Monday, December 20, 2010

December 10, 2010

Family! Aw man it is so good to be emailing everyone, let alone be communicating with anybody. So apparently when they take your toncils out, they take your voice too because I sound like a 400 year old man. Just straight up whisper all the time, so grumpy. Well, not too grumpy. Just grumpy when I get asked for like the 25th time that day how I'm doing, when they know very well I can't answer them. But that's ok, I'm on the road to recovery. So let me just apolagize in advance for any weird moments in this email, I am absolutely hopped up on goofballs at this very moment. I don't know what they gave me, but it's been pretty entertaining, just ask the guys in my district. So let me just start with the good stuff: my surgery. It was way early in the morning on Tuesday, and they wanted me to dress in my Hospital best once I got there. Which means no clothes, just gown. It took me a good ten minutes to figure out the barn door of that thing, eventually just wearing shorts underneath and not telling anybody. It's just too soon in my life to wander around a hospital with my barn door wide open. They shot an IV into me, I sort of remember having a conversation about the Ocean, and bam! Woke up with zero toncils. What happened before that, I have no idea. But the beauty of it, was I literally woke up eating some delicious yogurt and what was on TV? Sportscenter. That's right family of mine, Sportscenter. I knew in that moment that Heavenly Father knew me personally and loved me. Considering this, I felt no guilt watching rerun adter rerun of Sportscenter while the very nice nurse pumped some serious goofballs into my system. My companion was loving life too. We did everything we could to milk it, and stay as long as possible at the hospital, which totalled like 8 hours or something...I also watched Family Feud. Seriously good times. Eventually they caught on to the fact that I felt fine and was just trying to stick around for round 3 of the Feud, so they kicked us out. We picked up some medicine at the pharmacy right after, and I crashed for hours!
I've basically been bed-ridden since, but it hasn't been too bad actually. Gotten a lot of sleep, some great reading in the Book of Mormon, and just some time to myself. It's weird, I thought this would kinda go like my Wisdom Teeth and I would be fine in no time, but this is kinda kicking my butt to tell you the truth. But no worries, I'm definitely getting better and I'm super grateful to have those golfballs out, especially in a week or so. I'll probably be down and out for the next couple of days, but I should be back into action fairly soon. I have no idea how people back in the day were just bed-ridden for like months. My back is killing me! But of course, I still make it to gym time everyday. It would take quite a lot to keep me from gym time. Oh, and I also still made it to the Temple this morning, which is always awesome. Going to the temple is just so refreshing, I promise everytime you go you'll be happy you did. I don't know, everything just becomes easier and happier when looked at from the perspective of being in the temple. We're so lucky we get to go once a week. Man am I pumped to gloriously return to Newport Beach when I get back, I feel a very close connection to that temple.
Thanks so much for all the letters I got this week! I don't think there was a single day I didn't get a letter this week, and I kinda needed it this week. You guys rock. I'm still laughing about that Uncle Ron thing Rach, can't you see why me and him battled so much? You know he did that on purpose just to mess around with you, someone needed to stand up to him, and that someone was me. Brett! Loved the HP review, even though Ebert doesn't know the first thing about Harry Potter. I seriously love those things you send me Brettsky, those Simmons articles are so good! As well as your normal letters, on behalf of all the brothers in this family, we're very lucky to have you. Oh and yes, I met Elder Kimmy Gubler. Kind of an awkward kid, but pretty cool non the less. He's actually in the same district as Holly's cousin, so I'll say hey to those foo's every once in a while.
Mark and Haether! No worries about the yob Marko, I promise something will work out for you, I even got my whole district to pray for you last fast Sunday. And never let the dream of Southern California die! You better believe that's where I want to end up, and the more Abbott's we have down there the better, Randy & Sandy will figure it out eventually. And good work on the splurge, look forward to each and every one of those. Keep writing me and telling me about them! I get seriously pumped when I hear about it. and Heather! How cool was the nativity thing? And have you and Marvelous started my Christmas care package yet?
Kev! Thanks for the letter as well me amigo. I've totally become good buddies with my teachers, it's weird that there like totally my age. A lot of my good friends from back home are older than they are, so that's kinda weird. But still, there great teachers and I can definitely tell I was supposed to get these guys. I can definitely tell there's a lot of teachers in here that I just wouldn't click with, but these two dudes, it's easy. Definitely guys I'll write a letter or two when I'm out in Mehico.
Mom! I got your package, and I can very confidently and easily say you are the best Mom that ever was. Seriously Mom! A bag for each day? I've been loving opening them, and it gives me something to look forward to everyday. Even though I can't eat the goldfish yet, they make me more motivated to get better faster, so I can enjoy that delicious cheddar snack. I really appreciate it. Oh! And expect a call from me when I can talk again, which should be in the next couple of days. And with that I will have officially been able to call home 3 times from the MTC, I'm the man.
So is everyone getting pumped for Christmas time? Everyone promise me right now that they will watch Muppet's at least once this Christmas season. That's one tradition that cannot, and shall not, die. It's just too great. You can't tell me you don't get filled with Christmas Magic everytime you hear "When a cold wind blows, it chills you!" Even you, Gregorious. Also, very pumped to hear about fantasy NBA being alive and well. I have a strong testimony in the power of fantasy Basketball and what it can do to unify this family for years to come. Especially when we all finally jump on the iPhone train. Please tell me we can all do it when I get back, and I'll definitely get into fantasy Foosball as well.
As for the Lakes, that 4 game slide was not even a big deal. We're too good to really care about that season, we know what we've got come post season, And you know Phil knows exactly what he is doing, and if he's not worried, than I'm not. So what are the chances Lamar makes the all-star team this year? Oh, and by the way, Pau is officially in his prime brothers. And he will be on the All-NBA First Team. Also, the Lakers next franchise player: Chris Paul. Tell me it can happen.
So anyways, I hope everyone is doing well. I love each and everyone of you so much, and I love hearing from you guys. Stay strong in the faith, because what is our church all about? Us being able to live together for eternity in total happiness. Now I don't know about you, but that's a church I would want to be a part of. Nothing makes me happier than the knowledge I can be with all of you forever. It's like a very own family camp, where we play a team of Lynn Zaugg's for the Basketball 'ship. So keep on rockin' family, the church is true and all of you know it. Adios!
Elder Abbott

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