Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 30, 2012

Family! Another week down, and yeah I guess it is going faster every week. No thanks to the Olympics, which I totally wish I could get into...but gotta love the 5 minutes I catch every once and a while to watch China win some weird event that I don't understand. But the Olympics should be the last great thing that I miss out on, and then it will be 100 years of enjoying everything. I plan on living that long. And when I say "miss out," I don't mean to bag on the Mission, because I know I'd be missing out on something way better if I were home right now. I'm exactly where I should be right now, and I'm where I want to be. Olympics 2016 will be that much better knowing I brought it in the Mish, and I should be driving a rocket-car by then.
It's been another pretty solid week out here. Oh, and I'm writing you this week on a Tuesday instead of Monday because we actually had our interviews with Presidente yesterday and had a little change of schedule. I was hoping some of you would freak out and think something happened to me, and write me more after not getting my email yesterday...but nope. Whatcha gonna do. But hey, I've really got no room to complain, you guys have been awesome with the emails the entire Mission, big ups. Anyways, the best news I've got for you guys is that we are going to baptize Gerrado this Saturday! Funniest dude ever. We talked about his baptism, and he wants the first hymn to be "We Will Rock You," by Queen and he wants to be dressed as an 80s rock star with lights and fog and everything. He's been blind for the past 12 years or so, and he always tells us about the funny things that happen to him. He always shakes the hand of strangers thinking that they're the person he's talking to. I think it's awesome how he takes his disability and turns it into something positive. He is always smiling and laughing, I'm a huge fan. His wife, and little kids are all super-active in the church, so we'll just be completing the family. Looks like they'll be good to go for the Temple in a year. Good times. Other than that, we're doing pretty good out here and we've got some pretty cool investigators we're teaching. Oh, and we also had a Ward Mission Activity that involved some messages, food, and playing Jeopardy. Me and my companions made up the questions/categories and everything, and it was so funny. Say what you will about the Mexican people, but they for sure know how to make things fun/super loud and get super competitive.
I had my 2nd to last interview with Presidente yesterday, and it was good as always. It's always a validating feeling when he tells me that I'm doing good, and that he trusts me. It's weird to think that by the time I have my next interview with him, I'll pretty much be out the door. I finish 21 months as a Missionary this week, crazy right? Home seems really close, but totally far at the same time. 3 months is still a bit of time, but it does kinda give me a perspective on really how short the Mission actually is. I'm also going for 6 months in this area. That's right, the time I had in this area, in the same amount of time that Mom and Dad have in their entire mission! Goes by quick, doesn't it, Mom and Dad? Well I'm super grateful to be where I am, and I know what I'm doing is something really worth while. Love you guys. Go Team USA.
Elder Abbott

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