Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Family! Alright, so I've got like no time to write, but here's the skinny: I am a Zone-Leader?  Yep, it's true. I just got bumped up to Zone-Leader last night, I just got to my new area in Torreon... so incredibly hot. I left Zacatecas this morning, and 6 hours later in the bus (with some truly weird movies), I'm back in Torreon. Wish I had my time to talk, but the two main highlights were Esmerelda's baptism, and the cool Vacation Hawaii activity we did. Happy to say that both of these things went pretty awesome. Kinda like my farewell from Guadalupe, it was the best 6 months of my mission, easy. So yep, just 12 weeks left as a Missionary, but I have to ratchet on up now more than ever being a Zone-Leader and all...I haven't eaten anything since like 8:00 in the morning, crossing my fingers some nice lady we teach will give me something to eat. So happy about Dwight Howard. So happy. I love you guys, talk to you next week! 

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