Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

Family! Wow, first week as Zone-Leader down. I know I usually talk about how incredibly fast the week went by, but this week was kind of a different story. But it's pretty much always like that your first change in a new area, especially when it's 1000 degrees outside. Yep, I've entered the sweat-zone again, and yes, I am sweating as I right this. Sort of like that fat guy on Simpsons..."I shouldn't have said anything about a secret's too hot today.." Sorry Mom and Dad, I may be a Missionary, but Simpsons will never stop being funny for me. Anyways, I'll fill you guys in whats going on in my life nowadays.
My new companion is Elder Garcia, yep, the Elder Garcia companion part 2 (same last name, different guy, thank goodness). This is actually his last change, and we're Zone-Leader'n it together. He's a pretty cool guy, the first Mexican I've met with a British sort of sense of humor. Totally reminds of me of the Michael on the British version of The Office. He's from Puebla, and will be out the door in no time, so I probably won't even really get that used to him. But he is teaching me the ropes on how to be a Zone-Leader, which is a whole different ball game I'll have you know. It's fun, and is actually less work than being a District Leader, win-win. The area, Alemedas, is pretty ugly, but still good. We've got a man named "Luis" who lives next to our house, and he is 98 years old. For some reason he thinks that we don't speak Spanish, and always tries to speak to us in English. Makes me laugh so hard, I have no idea what he is saying when we walk by and he yells at us. My companion does like practicing his English with him though. Our ward is cool, but we're actually going to have a huge change in Torreon this week, combining and taking out wards and whatnot in all the Stakes out here in Torreon. We've got some pretty fancy meeting this week with Stake Presidents and other people to plan out all the changes. I never thought I'd be involved in the kinda meeting where the fate of several stakes is involved. Yes, I'm finally important! It's a cool feeling. But no, it's not getting to my head. I'm sure I'll just sit there and not say anything, but still. The other good news, is that I've good a cool buddy in the Zone, Elder Bell, who happens to be from Laguna Beach. Nothing better than finding a fellow Californian to joke around with, as much as I love kids from Utah...there's no comparison for me. 
So I guess that's everything going on for me right now. People keep telling me how close I am to going home, but it still doesn't really feel like it...but I guess it's sort of true. Well I want to make sure that I taught everybody Heavenly Father wanted me to teach during my time out here, so I'm doing the best I can to finish strong like Kobe. Speaking of Kobe, I'm assuming that Dwight Howard and Steve Nash are direct results from me working hard as a Missionary. Heavenly Fathers knows me, and he definitely knows how to bless me. And he is for sure doing it. So how is everyone back at home? Was there some kind of huge get together last week or something? Man, how much more family events are going to happen in the next two and half months? Why can't we just all hold off for a little bit, and then go nuts for all of November and December? Think about it. Well Family, life is pretty good, I'm going to go eat some Little Ceasers right now. Yep, it's true. I love all of you guys, and I love Christ and his Church.
Elder Abbott

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