Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hey-O! Another week down the ol' home stretch. Don't get the wrong idea and think this is all I've got my mind,'s officially one month exactly that I will be biting into that double-double at In-N-Out and watching Kevin eat Chicken Crispers in Chili's. I guess it still feels like a ways to go. entire months don't always go by super fast, but I'm sure with all the work we have going on, I'll for sure be busy at least. Presidente has some serious wisdom keeping me as a leader until the end, I'd probably be sort of completely distracted if it wasn't for all the work we have to do. I'm super grateful for that, and we're seeing results for all the hard work we're putting out there. In fact, we were in Little Caeser's (yep, they have them out here too), and some member came out of nowhere and bought us tons of food! If that isn't a tender mercy from the Lord for working hard, I don't know what is.
This week went by super fast, probably had something to do with the fact that we had tons of meeting n' stuff. This is what went down: Meeting with Stake President, Meeting of all the Zone-Leaders in the Mission (once every month), and General Conference. Man do meetings take a long time, I guess I prefer being out doing things, but I guess you gotta have the meetings to make things happen. But my favorite by far was the General Conference, some true magic there. Gotta love my main man Uchtdorf's talks, always leaves me feeling positive and pumped up for the future, and pumped to work well to make it happen. But how nuts that they changed the Mission ages up, right? If I would have left at 18, I would have been home for like a year by now! But I think I'm grateful I left when I did, if I wasn't all that prepared at 19 years, even worse at 18. I'm sure tons more young woman will take off, and 19 years olds well pretty much not exist in BYU. Pretty big impact in the Mormon World for sure. But besides that I was pretty bummed when the conference was over, I for sure took for granted the opportunity to listen to the Prophet and Apostles. I mean Dad has to pretty much drag me to get to Priesthood Session...thanks so much Dad for being such an awesome influence always. You the man. As far as the work is concerned, we definitely should baptize somebody this Saturday, (who should actually come to his baptism, and you know, not leave us hanging with the baptismal font filled and everything.) His name is Luis, cross your fingers it happens, and some prayers would be nice too.
So how is life back at home? Where am I going to sleep when I come home? I can already imagine it, I put all my stuff on the downstairs bed, and Dad tells me, "nope, Uncle Clay is coming to visit," and I'll have a sleeping bag waiting for me in the shed in kennel. Can't wait. Well hope everything is going great back at home, I gotta admit, I really am excited to see and everyone and be with everyone again. Gonna be awesome. So yeah, the Church is for sure true, pretty sure it was obvious last weekend. I love all of you guys. Keep on truckin'.

Elder Abbott

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