Monday, December 27, 2010

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! Are there any children down there? So I think I've told pretty much every Christmas story our family has to all my buddies, and Black Sea Barricuda has become our whole Zone's new catchphrase. At random times throughout the day, I'll hear someone scream from a completely diffrent classroom: "Black Sea Barricuda!!" It's really catching around the MTC, I think I may have invented some cool new slang. All thanks to you Kev, the mater of the Black Sea Barricuda. I have that video running through my head right now, and in my memory Kev says it so incredibly loud..there's no way it could actually be that loud, right? Oh wait, It was actually even louder than what I think. Thank goodness we live in the time of video cameras, and thank goodness we have those now on DVD's which will be passed down from generation to generation. Just wait tell you see Black Sea Barricuda in 3D 20 years from now. Truly terrifying.
So how is everybody! First of all before I forget, gotta say thanks to Kev & Rach for that awesome Christmas treat they gave me. My seat in my classroom is right next to the window, and since it's freezing outside, I put all of my candy out in my "refridgerator" aka outside the window and enjoy some truly cold and delicious Dr. Pepper and Symphony chocolate everyday. Thanks again guys, it really meant a lot to me. You guys rock!
So what are the details about Christmas 2010? Is Mike going for the underwear, or the jar of peanuts this year? What are the chances Dad gets a book this Christmas, and Mom gets a movie? So incredibly good. So I wish I could write all of you's individually but I don't have the time! So this is coutning as my Christmas Letter for this year, enjoy it foo's. Aw man, there is so much magic going on at Via Madera right now, isn't there? How many trips have you guys made down to the Train and blow up Snowman on our street? Do the Leeav's have Christmas lights? Well, everyone enjoy the magic for me, I wish I was back in Mexico. But no worries, we've had some truly classic moments opening presents here at the MTC. Dudes getting so, so excited for clock radios and scripture cases, literally dancing through the halls. So there's definitely some magic. I haven't opened my present from you yet Mom, just like ya told me. But I'm pumped for tomorrow, probably won't even be able to sleep tonight.
Kinda got some interesting news for all of my followers out there, thank you for supporting my blog by the way. I actually have a Sister Missionary as a companion now too. Isn't that craziest thing? All of the Hermanas in my district (there used to be 6) all left for their places weeks ago to go to different MTC's, but this Hermana for whatever reason didn't get her Visa. So they stuck her with me and my companion, and I am officially in a trio with a girl. Definitely didn't see that coming, but it's actually way cool. I'd be lieing if I said my companion hasn't been a challenge sometimes, he's really a pessimist, but it's awesome having Hermana Williams who I click with a little better. So that's been interesting, right guys? Come on! You guys love reading this.
It's so weird, but I seriously know a lot of Spanish. Last night I taught (I tend to talk the most in lessons) an hour long lesson about the plan of Salvation, completely in Spanish. It feels so cool! And I forget to mention it to you guys, but I've already gotten 2 "baptisms" in the MTC! Sure I'm just teaching missionaries, but still a baptism is a baptism. So I'm officially on my 8th week at the ol' MTC, and I'm pretty sure I could walk around this place blindfolded, but it's been an experience I'm not going to forget anytime soon. I've been playing the best Basketball of my life! But I'm definitely ready and pumped to get to Mexico, so that's kinda replaced the Christmas excitement for this year. Which yes, I do forget it's Christmas time 85% of the day, but that's ok, I've got so many more Christmas's. Everyone has watched Muppet's right? One of my best buddies here, Elder Harris from Colorado loves Muppet's Christmas Carol too, and we've successfully remembered all the words to all the songs (except the terrible Scrooge and Girl Scrooge Love song). There's magic in the air tonight...Tis the season to be jolly and joyous!
As for the Lakers and tomorrows game against the Heat. Apparently Lakes are on a bit of a downside, but no worries. This is the game that will turn us around and start a 20-25 win streak. Is Bynum back yet? What's going on with the Big Baby? We'll beat the Heat by 3 points, with some big plays in the end by Kobe. And we'll be on a serious streak right after this. Here's hoping we avoid another Christmas massacre. If someone could DearElder me the details about the game, that would be awesome!
So thanks everyone else for all your letters, can't tell you enough how much I appreciate them. They can seriously change days completely. I really miss all of you, especially at this time of the year, but no worries I know this is exactly where I'm supposed to be and this is where I want to be. But I love you all of you, and want you to have a Christmas for the ages.
Mark and Heather! Wonderful letters, wonderful typing on iPad Marvelous. Mark, how pumped are you for Christmas this year? Chrsitmas's always are the most magical with a video game involved for some reason. Enjoy it for the both of us, bro. Oh yeah! Just remembered tonight is Papa John's night. Score. And how pumped up am I for the delicious Christmas feast tomorrow? A little ham, a little mashed potaters precious, and that's about it. Wonderful.
So by the way Mom & Dad, I'm not sure how it works with needing money for the flight for all my carry on's and stuff. But I might need some money to pay for all that airport garbage, I hate to ask for more but I'm pretty sure my current 17 bucks won't cut it for all my flights and all my stuff and what not. Merry Christmas to me! Love yo guys and am super grateful for everything that you do.
Alright, so everyone love Christmas this year and make it the best. I'll be back for Christmas in no time. Oh! And Brett! Thanks so much for the cd's you sent, so pumped to use those, you know if I get the cd player. And I talked to Elder Kimmy Gubler, and yes his Dad send him a copy of my letter and told him to write more like me. Take that Gubler. Actually I like that kid, even if he writes terrible laters.
Well keep it real, yo's. And Mom & Dad, I'll give you details on my flght stuff as soon as I get them which should be soon. I woudl love it if you guys could meet me at LAX, but if not that's ok. Love each and everyone of you's.
Elder Abbott

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  1. You don't know me, but I have a son named Tyler Abbott. He is in the MTC right now with your son. Apparently some of their mail is getting mixed up. But the really odd thing is that both Tyler's were born on the very same day!? What a coincidence. My son is going to Chile. He doesn't leave the MTC until February. The other cool thing is that your Tyler is going to the same mission where one of my Tyler's good friends is. Does that make sense? I hope so. If your Tyler meets Elder Alex Young, tell him that Tyler Abbott says hi!

    Cristy Abbott