Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6, 2010

Hola me familia! Oh my gosh, so much to say and I've only got 24 minutes and two seconds! I've got a little timer in the corner of the screen which reminds me a lot of the show 24. So much pressure, so many clothes to wash at the same time. So hey! It's true, I'm at the MTC and It's been a total trip the past three days, which seriously have felt so much longer than that. It's already hard to remember the good ol' days of Eggo Waffles in the morning taking Sam on a walk. Ah, those were the days. Well anyways, It's honestly been pretty awesome the past couple of days. I know all this will probably be pretty boring for those of you out there, like Greg for example. But whatever, I'm givin you the low down anyways:
My Companion- Elder Heyer! It's pronounced "Higher" but of course I don't call him that. I put a little Spanish twist into it and call him Elder Ayer. I like to think he appreciates it. He's a way cool guy from some little town called Helper, Utah and is watching me write this, so yeah, way cool guy. We get along really nicely, and he laughes at my jokes, so no worries. We taught in spanish today for the first time, and it was uh, interesting. When I run out of things to talk about with a potential "investigator" I always just say what I like about them. Me gusta usted zapatillas, me gusta usted ojos. Wanna know how I know I'm gay? Saying me gusta usted ojos to a missionary.
Socially, things have been pretty awesome. I'm kinda the leader of my gang like the good ol' days, and I think they think I'm kinda crazy. But we always have fun and we all get along great. Oh yeah! The other dudes in my district are cool too. My best friend here is probably Elder Terrabilda, he plays basketball at UC San Diego and his Grandpa is in the sixth ward. We had a three point shooting contest yesterday and I beat him. Highlight of the MTC thus far.
Just kidding, It's probably time for the spiritual thangs. I've grown so much in the past three days, but I'm still me. Thats what I was afraid of on the mission, I'd grow so much that I'd kinda lose the guy I was. Well, no worries about that, I'm going to run this place in another week. But spiritually, it's amazing. Honestly, in just three days so much has changed for me. I'm just so much more suspectible to the Spirit than before, and it's awesome. Without the Spirit, this would be so much harder. My teachers are these way cool 24 year old returned missionary dudes. Not returned missionary in the "let's go to the pizza parlor and cheap theater" kinda way, but legitamitely cool dudes that I can talk to. One in particular, Hermano Wood is a single man and I always ask him what his plans are that night, I'm encouraging him to go after an Hermana teacher down the hall. I believe in him.
Gym time is fantastic. So much basketball, me and Elder Terrabilda are so happy they let us play. By the way! Brothers, remember the Schmutz's that beat us in Family Camp basketball? Remember the white guy returned missionary who acted like his leg fell off when he twisted his ankle? That guy works here! Took me forever to figure it out, but thats the guy.
Anywho, how is everyone else doing? More specifically, how are the Lakers doing? I wore my Kobe shirt here on the first day and half the elders here call me Elder Kobe. All the Jazz fans really appreciated that, which is like 90% of the people here.
Mom - How is work going? How is that crazy lady you work with doing? Ok I don't really care so much about her, but how is life without ol' Tyler to make grilled cheeses for? How pumped are for your Australia trip? How often do you use the iPad? Tons, right?
Dad - Dad! How is everything going back at home? I expect you to still be running three times a week when I come back, and I also expect you to be running three times a week when my kids get back from their missions. You can do it, Big D
Hey Brett! Check out the website - Coolest thing ever. If you could put a link to it on my blog, I'd appreciate it. Basically you can write a letter on that website, they'll print it out for you and give it to me the day you write it. And of clouse, it is free! It makes a world of difference to get a letter from someone, and I've already gotten several from Mike. Just kidding. But I'm optimistic.
The food here is actually pretty great. I'm eating a ton, and trying lots of new stuff. We've had hamburgers for three meals already, I miss In-N-Out so much. Anyways, a little box just told me I have to finish up. So I'm doing good up here, the days are long, but all satisfying. Keep praying for me and I'll do the same for all of you. I love all of you and hope you guys are coping well without me, especially you Mark. Whoah, remember those numbers I told you about the top right of the screen that times me? Now they're becomming bigger and bigger, so much pressure. Well anyways, keep on rockin' family and friends. Keep on rockin'
Elder Abbott
PS - Those of you at BYU, if you see Holly walking around, give her a hug for me. Muchas Gracias

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