Monday, December 20, 2010

December 17, 2010

Merry Fishmas everybody. Is it seriously almost Christmas already? Man, time is the weirdest thing ever in the MTC. Sometimes I forget it's December, and I'm wondering when Thanksgiving is going to finally roll around. Then again, when the Holidays really aren't that different from any other day, it's easy to forget what day it is and where I am. I guess I'm in Utah, but the MTC is a lot, actually exactly like the Vatican in Italy. A country in itself, with a President, and the most obedient citizens of all time. The MTC is such a well oiled machine, I mean there's way more missionaries than there are teachers and things, yet everything runs so smoothly. Gotta admit, it's pretty amazing seeing so many young people do exactly what there supposed to do without being told. It's kinda like if Communism actually worked.
So anyways, Merry Christmas everybody! How is everything going in the outside world? Hopefully those who are headed down Abby's direction remember the magic of the Dingley Balls, as well as those cool streets in Brea witht he coco Christmas lights. The Dingley Balls are just so great, easily the best kept secret of Southern California. Oh, and Miles Joseph, make SURE you repeatedly sing "Oh Dingley Ball, Oh Dingley Ball, how lovely are you Dingles" several, several times over the Holiday season. Make me proud, boy. Oh, and who is buying for who this year? Pretty much everyone is solid these days, and there's no real down side to picking anybody's name out of the ol' hat. Hmm...although I want to say this year, whoever Kevin & Rach is buying for expect a nice thoughtful card and candy bar. Kev isn't Mr. Lawyer yet. But prove me wrong Bevington. And for whoever out there has Brett, congratulations, he will get you something awesome, for incredibly cheap. Who picked me out of the hat this year? Kev, I expect a great candy bar, milk chocolate Symphony bar would be fantastic.
So life is getting better and better at the ol' MTC, but so is my excitement just to get out to Mexico and start doing the real deal. Can you all believe I've been here 6 weeks? Which means in about two weeks or so, I should be shipped down south to visit my Mehicano hermanos, and man am I excited. Who wants a toncil update? Alright! Totally better, it was kind of a tough week to be honest. I never knew getting toncils out was going to be so terrible afterwards, it was incredibly awesome right afterwards. So many drugs, watched so much SportsCenter with my companion in the hospital. Every time the nurse asked us if we were ready to go, we smiled and said..."not quite yet." She eventually caught on, got some chocolate milk, and watched SportsCenter with us. Truly magical times on the mission. My Spanish has really been coming along lately, and I'm feelin' pretty confident these days. But don't worry, I definitely know it's not me who is good at Spanish, it's absolutely Heavenly Father blessing me to be able to speak it, the minute I start thinking it's me whose good, I lose it. Seriously! If your not spiritually there, Spanish does not come. But when your sincere about teaching somebody and pray for the gift of tongues, Heavenly Father will never leave you hanging, and it's awesome. We taught a really cool family in TRC this week about the Restoration, and it went really well. Me and my companion have our first "baptism" this week! How cool is that?
Oh and by the way, each and everyone of you rock. I'm pretty sure I got a letter from one of you every single day that I was kinda hatin' life with my throat just hurting way bad. I kinda needed some encouragement over those couple of days, and you guys definitely gave it. So thanks! And by the way, I got my voice back a couple of days ago, and man did I miss it. Mark! How fantastic is the new game? Your such a wise man, when used smartly, video games are a gift that can keep on giving. Keep writing me about it, and give me the details on what's going on! Sounds like you guys are having a magical Christmas, and maybe it's time for a Christmas miracle? Marvelous getting a yob? Stay optimistic Marv, I know for sure that your going to find exactly what your looking for. And thanks for the advice Heather, I'm going to build so many forts for my wife!
Brett! Fantastic Wilbon article, and I called this way before that D. Rose was going to be awesome. And perhaps the next franchise guys for the Lakes? Maybe CP3? Whoever we get, I'm calling it's going to be an awesome PG. Does anyone know when Kobe's massive contract ends? Here's hoping we don't give a 35 year old man a 5 year contract, even if he is the Mamba. Are Lakes pulling out of their skid lately? My Lakers source is a dude who works at the MTC gym, and I think he's been sick, so what's going on? Has Bynum's legs exploded yet? They should just have him on a wheelchair every moment of his life, except when he plays Basketball. That dummy. And Becky! Really appreciated your letter as well, I pray for you guys every night that you will really enjoy your lives. I think it's really cool that you guys are as happy as you are, may not be the most exciting time in your lives, but enjoy it! Life is short. Something I'm figuring out more everyday.
Greg & Family! Write me, ya dang fools. Especially you, you uneducated Shmutz. Love you
Kev & Rach! And of clouse Baby Benjamin. Hope all is well with you foo's and it's a magical Christmas wherever you may be. To quote Kevin: "I have a good Christmas..and...and...and..I hope ya get what ya want." Also! Go on more dates you two! And have Holly babysit, she's bored these days. Come on Kevin, Rachael is awesome and deserves more dates!
Mom & Dad! Loved getting the chance to talk to you last night and good to hear everything is going good and not too much has changed. Have an awesome Christmas! And thanks so much for all the packages and what not Mom, it's really added a lot to my Christmas. You guys rock. I love both of you so much! You deserve an awesome Christmas.
So all is good with ol' Elder Tyler. Just kinda counting the days tell Mexico, which is not too far away by the way. Oh and apparently Mike is a hero? I always knew he was.
Elder Abbott

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