter Club? How about every weekend for the next two years? Deal. Just kidding. Just every Friday & Saturday.
Marv & Heather - So cold outside! Isn't it just terrible? Heather, how did you grow up in this? But anyways, how is Thanksgiving in P-Town?
Randy - Strong showing Rando! So everything seems to be pretty crazy around the homestead these days, but try to enjoy it. Sunrise....Sunset....I think that's a song, and I think you should listen to it. Keep it up, bro!
So as for the Lakers - I've been doing the math everyday, and they absolutely should win this year. It's the deepest team I've ever seen. If Sasha is ever the tenth man on your team, your in good shape. Just imagine who the Pacers tenth man is, Brother Burt or something. And Brett, if you ever feel like DearEldering me the postgame reports of Laker W's, it would be so, so appreciated.
So things are good with me. I've been a little sick lately but I'm feeling better. How's that for an exciting report? Oh, and Mom if you ever come home from Australia and have this deep desire to send me a care package lined with Sports Pages, a carton of GoldFish would just make me so happy. The food has been good here, plus they sell Pretz in the book store, but I've got this craving for a cheesy, salty snack, it's overwhelming. I've gained like almost 10 pounds! Pure muscle. So things are good, with my companion (even though he's from Utah, and occasionally rips for CA for some reason), my district, and the zone. I feel right at home, I guess. But please keep writing me if you can, and I love all of you! I forgot to mention Sambo last week, and it kept me up all night. Express my love for Sambo. You guys are the best, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be an Abbott. The church is true ya'll, keep on rockin' it.
Elder Abbott

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