Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

So anyways, good week family! It's definitely getting to the point where I've lost all track of time. It's seriously P-Day again? The days go by so fast, but at the same time they are so jam-packed with stuff. Hey Greg, how much does hour 3 of discussing Investegator Body Language pump you up? Speaking of Gregorious, we do tons of role play stuff here and they tell us to pretend to be someone we know taking the missionary discussions. Naturally, I'm Greg and naturally I give them a super hard time, but end up agreeing to come back to church. Eat my dust, Greg.
But seriously, life is good at the MTC. Espanol is definitely coming, pretty slow, but it's coming. I can pretty comfortably pray and say my testimony in spanish and me and my companion are working on giving the first lesson in Spanish. This is such an interesting letter, huh? Well listen up, these are the things I have to get pumped up for these days. I'm really loving Gym time. Me and my buddy Tarabilda try to break the MTC records every single day. I was 3 free throws away from breaking the all time MTC record, I tried to channel my inner Shasha, but I ended up bricking it, so I guess I did channel my inner Shasha.
Oh ya! Elder Bednar came this week so speak to the MTC, and it was so awesome. Let me tell you about it. Actually I don't think I will, this letter is about me not Elder Bednar. Alright well I will say this, doctrine is everything in the church, the answer is always in the doctrine. Think about that family.
Mom/Dad - Australia! Only slightly cooler than last year's "vacation" to Viscalia. No offense Bert, I love Viscalia. One of my good buddies here is from Australia, and he says Kanagaroos are more dangeros than they look. Watch out Dad.
Brett - What's better to hand out after a soccer game than hand made Burritos? Forget buying popsicles for the kids on your soccer team, nothing like a Burrito after a game. Greatest coach ever.
Mark/Heather - Good to hear from you guys! Marvelous, would you kindly write me more letters? Terrible joke only you will get, but seriously play it again. Tell me about the next game you get, and what about Marv Abbo? Starting PG for the Knicks? Heather! I will definitely talk to Hermano Wood, everyday in class we try to get him to talk about his love life. He just got back from his mission and is super awkward, we're trying to set him up with Tarabilda's sister.
Randy - How's the house? And yes, the MTC is the worst smelling place in the world. It makes the PetHotel smell like the Buddhist people's garden across the street.
So like I said, I'm doing really good. I'm super close with my district and we're all buddies. We just have tons of fun laughing at ourselves and especially the new missionaries who just came in. That was so weird, seeing the new missionaries come in. They all seem so young, but I guess that was me like a week ago. But seriously after the first 4 days here, you own the place. Greg could run/walk this place in 10 minutes.
Sorry I don't have that much time to explain everything thats been going on and all the good times like the Norweigan kids who sit with us at dinner. Those kids rock by the way. But anyways, if you could please find the time to write me on DearElder every once in a while, letters really have the power to change days. I love all of you so much! Keep up the good work, and just remember how cool it is we can be a Family Forever! That's what it's all about foo's.
Elder Abbott

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