Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Family! So guess what, my missionary email got deleted last week for some reason. They told me it was because I had two emails assigned to my church account (I had one before the Mission, and they gave me one to use as an email for the Mission), and they got confused which one was which and they Church ended up deleting my Missionary account. So I guess I have to use this for the next two months. I don't have everyone in the families email address, so if you guys could send me your current email address, that would be awesome. Sorry I can't respond to your emails this week or even read them, my account got deleted last week. But yeah, it's been a good week in the Mish. I have to give a Zone-Conference to 50 missionaries tomorrow...totally not ready for it, but should be good times. Also we've got a baptism lined up for this next week! His name is Fidel (not Castro), I'll try to get back on the picture train and send more next week. I'm also turning 21 next week, sounds kinda crazy, doesn't it? The Church is true.
Elder Abbott

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